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Chushi Condemns attack on Civil Servant by UPND cadres as the Party is urged to address the rebel movement within its ranks

Feature Politics Chushi Condemns attack on Civil Servant by UPND cadres as the...

Information and Media Minister Chushi Kasanda has condemned the attack of Kasama District Administrative Officer Beauty Namukoko by suspected political cadres, following a video that went viral yesterday where visibly identifiable people are captured mercilessly attacking Ms Namukoko.

In a statement issued to the media, Ms. Kasanda who is also Government Chief Spokesperson has described the act as barbaric and inhuman and said that government shall not condone any criminality and anyone found wanting shall face the wrath of the law.

Ms. Kasanda said that the perpetrators should be treated as criminals and not misconstrued as political cadres.

“Government strongly believes that no sane political cadre should resort to violence. Government abhors violence and disregard of the rule of law,” Ms. Kasanda said

She disclosed that government is determined to erase all remnants of political violence and ensure that all Zambians enjoy their freedoms as enshrined in the constitution.

Ms. Kasanda urged the police to bring to book the suspected criminals.

“The police are urged to pursue these criminals and bring them to book to answer for their criminal acts.

“The government will not condone criminality and anyone found wanting will face the wrath of the law.

“Government is determined to erase all remnants of political violence and ensure that all Zambians enjoy their freedoms as enshrined in the constitution,” concluded the statement.

Meanwhile, Golden Party of Zambia party leader Jackson Silavwe has called on the Zambia Police to swiftly arrest the thugs that attacked the District Administrative Officer (DAO), Ms. Beauty Namukoko in Kasama on 21st January 2022.

Mr.Silavwe has also said that, in the same vein, the police should arrest the UPND National Youth Chairperson, Mr. Liswaniso for blatantly inciting political violence on political opponents, adding that such public display of criminality must be met with the full force of the law.

Mr.Silavwe urged the UPND leadership to quickly address the emerging rebel movement within their own party and guide them on earning a living away from politics and that the UPND leadership must meet their cadres and address them as they cannot avoid them anymore.

“As a party, together with well-meaning citizens we are pleased with the pronouncements made by President Hakainde on cadres and political violence, nonetheless the words will be considered cheap if they are not matched with tangible actions” Mr. Silavwe


  1. The thugs should immediately be arrested and prosecuted to serve as a warning to others. You can not have a lawless country of violent bullies calling themselves cadres.

  2. This is commendable. I hope we can now see the police jump into action. I note one cop was actually roughed up in the video. We must restore the authority of our police. These are remnants of PF cadre behavior that must be stamped out. On this, madam, you get an A+

  3. Well done Smokey. I have never heard MMD PF or UNIP ever condemn their cadres actions. This is a turning of the corner. Now lets do as Silavwe says. Arrest Liswaniso.

  4. The Police are Lazy and not doing their job. It’s unacceptable that despite the President reputedly giving them the powers to get rid of cadres in Bus stations and even such acts, they have failed to Perform. Let the Arrest the perpetrators so that others learn that we are Not Going back to PF days. Zambia FORWARD with Law and Order.

  5. My good friend Future Zed put it this way…Garbage out Garbage in….and now this Garbage is trying to outdo the previous Garbage in all areas…..corruption violence etc….I never heard of a single incident where PF cadres brazenly attacked a civil servant….not that I know ….none…nada but now it’s the order of the day…

  6. Don’t say garbage in garbage out. This is merely evidence that it was upnd cadres who were violent all along during pf tenure. Zambians who voted upnd must be feeling so f00Iish now. We told you

  7. Mr President! Governing a nation is not easy. Is it?

    Find them jobs and empowerment programs you promised them to help them get out of the streets. If UPND does not handle these youths, cadres, hooligans they will bring HH down.

    Stop this fire, before it becomes a wildfire. It starts by getting rid of William Tekere Banda who instigated violence in MMD. He is doing it right now, with his so called Special Presidential Duties.

    What is really William Banda’s job?

  8. Oh Saulosi, this is strange to hear from you claiming that you are not aware of the obvious. That said, I join the Minister in condemning those thugs in the strongest terms possible and hope they get arrested soon. It’s a disgrace not only to UPND but the nation as a whole.

  9. The cadres should be beating up thieves like @kaizar zulu,Chilufwa Bwalya,Bowman Lusambo, Steven Kampyongo,Jean Kapata & who stripped the country.. those are the true Enemies of the people…

  10. What is paining me is:
    1) People justifying this behavior that in PF it was worse than this…. compared ten years to four months only? What will happen in five years?
    2) People praising Minister’s condemnation of this violence that in PF no body condemned violence… really?
    3) People calling the police names for apparent failure to curb this violence….politics are a complicated business. We don’t know what is making Kajoba or what made Kanganja ineffective…in short we know nothing of what is happening in background.
    They say a lie is like a little pregnancy it will eventually grow and show.
    Ministers are talking against violence but the youth leader is barking violently… what does that tell us? For the Fox To Bark He Behind Must Be Leaning on a Strong Tree.

  11. Wait one moment, where is clique baal and his diminished cadreism rhetoric claim.
    There is nothing Cadre Kajoba can do about it. Hehehehe this will get ugly in the next years.
    Oh ho! Now this violent party has a faction brewing inside chushi claims and is getting lessons to siphon money from Government from ECL’s people for those serving in Government, baal claims.
    This is your image Kasanda, the cadres on the street are as the cadres in Government, no line drawn. Whether chased from markets and bus stop to the street, the mayhem is the same. The upnd and Mapatizya formula.

  12. The UPND terrorist wing at work. The police IG should be relieved of his duties on account of incompetence for failing to nab the terrorists without political clearance, otherwise we can continue to assume that this statement is a PR job while behind the scenes there are nods and winks at the expense of the Zambian people #votewisely

  13. An appropriate response is on the way from Bally. Make no mistake, he knows why he was elected President of the Republic of Zambia. Kasama did not even give the UPND a single parliamentary seat but that doesn’t matter to Bally. He’s still grateful for the votes he picked up there in spite of the poisonous tribal demagoguery that Kambwili and GBM spread there through the local radio station and paid for by Edgar Lungu himself.

  14. Oh dear – it’s not looking good! When you own a vicious dog, control or muzzle it. Otherwise, you will get in trouble when it bites innocent people!

    #plant a tree please!

  15. Garbage in – Government in August 12 2021 6 > Garbage out – of Government from August 12 2021 to date and going forward to 2026.
    It’s going to be a long way to 2026.

  16. Benson moono you f00Iish tribal cow. The one who will be beaten by cadres is your f00Iish mother who never taught you manners

  17. Wanikalipila ma fella ati umupase C+. OK madam. tizacita revisitation ngati mwaticako another good move. Imwe ma fella PF never handed over their unruly cadres to the cops. Ni cani kansi!?

  18. What sort of journalism is this? Where did she say she has condemned UPND cadres? Those were not UPND cadres. They were criminals and most likely PF cadres.

  19. It’s not enough just to condemn. We want to see them arrested and prosecuted. That will send a strong message to the others.

  20. This is going to be the order of the day by this dark regime, as long as they have cadres in the Govt, the IG is a complete UPND cadre completely biased towards his political party the UPND. We have always known that UPND thugs are more ruthless than their counterparts in other political parties. Vasco confirmed this and said that they ” also hard thugs” We expect the affiliation of criminals to political cadres to come from these clueless politicians and not the police.

  21. Its PF cadres turned UPND causing these problems. Please flush them out quickly, let them go back to their party where they got the orientation, let the kasama chaps be in court this coming week without fail. Remember PF is the mother of all evil in our country

  22. My analysis is that most Upnd members don’t distinguish the difference between DC and DAO. They expect the DAO to be replaced just like the DC. So each they go to the Boma for freebies and are referred to the DAO who may be following the rules, they label him or her PF and like we have seen attack that person. If nothing is done the Kasama DAO won’t be the last to be attacked.

  23. #22 Pensulo. That’s not the way to solve the problem. Whoever is involved should just be arrested and jailed. Many people are criminals because their parents never acknowledged the crimes their children committed. If someone tells you that your child has committed a misdemeanor, don’t argue, just investigate and if proved punish the child. Don’t forget that we are all potential victims…. these won’t ask you which party you belong to when they attack.

  24. Where is the voice of NGOCC? Are they happy to see a fellow woman being beaten without adding their voice? Banyinefwe chaba shani kanshi?

  25. This what happens when you ignore lawlessness and treat criminals with kids’ gloves. We supported UPND because lessons seemed to have learnt and change was gonna come. Cadres should be history. Like I’ve said before, there’s a lot wrong with systems of governance which is why removing and replacement of the constitution has to be priority. The Police Force acts more a militia, acting only when the master backs. It’s the same with the Judiciary, Parliament and Civil Service. It’s mind boggling that a culture can set in and become so entrenched that people accept it as normal! Shameful!

  26. flag Jigga Kayama Simangulungwa (formerly Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee)

    Nothing changed from PF to UPND… no surprises there. If nothing changes with systems of government, it doesn’t matter if you replace the players.
    What I don’t understand is why these cadres are more powerful than their masters and the police.
    It’s simple: at local constituency level, the cadres have the local party officials by their [email protected] and they control the police. The masters in Lusaka need to give strong, unambiguous messages to the local party officials to fire these cadres; and the police masters need to empower the local police to arrest them cadres.

  27. #27 And nobody tells the president the truth of what is obtaining on the ground… from our beloved KK to the present. No minister has the courage to say YOUR EXCELLENCE YOU ARE WRONG…..

  28. Our new constitution should have a provision for a snap ellection in case we quickly want to change the government.

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