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Harry Kalaba takes a swipe at President Hichilema, and accuse DEC and ACC of taking instructions from UPND

Feature Politics Harry Kalaba takes a swipe at President Hichilema, and accuse DEC and...

Democratic Party (DP) president Harry Kalaba has accused President Hakainde Hichilema of meddling in the affairs of his party through his political advisor Levy Ngoma in an attempt to destabilize the opposition party.

Mr. Kalaba made the allegations during a press briefing at the party secretariat in Lusaka yesterday.

Mr. Kalaba said that Mr. Ngoma has been having secret meetings with suspected members of the DP and a named official from the registrar of societies to influence the outcome of the court case regarding DP ownership to favor the faction led by Judith Kabemba.

Mr. Kalaba said that the UPND government was ushered into power on the premise that it will restore and uphold the rule of law, but wonders why Mr. Ngoma is allegedly now getting involved in DP internal affairs, adding that all of the alleged underhand activities by Mr. Ngoma are aimed at preventing him from growing politically because he is a threat to President Hichilema in the 2026 general election.

Mr. Kalaba has charged that the country is now at the crossroads between the paths of democracy and that of a one-party state.

Mr. Kalaba said that the acts being perpetrated by the President do not just take away the dignity from the Presidency but also take away the dignity from this great institution and that his party position is that the President must restrain himself from meddling in the affairs of the DP and focus on Fixing the economic challenges that Zambians expect him to be focusing on.

Mr Kalaba said that while faced with all these challenges which he promised to address when elected on August 12, 2021, President Hakainde has instead opted to spend his productive time and effort on the DP and its President.

“These acts by the President and his hired agents are not just meant to destabilize the country’s hard fought democracy but rather to entrench himself as a hardcore dictator who is ready to destroy any perceived political threat, ” Mr kalaba said.

“I have a message for you sir, you can not fight the Will of the People. A time is coming when the 2.8m will reach out to the 1.8m so as to put the interest of the nation at the fore and protect the Country’s Democracy. And judging by your actions in Kabwata, that time is fast approaching, ” he said

Mr Kalaba also said that his party has raised concerns over institutions that are meant to support governance such as the DEC and ACC being allowed to operate with independence and yet what they are seeing today is the exact opposite as these institutions are now operating under instruction from those linked to the UPND government.

“Abuse is abuse regardless of which party the perpetrator belongs to. And if an act was wrong under the PF, it still remains wrong under the UPND and I will continue to flag issues of abuse, corruption, tribalism and regionalism, bullying, etc and if President Hakainde and his Agents feel that by disenfranchising the DP, they will be able to silence me, they are wrong as my values are not driven by a Party but a greater conviction for a fair and more humane Zambia, an equitable Zambian that protects the welfare of its citizens,” he said.

Mr Kalaba listed the following as challenges the president should be focussing on.

  • The cost of mealie meal has continued to go up and yet the UPND government in their logic have decided to increase the quota of maize export to neighboring countries.
  • Farmers have been neglected and for the first time they received their inputs way into the rain season.
  • Armyworms are ravaging crops and yet little action is being taken by the UPND government.
  • The cost of fuel has gone up by over 20% from the time the UPND took over the government and they plan to effect another increment within the month of January.
  • The cost of transportation has gone up significantly over the last two months in response to the hike in fuel prices, making it almost practically impossible for people to move from one part of the country to the other.
  • The price of essential commodities is now way beyond the reach of an average Zambian and this has resulted in an increase in crimes.


  1. It is nativity of grave proportions to believe that the shallow Vasco Dagama would behave any differently from what he opposed. The selfish egocentric tribalistic leader will not unite our great nation. He is too petty and childish. Vasco is a frightened chap, he knows that the privatisation case will not go away it is just a matter of time.

  2. Yet another would be politician who only got 0.000001% of the votes during the election and consequently ZERO seats in parliament, which actually means that the Zambian people have REJECTED him. But still this guy only has criticism for the ruling party, and ZERO policies. LT, not worth ANY attention.

  3. “…..alleged underhand activities by Mr. Ngoma are aimed at preventing him from growing politically because he is a threat to President Hichilema in the 2026 general election…”

    Kalaba has delusions of grandiose……

    Who can you be a threat to ?????..

    Maybe chilufya tiyali……..

    We heard the audio doing the rounds, ngoma and the other guy are only complaining about how strict shindano is at ECZ……

    Kalaba , you are lost in the wilderness, you made a wrong call by not joining the alliance hoping PF will get you back…….

    Your best hope is to work with HEHH………

  4. @no 3, No Corruption Zambia. I understand you’re still overly excited about the 2.8m while others want to move on and start talking about more important things that matter to the people. As a reminder and hoping you will focus more on what can uplift the people, do not be deceived by current statistics. Zambians rejected HH for nearly 20 years, 6x, despite descending on the thrown of the 2nd largest political party in the country. See where HH is now! It’s possible for anyone to become president tomorrow despite being rejected yesterday. Again, for the sake on Mother Zambia, the country we all love, let’s talk about things that will move us forward in the right direction.

  5. Can somebody really meddle in a minute and negligible party like DP. Why do some people over rate themselves please. it appears the August 12 message has not sunk in for Harry Kalaba. Before August 12 this joker Kalaba even used to say ” we are supremely confident of scooping the August 12 elections” how mwebanthu sure

  6. Yes costs have gone up, because your alliance partners the PF which you got as alliance partners without the approval of your party messed up the economy, so it it will get bad before it gets better

  7. Even as foreign affairs minister, this Kalaba was not effective. Just look at the political stamina of current foreign affairs minister Kakubo, just look at stats that come from his finger tips when he is talking about trade with a foreign country

  8. Who can destabilise a party that got 24,000 votes country wide, smaller than a ward and even defeated by rejected ballots. I am a very neutral guy, but I can tell that this Kalaba guy was always a bad candidate

  9. DP an unkown kantemba party. Use this 15 minutes of fame wisely. The man who helped to usher in a thieving PF is now re-branded as a saviour.

  10. And in all these, hopeless Nevers Mumba sees a hard working baal. You Kalaba went to sleep until the bally virus got you infected. Bravo to Botswana run away SEAN for having seen baal’s failures earlier.
    Indeed a wrong is a wrong. Now we learn that Baal has agents destabilizing kalaba’s interests. When Baal rains heavy inbthe abuse of office concerning the previous regime, all were quite except Sean. Now that Kalaba is a victim of the bally virus, he has sat up.
    Makani yabija! Sorry sorry sorry.

  11. Whoever is still supporting HH the way things are going should have his/her head checked by psychiatrist….The cost of living has tripled and for those building back home am sure you will agree with me that building materials have become extremely expensive in the past 4 months…..so so expensive….and HH’s cult followers and praise singers are starving whilst HH and his close friends are busy fattening their pockets….Spaka and Tarino Orange still fixated on Lusaka Times

  12. MWE LESA, BUSHE MWABA DOBELE KWISA this breed of politicians we currently have. It appears they all smoke from the same pipe.
    The rest not worth commenting.

    I had some HOPE in Kalaba, but the stu.pi.dity he has been exhibiting lately is becoming mind-blowing and my support is waning off

  13. One can never have a meaning discussion with UPND.. They don’t take criticism kindly… Facts are facts
    Just remember that 1.8 million didn’t vote for you. you won by a clear indisputable majority… Your promises will judge you 1.8million can only get bigger

  14. @ One Zambian,
    I am not UPND, but on their behalf, can you hightlight 5 real critism with facts, that the UPND is not listening to, may we can help put more pressure on then.

  15. This Thaulos guy is lost as usual. It will get bad before it gets better because PF messed up big time. The cosmetic economy PF put up which was showing as if prices were stable will have to go because we have to start paying our debts and PF was just defaulting, even the figure of 22% which PF was giving you as inflation, the real inflation was around 40%

  16. The economy will improve under UPND, the 2 billion dollar investment the mines were with holding because of issues with PF will now come through, that is massive and it will stabilize the exchange rate and improve cash flow, the closing up of all corruption loop holes will result in savings that will help transform the country, international good will must start flowing soon, you heard what President Biden said at the UN, after change of government we have been removed from the list of corrupt regimes, and just having a leader like HH who has the capacity, intellect and competency to lead just changes the whole dynamic for the better. Prices will come down at some point , it always gets bad before it becomes better

  17. The only people who are not expected to take instructions from the President are the Court Judges. ACC and DEC bosses are appointees of the President. So why can’t they take instructions from him? As long as those instructions do not result into unfair decisions about someone or something

  18. #23; It’s okay if it’s HH giving instructions, but wrong if it’s EDGAR? By the way the court is indirectly appointed by the president….he appoints the chief justice, DPP, AG etc don’t forget.

  19. Mr Kalaba
    Can you tell me exactly why you resigned from PF in that time?

    If you really care about the Zambian citizens, the best for you was join HH and fight corruption with him? Not what you are talking today?
    The world is changing a lot in fact every day, but you are their just doing cheap politics?
    And I can even a sure you no president will do 100%, even if it was nothing you could have done?


  21. One of my friends is screwing the wife of a senior upnd official. Out of respect I choose not to mention his name but they are making it hard for me to keep quiet. I woll soon start revealing upnd secrets which also include hh.


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