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UPND, PF cadres clash in Milenge District


FOUR United Party for National Development (UPND) supporters sustained injuries after allegedly being attacked by some Patriotic Front party (PF) supporters in Milenge District.

The victims are identified as Abron Ng’andwe, Hazwell Katongo, Justine Chileya and Lameck Chabu of Mashika Village in Chief Sokontwe’s Chiefdom.

Luapula Province Police Commanding Officer Sharon Zulu who confirmed the development said the incident happened on January 9, 2022 at 14:00 hours.

Mrs. Zulu disclosed that the victims were conducting their campaigns in Mashika village when the PF supporters attacked them and assaulted them.

She said sticks were used to inflict injuries on the four UPND supporters who have since received medical attention.

“It is alleged that UPND supporters pulled down campaign posters for the PF and the Socialist Party’s candidates. This angered the two parties and led the PF supporters to assault the UPND supporters,” she explained.

“One suspect has been apprehended and is in police custody. We have intensified investigations with a view to bringing all the culprits to book. The victims said they are able to identify the culprits if they see them,” she said.

The Commanding Officer added that Zambia Police has since beefed up security in Sokontwe Ward ahead of the January 20, 2022 Ward by-election.

“Milenge District only has a Police Post hence we have sent more police officers to Sokontwe Ward. We want to intensify patrols to ensure there is peace and order in the area,” she said.

Mrs. Zulu has urged political players to desist from engaging in violence acts as they conduct their campaigns adding that those who will be found wanting will face the law.


  1. Please lock these thugs up. They have nothing to offer and no one will miss them. Infact lock up every one with the letters PF in their mouths. The drunkard too. It’s his time to be charged with treason for remaining silent after losing.

  2. This is not good. You are injuring yourselves while the “bosses” and their families are enjoying wine and caviar.

  3. Don’t be f00lish it was upnd members who provoked the other parties. By the way valentine chitalu is back at the mines. We warned you! Zambia will be sold now

  4. Extremely backward actions on all sides. You mean you can’t act like civilized people? Anyways it’s because of upnd Mapatizya formula. Bad name, upnd is synonymous to violence.

  5. Why do disagreements always have to end in fists! Political campaigning should be conducted with cheerful banter! Senseless.

    #plant a tree please!

  6. This is why it will be difficult for police to work because the all police institution is in hichilemas pocket, in the first place in as much as we are condemning pf honestly i don’t understand why and how a ruling party can send it’s members to go and destroy campaign materials for what! ba under5 sorry na state machinery by your side. It’s extremely provocative if i was in hichilemas shoes i was first going to ask the police to arrest and charge upnd cadres who went to destroy campaign materials belonging to pf in order to set an example, secondly follow up the pf cadres and lock them up it will be extremely unfair for the police to just arrest pf cadres. I will wait and see how hichilema who claims to run this country based on the rule of law will behave.

  7. It’s like upnd failed to campaign and this lead them to start destroying campaign materials belonging to the opposition..

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