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Abandoning works at the Kafulafuta dam would mean wastage of resources, Finance Minister told


Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company Managing Director, Athanasius Mwaba has said that abandoning works at the Kafulafuta Dam project would mean wastage of resources and denying people a clean water supply.

Speaking when a ministerial delegation led by Minister of Finance and National Planning, Situmbeko Musokotwane, Mr. Mwaba said with funds available, the project will take 12 months to be completed adding that over One million people will benefit from the project.

Mr. Mwaba said the Kafulafuta Dam will also have floating solar panels for the generation of renewable energy.

In response, Dr. Musokotwane said that government will give its position on the continuation of works at the Kafulafuta Water supply Improvement project in Masaiti district.

Dr. Musokotwane has assured Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company management that within two weeks, the government will communicate on the way forward regarding the $450m water supply project.

Dr. Musokotwane said Tuesday when he led a team of Ministers that visited the multi-million water project to appreciate what is on the ground.

Ministers on Dr. Musokotwane’s delegation included Ministers of Energy Peter Kapala, Information and Media and Chief Government spokesperson, Chushi Kasanda, and Copperbelt Province Minister Elisha Matambo.

And, Mr. Matambo said the project once complete will become a game-changer in as far as the provision of clean and quality water is concerned on the Copperbelt

He said the project will enhance the provision of water in the Mpongwe, Masaiti, Luanshya, and Ndola districts.


  1. In PF you told us the project is 9months ahead of schedule so where is the 12months coming today. It clearly shows our engineers in Zambia are sleeping.

  2. #3 The project had stalled at one time. It was all over the news with contractor workers going on go slow because they had not been paid by their Chinese employer.

  3. There is no way this project can be abandoned for that reason, Logically project should be completed as soon as possible before then costs increase. It was not a PF project but a national project to benefit the nation. Last year there were reported cases of vandalism due to lack of security but my suggestion then was Copperbelt is home to the Mobile Unit of ZPS why can’t a platoon of be deployed and their daily rations taken care of by the Kafubu Water & Sanitation company. These are some of the projects PF embarked on at great cost only to be abandoned midway and now its UPND to find solutions this being reason PF was kicked out because they messed up all sectors of the Zambia’s well being.

  4. Game changer has nothing to do with a complete dam project. It is the workings of competent professionals who keep to a disciplined operations and maintenance schedule. Misusing words is not a decent thing to do.

  5. Before proceeding with additional funding this project should be audited adequately to ensure that it is correctly priced and resources have not been misused to illegally enrich some previous decision makers!

  6. Focus on the people and not on the efforts to bring your companies on the project. From day one, it has been about your stomachs. Just check the intention to tender and its bill of quantities. If the costs are on the highier side bring it to the attention of the contractor so that the bill of quantities can be amended. Simply put, do not blind us by blaming PF with the intention of giving yourselves contracts.

  7. PF diverted most monies to their 2021 campaigns…………..

    An audit is needed before resumption , on this project that PF and lungu seemed to be commissioning all the time………

    As said above, almost half a billion dollars more needed is too high for a dam that already has work started ………….

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