Yes, Previous Regime is Enticing the Current Workforce to Engage in Corrupt Practices-Kawana

UPND Alliance Media Director Thabo Kawana
UPND Alliance Media Director Thabo Kawana

The government has unearthed a scam where some members of the previous regime are trying to hoodwink current Ministers and Permanent Secretaries into their system of plundering public resources.

Ministry of Information and Media Spokesperson Thabo Kawana has disclosed this in Lusaka today.

Mr. Kawana has warned that government will not hesitate to enforce the law on any political figure that will be found enticing the workforce in the current regime to engage in corrupt practices.

He said the current crop of office bearers are of noble character and have since reported such cases to the police.

Mr. Kawana further clarified that President Hakainde Hichilema’s use of the term ‘Clique’, was not directed at any individual but aimed at a group of people who were in the habit of abusing public resources previously.

He has also indicated that the President’s remarks on the fight against corruption on Monday were not made to intimidate the media or target specific individuals as purported in some sections of the media.

Mr. Kawana explained that the remarks were simply made to heighten awareness of the fight against Corruption and should not be misinterpreted.


    • Take what Kawana is saying as last warning. They will be named at an appropriate time. Have you seen Mbita Chitala naming them after so many years, it is a lesson that there is time for everything, time for naming and shaming is coming, don’t panic you PF guys

  1. This is the most childish government we’ve ever had since 1924. Who’d believe such nonsense? If at all such a thing is happening, isn’t that an opportunity for you to arrest them?

  2. Are they children to be enticed. New dark government is the most useless government we have ever seen.

    Your ministers are useless then

  3. This is laughable its like saying thieves are enticing Police Officers to steal or paying them to look the other way…which is a crime. You should naming and shaming them…the reason you can’t is you are waiting for a bigger cut that is worthwhile.

  4. 1. I have read hogwash and garbage statements in the past from regimes in MMD, PF & UPND Members and not as illogical as this.

    What? The government has unearthed a scam where some members of the previous regime are trying to hoodwink current Ministers and Permanent Secretaries into their system of plundering public resources.

    The word Scam means Con, Dodge, Cheat, Rip-Off. So the regime that has come to clean up the mess has encounters scams, yet no one has been flashed out and apprehended. UPND please improve your foresight, communication and public relations. You had 20yrs in opposition to polish the modus operando.

  5. 2. If this statement was coming from some one-man-band or briefcase political party, I would absolve the absurdness. Excuses and blame games have just gone too far. (i) PF cadres were dressed in red UPND Regalia and terrorised Kabwata Byelections. (ii) Then the, clique is fighting back corruption and diverting attention in the media. And now this !!

    Too many times when someone is trying to be relevant , they end up making themselves irrelevant. This is a prime example

  6. The multiple comments from one PF cadre above does not change the fact that the ubomba mwibala alya mwibala regime was the most corrupt party to have ever ruled Zambia

  7. The problem is you let the Boards and CEOs appointed by previous regime in their positions. Their loyalty is still with the people that appointed them. Wake up…especially Ministry of Health. Boards are full of PF loyalist. Wake up and smell the coffee. Can you happily live in the same location with your wife’s immediate boyfriend? Some people need to be kept far.

  8. Kawana teka AMATAKO panshi. You sound so si11y f you may wish to know
    This clique of liars have no shame. Lies day in day out. It appears they have found that their own are in the scam and cartels. To help themselves out’a the mess they are creating themselves, they want to make us believe its the remnants from the outgone regime.
    Own up and behave like people with the competence to run the country. Baal is already questionable, ain’t upnd PSes stealing in the name of baal? Or already they are seeing it from baal.

  9. #13 Chester. Which Boards are you talking about? Blackboard or what. All boards have been replaced or maybe you want even office orderlies to be replaced? When a bachelor sees married couples fighting he must not criticize before marrying. I’m sure you know that all board of directors appointed by PF goverment have been dissolved and replaced with your own people.

  10. The propensity that this regime has for senseless arrests would already have seen these people enticing the officers arrested. Kawana is blubber-mouthing because he wants to stay relevant looking at his new title. Tekeni akapuli panshi ba Kawana.

  11. Kawama looks like a terrible winebibber because of incoherent speech and reasoning. If your men and women are being enticed to steal it simply means that propensity is in them, no matter how much you sound the warning, they shall deep in the govt coffers, watch the space. The flip side on the coin could be your people are enquiring from the previous regime on how to go about.

  12. Funny thing is that even in Opposition prominent members of Upnd were also like other people giving bribes to buyers and contracts Officers in the mines and other companies. In my beautiful language we say UWAKALEMA TAKA LEKA

  13. You mean with the information and revelation at your platter, hh can’t act?
    By now we should see ACC in full swing instructed to bring to book the culprits. He can’t target his own yet.
    Thieves may have so many colors, Hachilemash, pfish, upndish and mmdish and Zambianish. So if we take all thievery towards the colour pfish, hiding the upndish is the most awkward and discriminatory approach of fighting corruption. Childish to say the least.

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