ACC conduct search at the residence of Bowman Lusambo

Hon. Bowman Lusambo
Hon. Bowman Lusambo

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has conducted a search at the residence of former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo in Lusaka’s Chamba valley.

Speaking in a telephone interview, ACC Spokesperson Queen Chibwe said that investigators conducted the search between 10 and 14 hours yesterday.

Ms Chibwe, who could not disclose any information on the investigation, says the search at Mr Lusambo’s residence is part of the ongoing investigations the commission has been conducting.

And, when the ZNBC News arrived at the residence, Mr. Lusambo’s security could not allow the crew access.

And Mr. Lusambo said the security wings in the presence of his lawyers, Makebi Zulu and Company, collected two cellphones for his wife, One cell phone for his worker and assorted documents.

He said they also picked One laptop for the National Assembly and a brand new phone which is non-operational.


  1. Let law enforcement agencies do their work and what they did at Bowman’s residence is their work. No story here

  2. Can they please conduct another search if they did not find anything. This was the guy who was flaunting huge sums of monies at rallies which we had never seen in the political arena in Zambia since 1964

  3. Lusambo who earned less than K40pin in his job as Mimister and MP was boasting about how K2million was.pocket hange to him…moreover he told us that he was stealing for his family and his own future.
    He needs to be taught that there is no place for stealing when in government. So he will account for every ngwee of the pocket change he has

  4. Is this the fight against corruption HH was talking about? Kikiki. Why is it so difficult for HH to pick the first FIC report and pursue whoever is mentioned there? Will following up the fraud in the FIC report affect UPND funders? HH should prove that UPND was not eating with PF by using the FIC and AG reports to fight corruption. Not arresting Amos Chanda for insulting the police or Kampyongo for stoning the helicopter or collecting phones from Lusambo .

  5. What were they searching for which they think they could find after more than 4 months of UPND taking over power? These PF criminals are not foolish. They have already covered their tracks well

  6. By now even real thieves know that ACC will search their houses. Do you think they will keep anything there? Zambian investigators! awe sure.

  7. They should have taken a DNA test whilst doing their search at the sexdozer’s house to clear him of infidelity. This one glamourised corruption and thought Zambians were f00ls.

  8. They can’t even reach any where close to my home because they know all they will here is bang bang bang, gunshots

  9. What Goes Around Comes Around.This is the Man who openly mocked KK’s family for not stealing when their Father was President .
    He glorifies Corruption,he has to be made to account for the source of his wealth
    Let the Chickens come home to Roost

  10. Those who are celebrating the abortive searches at Hon.Lusambo’s residence and that of Amos Chanda should candidly think twice.Every search conducted at any premises must fulfil legal requirements as the law demands.Which learned judge or magistrate signed a serch warrant before executing a search?

    Anything out this a hurriedly prepared meal to please the master.We condemn the search it done with I’ll motives which must be condemned by both local and international communities.

    We immediately call for the firing of the current ACC director for serious incompetence which has the potential to cause the treasury lose money through these man made illegal searches.This fight in our views dosent add value to people’s economic expectation as our kwacha is now reading at k16:70. The new…

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