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You Voted and Government is Now Working to Deliver on Promises, Mutati tells Zambians

General News You Voted and Government is Now Working to Deliver on Promises, Mutati...

Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati has assured Zambians who voted into office the UPND Alliance in masses that the New Dawn Government is working tirelessly to deliver on its campaign promises given in the run-up to the August 12 general elections.

Speaking when he addressed residents of Chombela village in Katuba constituency today, Mr Mutati said President Hakainde Hichilema is a man of his words who will stop at nothing to uplift the living standards of the Zambian people.

Mr Mutati said this is already evident through the increased allocation of the Constituency Development Funds CDF from K1.6 Million to K25.7 Million Kwacha, an indicator that development should be people-centred and driven.

And Mr Mutati said his ministry targets to identify vulnerable youths even those without formal education qualification who will be enrolled into technical, vocation and skills training institutions at government expense and are then expected to contribute towards developing their areas of residence.

Mr Mutati explained to the people that through the decentralization of resource management under the CDF, President Hichilema has given leeway for people to manage their own challenges in constituencies, unlike what was the situation previously where the funds were remotely managed to from Lusaka.

The minister noted that the country has been failing to effectively roll out meaningful development to many areas because of the approach previously used in the management for of resources such as the CDF as it was not a bottom-up but up – bottom approach in addressing challenges.

Meanwhile, Mr Mutati said the Head of State has tasked all his ministers to go flat out to explain to the Zambian population the New Dawn Government policies, including the grassroot in rural Zambia.

He said among the many deliverables Zambians should commend the UPND Alliance government is the free education policy, recruitment of teachers and healthcare workers as all necessary steps are being taken to fulfill campaign promises.

He said Zambians already did their part by voting into office this administration and therefore, the people need to allow the government to deliver on its promises that are aimed at developing the entire country.

Hon Mutati was in Katuba to make a personal donation to the people of Chombela village through the Namucho Kids services Limited which is an Ophanage and home for the underprivileged that houses 200 children with the youngest being 1 year old, 50 people living with disabilities and 50 old aged people with the oldest being 101.


  1. You started with Unip, was minister in MMD, two ministries in PF and now in Upnd…. don’t you think you actually the problem?

  2. Bamutati, work first then let’s have a conversation.
    CDF which you have even given?
    Free education which has not even beared fruit?
    Teachers you haven’t even posted and started paying?
    Youths you haven’t even trained.
    Like I always say, I have some quantity of respect for you from MMD time but if you begin to sound so ridiculous, you will begin to sound like baal’s disciple, which already are anyway, you lose the taste.
    I will begin to visit Lunte when I come to see how much stuff you have done there.
    I need pragmatists not yappers.
    Execute your budget plans and we will start to respect your administration. Anything good for Zambia and Zambians not lip service like your chief baal.

  3. Ba Mutati kuwayawaya fye. He talks big time with nothing to show for. He is just there to eat GRZ money. He was in the office to answer calls on his cell phone even before the new Ministry was approved by Parliament.

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