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Labour and Social Security Minister says Figures for Allowances for Bus and Truck Drivers are Wrong

General News Labour and Social Security Minister says Figures for Allowances for Bus and...

The government has acknowledged some drafting errors in the newly signed Statutory Instrument number 93 of 2021 which repeals statutory instrument number 106 of 2020 on the conditions of service for bus and truck drivers.

Labour and Social Security Minister Brenda Tambatamba says some of the figures that were agreed as allowances for bus and truck drivers during the amendment of SI 106 were erroneously represented in the new SI.

Mrs. Tambtamba says the subsistence allowance for truck drivers undertaking local trips whose truck has a sleeping cabin will remain at K390 Kwacha and not K300.

She adds that the risk allowance for truck drivers undertaking international trips was reduced from $0.10 per kilometer to $0.08 per kilometer and not 0.8 ngwee per kilometer.

Mrs. Tambtamba told journalists at a press briefing in Lusaka today that the risk allowance for local trips has been reduced from K1.50 Ngwee per kilometer to 80 Ngwee per kilometer and not 15 Ngwee per kilometer.

She said Government will ensure the errors are looked into to avoid any further concerns from affected parties.

Mrs. Tambatamba further assured the nation that Government will continue to monitor developments on the Labour Market during the implementation of the statutory instrument to ensure harmony in the sector.


  1. And that man Emmanuel Mwamba is busy writing articles about this …he seems to have too much time on his hands


    Before the ascendance of Bally HH to Zambian presidency, the closest the southerners came to presidency is 32 years ago under KK when Kebby Musokotwane was Prime Minister (equivalent of Vice President). Under Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Banda, Sata and Lungu, the Tongas could not even be considered for vice presidency.
    The biggest problem with Tongas is that they work so hard to bring down any fellow Tonga who shows leadership qualities, potential to grow, intelligence and, courage to be different from the rest of their mindsets. They are simply never proud of their own even when their brethren achieve significant National recognition which the whole country appreciates. They make sure such a one is blocked from political…

  3. Stop condemning at least someone has rectify the problem and correct it to avoid this happening in future. Well done miss minister we have all made mistakes in our lives! At some point.

  4. It was an error? You can’t afford errors at that level. Imagine an error that orders an attack on one of our neighbouring countries. Besides didn’t someone check before publishing the document?

  5. #2 TARINO ORANGEthat man Emmanuel Mwamba is busy writing articles about this …he seems to have too much time on his hands. AND YOU SEEM LIKE WISE

  6. Arone @4, I don’t know which warren u hv crawled out of to post the nonsense u hv posted. What’s the output of public office? It’s public goods at the the right price if the leader is successful in office. It’s public pain for all if they make a mess of of it. Do u really understand this? Should u even have the right to vote in Zambia?

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