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Zambians are pleased with the policies of the New Dawn Government of President Hichilema-Mike Mposha


Minister of Water Development and Sanitation Mike Mposha says the people of Zambia are pleased with the policies of the New Dawn Government of President Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr. Mposha, the Munali Member of Parliament, said the United Party for National Development (UPND) Government is already fulfilling its campaign promises.

He cited provision of free education, increased Constituency Development Fund allocation and release of Local Government Equalization Fund as some of the development the UPND Government has so far delivered.

Mr. Mposha was speaking to UPND supporters after escorting the party candidate in the Kabwata Parliamentary by-election Andrew Tayengwa to file his nomination on Wednesday.

He said the UPND National Management Committee made a wise decision to again field Mr. Tayengwa in Kabwata Constituency.

“The people of Munali banituma kuti ni kuuzeni kuno ku Kabwata that nchito yo chita replace the late Mkandawire yayamba. Mu August when we had general elections, here in Kabwata we re-soundly voted for Levy Mkandawire. Unfortunately, we didn’t plan for it death took our brother. The party has given us Tayengwa and we are happy that the National Management Committee made a very good decision and we need to go out in Kabwata in all the five wards to deliver victory,” Mr. Mposha said.

He said the UPND Government has silenced its critics by providing free education.

“Wherever we are going our people are very happy with the policies of UPND. They doubted us. Barry (President Hakainde Hichilema) told the people of Zambia that we shall provide free education and PF were arguing. But let me tell you that as we speak now almost all the schools have received money to facilitate free education as schools re-open next week. Like the candidate said we have increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF) from K1.6 Million per constituency per year to K25.7 Million. We want this money to go on the ground in the constituencies to facilitate development,” Mr. Mposha said.

“So there are so many things that your party is already fulfilling. The council workers are now being paid on time. All the councils have received money; the Minister of Local Government is here. The councils have already received the money we call equalization fund. The PF failed to release Constituency Development Fund for 2021; Chilombwana Garry Nkombo came in as we speak all the constituencies have received K1.6 Million for 2021 CDF,” he said.

Mr. Mposha called for conceited efforts in Kabwata Constituency for the ruling party to win.

“This is your working Government. This is your Government which is fulfilling the campaign promises. So we shall work with you as your leaders as your Ministers as Members of Parliament to ensure that we deliver Kabwata in all the five wards,” he said.


  1. Mmmmm, wenye! Everything said from the inaugural speech to date has been spot on but zero action. No, actually opposite action. We will reduce the cost of fuel by K5, there will be no caderism, media will be free, we will promote freedom of expression, free education from primary to University, we save tax payers money but cutting on trips, employment in the civil service will be on merit, we are not going to dismiss anyone on based on political affiliation….. the list goes on.

    So iwe Mposha teka akapuli panshi.

  2. If I was a doctor I would refer this man to a traditional doctor to exorcise the evil spirits that are troubling his reasoning. Zambians? Talk for yourself. I’m a Zambian and I talk for myself.

  3. The CDF divided by the number of wards (50) in Chingola for example, how much is per ward.

    What can it do to develop the wards. These guys have nothing to talk about. Have we seen free education yet.

    Pathological liars.

  4. No one sent you cimbwi. Elo people of Munali are not people of Zambia. Stop coddling; you chaps are not realizing you are doing what your predecessors did. Biting and soothing. This is a shame mwe. Poor Prez

  5. Of course you’re a Minister getting freebies and hefty salaries plus allowances and you’re definitely pleased but Zambians are suffering so stop making fun of people…useless Minister useless demagogue President HH

  6. I was just reading the Africa report news, here in the UK, written by David Whitehouse.
    He said Zambia has wealth in the areas of minerals above what they have in copper.
    He said as investors they are so excited that president HH has put in very attractive polices towards that region.
    I was just wondering how Zambians have been subjected to poverty by HH and his team, by giving foreigners tax breaks as Zambians continue to lose their resources with out benefiting Zambians.
    More jobs are being lost in Zambia but these foreign investors are reaping huge profits from zambian mineral wealth.

  7. How many times does K1.6m go into K25.7 and when you share the same K1.6 among the supposed 50 wards in Chingola I suppose K25.7 would be rendered useless going by the reasoning of some blogger above who to me is not offering any alternative.

  8. What makes a person appoint himself as a spokesperson of 19 million people? This is what the PF people also used to say. Just stop it and do youe work as a minister (servant). The people will tell you whether they are pleased when the time to vote comes.

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