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President Hichilema Challenged to Investigate the $50 millions Fertilizer Scandal

Headlines President Hichilema Challenged to Investigate the $50 millions Fertilizer Scandal

The Patriotic Front (PF) has challenged President Hakainde Hichilema to institute investigations into the $50 millions fertilizer scandal. Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka today, PF Vice President Given Lubinda said that President Hichilema should also extend his corruption crusade to some of his people serving in his government as he follows up historic corruption.

Mr. Lubinda said that the PF supports the fight against corruption hence it’s call on the president to extend the corruption fight to cases being committed by people serving in his government.

He said that the PF will be forced to remind President Hichilema if they see no action being taken on historic cases affecting his colleagues.

“For now we appeal to him to investigate the scandal involving the $50M deal in which caked and underweight fertilizer has been procured for FISP at a collosal cost of $1,407 per tonne when the price obtaining in the country is below $1,000 per tonne,” Mr. Lubinda said.

Mr. Lubinda said the PF party is shocked that ministers in the new dawn government who were highly spoken about by President Hichilema when he was appointing them have now been reduced to common criminals who are being taught the art of stealing by a clique. Mr. Lubinda has since advised president Hichilema to watch over his ministers rather than warning the clique.

“Warning the clique not to tempt the UPND ministers because they are very weak souls will not help,” Mr. Lubinda said.

He said that the PF is disappointed that even after several leadership workshops where the President was sensitizing his Ministers and Permanent Secretaries, there are still weak angels in government. Mr. Lubinda has questioned what kind of lectures the President offered to his Ministers for them to later engage the clique for further studies.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lubinda has said that the PF party is reliably informed by PF members within the system that the new dawn government is now targeting lawyers and law firms that have been defending PF members on the list of targeted victims. He said that the UPND government is doing this to intimidate these law firms so that they stop providing legal services to the PF.

“We have indisputable evidence that Zambia Revenue Authority, National Pensions Authority, Workman’s Compensation Control Board, and other tax agents of the state have been triggered into action to investigate the compliance levels of the Law firms,” he said.

The PF Vice President has since questioned how there can be the Rule of Law which President Hichilema has been preaching when some citizens are denied legal representation. He said the former ruling party is aware that the new dawn government is doing all this to decimate the PF because they cannot stand the pressure of being reminded of their campaign promises.


  1. Walk the talk in the fight against corruption. Weaponising institution to silence oppsition enhances corruption. Heed Raila, he advised you that do not distroy opposition parties.

  2. All ruling parties , all over the world , have their preferred suppliers ………….

    Those suppliers are usually financial supporters and backers of the ruling party……..

    Even in the USA, UK , Japan and other western democracies , this happens…..

    The clique are just sore that they are not the chosen suppliers…….. .

  3. Don’t worry Bo Ndate, ww are still working on cases for 2015, then 2016, 2017 then the othee years. In that order.
    Also check the adoption cert for Clement Tembo. Ecl resigned in August 2021 according to Cabinat office but he appointed Nickson Chilangwa in as SG in September 2021. If Ba Chilangwa is the one who has signed that certificate, then it is null and void. Clement can be disqualified. Kayaa.. even your appointment is ?.

  4. @#3 Spaka
    We are not kids…Your party is simply digging a grave for themselves, If i was in your shoes i can’t even post the none sense you have done instead advise the current government to do what is right and noble mind you long gone are the days where politicians could cheat …This time around ma red card. Watch the space

  5. Before this was the fire truck scandal 1mil for that wheelbarrow…bo lubinda don’t you think we should investigate that one first???

  6. This Lubinda is a fool .. That is NOT the work of the president.
    Give information you have to the police and ask them to investigate. You will be the witness when the matter will be in court of law.
    Grow up mwaiche.

  7. #5  David Kaunda 
    January 20, 2022 At 6:57 pm

    “@#3 Spaka
    We are not kids…Your party is simply digging a grave for themselves, If i was in your shoes i can’t even post the none sense you have done instead advise the current government to do what is right and noble mind you long gone are the days where politicians could cheat …This time around ma red card. Watch the space ”

    David, I’m am just saying how governments with their ruling parties…………

    All ruling parties in governments have their financial backers who get preferred for goverment projects……….

    This happens everywhere in the world , as long as there is sanity and other bidders also get a part of the pie , without disadvantaging the tax payers……….

    That is how politics work………….

  8. The gathering of PF thieves! To think the PF cannot find anyone better to lead the party except former looters & thieves like Given Lubinda is mind boggling

  9. Given lubinda is a corrupt theif from time………..

    We remember him corruptly awarding his daughter a Russaia/GRZ sponsorship meant for poor students………

  10. Holier than thou baal, baal has serious double standard situations. He is so inconsistent with his claims. Here and right now you realize that FIC, DEC and the ACC work under instructions from him. Why not? His ACC will not act against him because the results may be embarrassing for the lecturer, workshop chairman, mr know it all.
    It is overwhelming for him to learn that barely 4-5 months in Government, his own are walking in parallel with him. Can he act? Hell no.
    The dirty dealings of baal the vasco da gamma were recently reported trynna disturb partyless Kalaba and now dislodging legal firm effectively defending innocent citizens. Baal touches the ground yet again. How embarrassing! He will protect his own and persecute others.

  11. PF seriously need new faces not this arrogant coward Lubinda he is everything that was going wrong in PF…he has failed to respond to Derrick Chitala. These old guys can not provided checks and balances as they are still in denial of their shortcomings.

  12. Just enjoy the looted money and wait until investigators knock on your door as we go on. Corruptly using your government offices to apportion several plots to yourselves, corruptly apportion government tenders to your fronts was normal under pf but now any suspected corruption by the current administration is deliberately blown out of proportion to try cover your tracks, play holier than thou, play mind games and hoodwink Zambians. Just wait, you’ll kot know what has bitten you.

  13. Shame! What a bunch of fools…No one is listening to you Bacoswe..,you really tortured us. PF will never rule Zambia again.

  14. The small god praise choir has closed its eyes to their small gods corruption. Vasco is in astupor he has forgoten all his promises, he is now instructing everyone to do what he wants. The video that has gone viral about Nshindano and ECZ is a point in case out of many. The conman is on rampage. After five years of his rule we will have no permanent secretaries, no police inspector general no board chairpersions except Zombies. Who ever comes next as president will have to start afresh. because a small god has made the situation worse. Politicians like Akafumba are now senior civil servants. The Youth of Zambia watch out. ” Umwana ekalisha elyo anya”

  15. Lubinda we challenge you to explain the potential sale of Zesco and all the scandals in PF before you can ask UPND to explain anything. The Zambians themselves will ask the question. There is a lot that happened during PF that we need information like the debt swap for $84 million with $16 million. Please explain this one instead of asking other questions. Where is the difference? Also your comment on $3 of fuel that was been stolen among other things. In short, don’t deflect attention from the massive public resources abuse that occurred under PF.


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