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ACC concerned with Munir Zulu’s continuous attacks on the integrity and professional conduct of its officers

Headlines ACC concerned with Munir Zulu’s continuous attacks on the integrity and...

The Anti-Corruption Commission has said that it is utterly disappointed with the behaviour of Lumezi lawmaker Munir Zulu who after being given an opportunity to officially lodge his complaints against the commission, stormed out of ACC offices in the company of his lawyers without courtesy.

According to a statement released to the media by ACC Spokesperson Queen Chibwe, the Commission said that they had summoned Mr.Zulu for him to avail information and substantiate his allegations that he has publicly made in the recent past which border on bringing the reputation of the Commission into disrepute.

Ms. Chibwe said that Mr. Zulu was given an opportunity by the Commission to provide specific information of his allegations made in some sections of the media that he has bribed ACC officers before, with a view to enabling the Commission to institute investigations into the allegations.

Ms. Chibwe said that the Commission is saddened by sentiments uttered by Mr. Zulu alleging that the institution wants to arrest him and inject him with a foreign substance in order to eliminate him.

Mrs. Chibwe said that these allegations are baseless and unfounded and the Commission is concerned with Mr. Zulu’s continuous media attacks on the integrity and professional conduct of the officers and the institution on allegations which he has failed to substantiate.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Zulu has continued to rush to media houses to seek attention and discredit hard working officers and the reputation of the Commission, ‘ the statement concluded


  1. Honourable Zulu is 100% right. What were you doing before the new dark government took over.

    You are just being used by the [email protected]@n1st. All of a sudden Bowman has this, Amos has that and Malanji has those. This is shameful for an institution.

    A person files in a nomination now, later you start accusing him of stealing something so that people don’t vote for him. Come on wake-up.

  2. He called for an audit of your life styles. Isn’t that information? I call upon the government to institute a body to investigate all staff in our security wings. Levy Mwanawasa did it and a number of Officers were discovered to own property beyond their earnings. One name that comes to mind of General Funjika in charge of ZNS. He was convicted and given a lengthy prison time. Include those who work in councils, medical facilities etc.

  3. Lungu and his gang needed a corrupt ACC………..

    GRZ should take this opportunity to turn the screws further on the PF Gangs by extending the amnesty to ACC officers for information to recover looted money……….

  4. But Queen, that’s exactly your behavior if you may wish to know. You rush to the media as well even when you have nothing. The public think you’re chocked with baal’s armpit stink seeing that your irrational behavior recently leaves so much to be desired. You’re PCACC according to Kapya that is President Controlled Anti corruption commission and you will achieve ZERO just like him thus far. How dear you call yourselves professionals when you clear behave like incompetent armatures. You behave like a bunch of wild dogs under instructions. Tekeni amatako panshi mayo.

  5. You should also prepare to be investigated. No sacred cows. Why do you sound so distraught queen. Why are you apprehensive? Even in your conduct, remember you will need to be investigated. For now, enjoy your immunity by virtue of holding those positions.
    Your conduct after Zulu’s concerns leaves so much to be desired.
    Working under instructions doesn’t make you professional.

  6. This silly Boy needs to seriously do some growing up!!
    Is this NOT the same P.F Goon who was Boxing Police officers on the streets in Broad daylight, when he thought he was untouchable under the N.P.F aka Notorious Panga Fraternity?
    Munir thinks he’s untouchable, soon kaza vina pellete mu Hijab ye kakonda kuvala.

  7. Leave my fearless and intelligent brother alone. Haven’t you heard of freedom of speech? One thing I don’t take lightly is my family. Touch him and see what happens. I will slap that ugly cheap leather jacket off you

  8. Who are going to be the investigators of the investigators??
    Who said the ACC officer cannot be charged with abuse of office??
    Regardless of who is pulling the strings in the shadows, the one actioning the abuse is very much liable.
    Careful with politicians.

  9. There is a lot of distraction, misinformation which is causing chaos and lack of focus on real issues. All the security wings (ACC, DEC, you name them..) were all created after the laws passed by the politicians. The security wings are dysfunctional , WHY? Because of the influence of Politicians. How can you stand up and DEFEND THE CORRUPT politicians who suppressed the functioning of these Security Wings, AND HAVE THE GUTS to blame the victim(Security Wings)? This situation was NEITHER created by the UPND government nor created by HH. So the question is WHERE do we start, and WHICH politicians brought us to where we are? Do we blame the Security wings OR the UPND government as being the root cause? STOP DEFENDING BA POMPWE, Clean-up should start with Politicians.It’s really childish to…

  10. Con`d
    It’s really childish to continue smearing HH with insults like “[email protected]@n1st.” when you can’t substantiate this falsehood.
    Yes, Levy Mwanawasa was successful in convicting “General Funjika in charge of ZNS” because there was political will to flush out corruption. The moment HH tries to start doing what Levy Mwanawas did, he has all sorts of roadblocks……People are still in campaign mode !!
    WHY don’t we all rally behind our new leader and support him to atleast attempt flushing this sh!t called “corruption”. Life style audit can ONLY be in place after laws enacted by POLITICIANS in Parley. That is where every fight starts. Do NOT be misled by this Nakacinda`s propaganda statements issued in Kabwata streets.

  11. Deja Vu – Dont be simple minded to be distracted by a ka small kid as Munir…when did he call for lifestye audit? After he was called in for questioning…he made allegations and failed to back them up. Those are just ditractions to move the spot light away from him…he is an MP he can table such bills in parliament not threatened the secruity wings when they are investigating him.

  12. Hahaha….. Honestly how could ACC DEC have investigated these crooks with Lungu in charge? You must be suffering from amnesia, seek medical attention.

  13. We really don’t know what is new with this government, from the look of things this government is even worse than the previous one.
    What people hoped is not there all things that I have fallen apart , no hope at all all is confusion.
    It is a confused situation.

  14. So Munir Zulu bribed Anti Corruption Commission -ACC officers. His own admission verbally tells much about his character- farudster

  15. #11 Ba Tarino Orange please muleikalafye. Don’t shoot the messenger. What I am saying is true. In fact the corruption by these civil servants affect us more. We know it but you won’t admit because you or someone close to you may have at one been involved. Where can a police man get money to build mansions in Riverside and buy Toyota Fortuna. Tell if this isn’t abnormal lifestyle?

  16. Ba ACC if i may ask! Where were you when the people you are claiming ati they are in possession of property suspected to have been stolen what were you doing the past years! And what integrity are you talking about! You have no idea what the word credibility !
    Nothing is credible about ACC…. Beating people in order to get information from them is not credible..Right now you are under upnds armpits therefore whatever wrong is done ACC will not do anything until upnd is out of power that is when you will chasing them! Shame

  17. Just do your jobs properly then all the negative publicity will stop. Even the people will defend you against the likes of munir as long as you do your jobs properly and professionally.

  18. Deja Vu – Yes its abnormal …its unbalanced but we should be callling for improvement of condition of service and technical assistance of our officers…you can not have poor ACC officers investigating the likes of Faith Musonda the front for big fish criminals wher they have stashed billions of dollars when our officers dont even have food in their homes.

  19. @10: general kanene; your president is selecting who to arrest and investigate.

    This is a government of vengeance. I can assure you all these cases will not go anywhere.

    Don’t compare vascodagama to Levy Mwanawasa. Levy was level headed. He called a spade a spade.

  20. #18 Tarino… don’t you know that when one gets used to collecting money corruptly they never stop regardless of the situation? I know of whose take home in 2014 was in excess of 25,000.00 Kwacha per month but was also doing deals. He got fired, joined another with even better, never changed until he lost that job too.

  21. #19: Henry ,
    My friend, Lungu is gone and NO chance he will get back into Plot 1. The only president to all Zambians now is H.E. Mr. Hakainde HICHILEMA, period. Whether you like it or NOT !. Your cheap propaganda will NOT help you and your PF Party, you need to realize that instead it’s HURTING you. There was no leadership in ECL era, and there is no leadership in the current PF.No better candidate than HH. You will need to live with that. There is no vengeance, the clique was made up of PF members. It’s SHOCKING, you don’t realize that, only members of the clique are being followed. If you call this vengeance, then what do you call what was happening in Lungu`s era?

  22. @21: general kanene, your [email protected]@n1st will never be my president just like he did not recognise my president Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

    I hate your president with a passion. In case you don’t know vascodagama the [email protected]@n1st does not inspire Zambians. He was voted by blind people whose eyes are now open.

  23. @22 – Henry,
    I disagreed with Mr. Lungu and PF policies, BUT I respected him as Zambia`s President and as such my President. Period.
    I don’t comment on things on LT out of hatred, I try to be objective. And because of my objectivity, I am a free man…….BUT YOU, my friend, 5 years is way too long, and Chainama is FULL, therefore be careful, my brother, before your hatred drives you crazy.
    That is just a piece of advice from someone who cares !!! YOUR HATRED BASED ON FALSEHOOD is NOT normal. GET OVER IT, Lungu is enjoying his retirement, so what are fighting for? TON DOWN my friend, BE a GOOD person. Don’t be EVIL !


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