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UPND has Performed to the People’s Expectations since it came into power, Nalumango tells voters Milenge

Feature Politics UPND has Performed to the People’s Expectations since it came into power,...

Vice President Mutale Nalumango has said that the UPND government has initiated sound economic policies that will improve people’s lives. Ms Nalumango said that the UPND under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema has so far performed to the people’s expectations within the few months the party has been in power.
She said that the government has started paying farmers who supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency.

Mrs Nalumango said government is aware of some of the challenges the people of Milenge face such as electricity and poor road network.

The Vice President was speaking in Milenge District where she was druming up support for the UPND candidate Charles Safeli in the Sokontwe ward by-election.

And, Ms Nalumango has urged the electorates of Sokontwe ward of Milenge District to vote for the UPND candidate on the 20th January by-election. The Vice President said where necessary, government can provide solar energy in area. Due to the Coronavirus disease , the Vice President did not address the people but conducted a door to door campaign.
Three political parties and one independent candidate are contesting the Sokontwe ward by election.

The seat fell vacant after the resignation of an independent Councillor Patrick Chola.

Meanwile, Vice President Mutale Nalumango has said that the traditional leadership should work with the government to foster national development because traditional leaders and the government have one common goal of improving the welfare of the people.

Mrs Nalumango was speaking when she called on Chief Sokontwe at his Palace in Milenge District in Luapula Province this afternoon. She told the chief that UPND under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema is committed to improving the welfare of the people of Zambia.

Mrs. Nalumango said that this is the reason government wants to take resources closer to the people in communities and that was reason why CDF has been increased from K1.6 million to K25.7 million.

And Mrs Nalumango said the government has not increased the price of fuel but that it just removed subsidies from the fuel so that more resources can be channelled to needy areas such education, health and agriculture sectors among others.

And Ms Nalumango has said that the government is coming up with policies that will compel foreign investors to partner with citizens, Vice President Mutale Nalumango has said. Ms Nalumango said the government would not allow foreign investors to do business in Zambia without partnering with Zambians.

She urged Zambians to register businesses and form cooperatives for them to benefit from the increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation.

“The new dawn administration is on course of fulfilling the campaign promises and we are going to compel foreign investors to work with locals,” she said.


  1. Wasting tax payer money madam WMK. You’re doing exactly what you condemned, government using resources in an election for party things. Poloticians are the same mwe

  2. You have to do better than that madam. The bus fare to Milenge from Kitwe has tremendously gone up so you think because these are villagers they have not noticed that? 2kg sugar is 60 Kwacha now. Come up with something better to convince us.

  3. Up to people’s expectations? I don’t think so. Kwacha is STILL depreciating, food prices STILL going up, loadshedding STILL continuing, police corruption STILL ongoing, Madam you are DREAMING!

  4. Which people? What performance anyways? Why are politicians always misled? I think politicians should employ very honest informers if they need success. So far non of people’s expectations has been met. Honestly. Its very difficult to notice the difference between pf and upnd , atleast for now except for pronouncements.

  5. The Govt of Vasco da Gama is very strange. They are telling people that they have performed to their expectation, the only achievement they point to is the payment of farmers “ from Empty coffers”. This is a real Chipante pante Govt. The people will know when their exceptions are met you can’t tell them.

  6. Ici cimayo cibi pa menso. She doesn’t know what she is talking about. A bag of 25kg mealie meal is trending at K180, Fertiliser at K850.

    Is the increase in prices an achievement fellow Zambians?

  7. Yes we agree, but why Nalumango go to Milenge, just campaign on radio.
    Stop these presidential campaigns, you have Liswaniso to go door to door to form youth companies.

  8. Madam Vice President. I intend to differ with you. Your Government has not performed to the people’s expectations. The cost of living is still very high. In short, you have the mountian to climb, in order to implement your campaign promisses. Come 2026, the game will be tough.

  9. The upnd govt suffers from erectile dysfunction. Only a woman who is used to poor performance can say this is good performance.

  10. If this is what upnd calls performance after all those promises they made, then I I now understand why poor asylum seekers like spaka and his friends have decided not to return to zambia.

  11. You have to understand her reasoning. “we have to increase prices a bit so that we can reduce them”
    Voodoo economics.

  12. Multiple postings by same PF cadres above don’t change anything, UPND is on course and as Zambians we are all happy. PF promised more money in our pockets and we waited for ten years with nothing.

  13. The problem UPND has is message delivery or public relations ..they simply dont have the right people in those positions from Govt Spokeperson to State House media team just like the Veep here is saying that her govt has performed to people’s expectations which is not only wrong but premature. People knew it was going to be a tough ride given the high debt levels PF had left behind…people knew they will be sacrifices meaning prices will go up…your govt is now in the implementation phase you should talk of achiving people’s expectations when you have reduced the debt levels and economy has improved and stablised.

  14. People’s expectations are . reduced mealiemeal prices k5 . 25kg , 1$ to k10 , reduced fuel prices from k17 to k5 , free education from grade 1 to university. Ferterlizer price from k700 to k200 , etc.
    Those are the people’s expectetions .
    And not any more campaign speeches people want to relax from poverty

    • Expectations will be fulfilled, UPND still has 4 years 8 months, so stop panicking please. You did not panic when PF cheated you with more money in your pockets for ten years, so why panic now, when they are serious people in government

  15. UPND, just be calm, people can see the psychological warfare from people who promised more money in peoples pockets and delivered nothing for ten years, I mean the widely rejected PF

  16. We are just holding you accountable to what you promised Zambians you were promising that was your popular slogan to win that election, Now you seem to have forgotten what was coming from your mouths you have kept on complaining about your predecessors who are not getting any money from taxpayers.
    You have to pull up your socks to do all that you were singing deceiving Zambians at your rallies.
    Your mouths have betrayed you you have nothing to hide in .
    You were the fixers of the broken economy but now you are just complainers without a clue to what to do.
    You are so annoying to the Zambian people whom you have sold the cruel IMF.

  17. ”Ms Nalumango said that the UPND under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema has so far performed to the people’s expectations within the few months the party has been in power.”
    Madame VP, your statement is only true if you live in a parallel universe !!! It appears that you are out of touch with the masses. Go and see how your voters in Misisi, Mutendere, Chibolya, etc., compounds are living, and am sure you will revisit your statement.
    The youths who voted for you, who have businesses in the CBD of Lusaka, are now walking, e.g. from town to Mandevu in the evenings because of the high cost of bus fares. I think that the spirit of lying is entrenched in these politicians. Please tell the truth even if it hurts.

  18. A liar is a guilty being he walks with his head down because he has convicted himself or has tied up in his words coming from his own mouth, you cannot build a city with lies.
    A liar is a convict and is always walking with shame on his face and guilty, he has no place to hide he is holed up in his foolishness.
    Lies cannot be reversed they continue to torment a liar.


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