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RTSA applauds the significant drop in road traffic crashes and fatalities during the Holiday Season


The reduction in road traffic crashes and fatalities during the New Year and Christmas holidays is a key milestone in improving Zambia’s road safety prospects, according to the Road Transport Safety Agency.

According to the 2022 New Year holiday accidents statistics, the country recorded 64 percent reduction in traffic deaths, were 10 people died compared to 28 during the 2021 New Year holiday.

Statistics also indicate a reduction of 48 percent in road traffic crashes, with a total of 117 accidents recorded compared to 225 during the 2021 New Year holiday.

Similarly, the 2021 Christmas holiday accidents statistics indicates that the country recorded 39 percent reduction in traffic fatalities were 17 people died compared to 28 in 2020.In the same way, road traffic accidents dropped by 35 percent with a total 152 accidents recorded compared to 234 during the same period in 2020.

And Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Chief Executive Officer, Gladwell Banda, has stated that the Agency will continue working with other stakeholders including the Zambia Police to safeguarded the lives of all road users on the Zambian roads.

Mr. Banda has stated that going forward, the RTSA continues to provide structured traffic law enforcement interventions and road safety education with communication and awareness programmes that positively influence all road users.

This is according to a statement issued by RTSA Head Of Public Relations Fredrick Mubanga.


  1. This only reaffirms the fact that those ATM road blocks we suffered under during PF were not serving any purpose if anything they aggravated the situation as they put drivers under unnecessary pressure to avoid roadblocks causing them to overspeed leading to accidents. Well done to the NewDawn admin for doing away with Traffic road blocks and bringing in better professionalism from Ratsa.

  2. Now make our roads safer by some very basic actions. Complete the kerbs which were done to steal road resources by PF and ZDA engineers. Don’t leave dangerous gaps in between each kerb which damage cars and cause xars ti spin off the road when a car hits the edge. This pot hole generation is not used to seeing cars drive at a normal speed. Too many unnecessary speed humps. They’ve become a money earner than a road safety tool. Reduce the number and redesign the rest to make them passable by my corolla. Set standards for road marking paints and not the fast fading paints which have been used on our roads for years now. Simple things but can improve road safety further.

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