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Stop blaming PF regime and focus on delivering your campaign promises, UPND told

Feature Politics Stop blaming PF regime and focus on delivering your campaign promises, UPND...

Former Government Chief Whip Steve Chungu has told the New Dawn Government to stop blaming the PF regime and focus on delivering on its many campaign promises.

Mr. Chungu, the immediate past PF Luanshya Central Member of Parliament, said blaming the PF won’t in any way help the UPND Government.

He said the people of Zambia are aware of many wrongs the PF Government committed and there is no need for the UPND Government to continuously remind them.

Mr. Chungu said Zambians are not interested in the UPND’s blame game because they want to see development after changing Government.

He said the UPND must realise that they are in Government and need to deliver development to meet the aspirations of the people.

“I don’t know why there is still blame game, the PF did this, and the PF did that. By now the UPND should have been moving at its own speed with its own programmes. Forget about the PF, if the PF made mistakes forget about them, you have been given an opportunity to serve the people of Zambia. I have always said that a Government is there to serve its people. It is not working for the UPND to blame the PF. Blame game won’t make the prices of mealie-meal go down. The Zambian people are waiting to see a better nation tomorrow,” Mr. Chungu said.

He charged that the UPND Government was struggling to fulfill the campaign promise of reducing the cost of living.

“The problem that the UPND are grappling with is the promises that they made. They made promises that were impossible, things that were impossible to meet. Bringing the price of mealie-meal to K50 is practically impossible in this economy. Bringing fertilizer to K250 is practically impossible. Because of so many promises they made and they have seen that they are in office; it is like a game of football.”

“When you are a spectator you can make a lot of suggestions but when you go on the pitch you will find that things are different than you thought. The UPND are the ones playing the game so instead of continually blaming the PF the first thing they should have done is concentrate on fulfilling their promises. Now that they see that it is so difficult to move around and bring the prices of things down they are mentioning PF,” Mr. Chungu said.

He predicted that 2022 is going to be a tough year for Zambians owing to increased fuel prices that have pushed the cost of commodities up.

“Let us wait for March; people are yet to see the worst of what is happening currently economically. Just wait for the increase in electricity tariff. Fuel is yet to go up and all the commodities will go up further than what we are seeing today. The people’s earnings are still static and will remain static for another two years while prices of commodities are going to continue going up. The Zambians that have been having three meals should now get ready to start having two meals. Those having two meals should get ready to start having one or nothing,” Mr. Chungu said.

He said the increased cost of mealie-meal and bus-fares among others are agitating citizens.

“There is no Zambian today who is excited about the current prices of mealie meal, who is excited about the current cost of transport they are paying on a bus. There is no Zambian who is excited not to afford a meal in a day. The Zambian people are waiting to see their lives better. That’s all we are waiting for to see a better road, medicines in clinics, to see children go to school without paying anything from necessary to tertiary,” Mr. Chungu concluded.


  1. PF is no longer in power. Upnd promised instant restoration of rights, Kwacha stability, affordable essentials prices. They had a solution they told us so they should just get down to business. No sane person would wish a government to fail because a government failure would adversely affect everyone regardless of their party.

  2. The UPND just needs to ignore the distraction noises coming from the vanquished as the administration moves on with its agenda to stabilize the economy and delivering on promises made for betterment of the citizenry both short term and long term! There are those in the opposition throwing honesty to the wind and agitating for immediate delivery on promises made during campaigns as if restoring the the lost confidence by investors and development partners that the country suffered under PF is like opening a door and closing it! Each one of us listened to promises our parents made to execute for our benefit and not everything was delivered overnight! It’s only five months into the five year term for the administration and some quarters are singing “failure”! Patience is a virtue.

  3. You have to know where you’re coming from in order to know where you’re headed.It would be folly to ignore all that went awry during PF misrule.

  4. But we also promised our supporters to blame you for all the current poverty pa Zed which was directly caused by you.

  5. So, blaming is an official campaign promise and we are very well delivering on it. Keep the scripts, keep ticking. From blaming you, next, is investigating,then last is arresting you.

  6. It’s a lesson to both the ruling party and those aspiring to take over power to be factual in your campaign messages. Lies have already caught up with UPND and are now u-turning on every promise they made. Lies have short legs, implying that the lie has no legs to stand on, or support it. Never ascend to the throne with a baggage of lies, it will weigh you down. BMW!!

  7. Looks like upnd feels as though they are on stage acting.
    Reality is harsh. Indeed as spectators upnd thought governing was a talking business no wonder they have been talking from opposition and now. They think shifting blame would help. We asked when they were in opposition whether they were aliens. Their comments and promises were out of touch with reality. Like his predecessors he thinks trotting and its business is a solution for Zambia. A huge promise on investors who are not even in the country is disaster. When his predecessor wooed foreign investiment, he discouraged them through negative vibe. Looks like he is on the line to getting disappointed.

  8. Upnd is not a ruling party. Those bab00ns still act like they are in opposition. Their leader is so inexperienced in public office such that it is evident from all the fcuk up and poor performances we have been subjected to. Ask yourself this question, if upnd weere generally performing well, then why haven’t upnd diasporans like f00Iish spaka and that big eared rat tarino moved back to join me here in zambia?

  9. This government will be the most hated government with in the history of zambia.
    HH must be ready to be the most un popular president as he has brought hardships for the poor people of zambia Immediately he stepped into state house problems started hunger in homes of people.
    No more enough food Catholic Church went silent about food basket.

  10. PF is no longer in power but left us in a huge debt and are in denial…you can not simply forget about their reckless and corrupt ways overseen by an absentee President who is renting from a young man who has invested his money wisely.

  11. just ask this steve chungu ful what he did for Luanshya. go to Luanshya town and see the roads for yourself

  12. A normal person will surely understand that UPND is delivering within five months free education,no caderlism,25.6 million from 1.6 million CDF, freedom of expression 12% salary increment for civil servants Lungu only increasd 4% in his 7 yrs, just to mention a few plse ba PF just wait you will nothing to say in a yr or 2yrs to come and that’s when you will realise that you and your passed President Lungu were just a fun fair or may be chickens playing in the park

  13. Sir,we are focusing on you defeated bastards cos you were all THIEVES… anyone who served under lungu was a thief…so till the time you are all sent to jail for looting public money, we will not stop focusing on you

  14. I just saw a photo of LAZY LUNGU with Sunzu in the house he is renting…surely isnt LAZY not ashamed this boy has invested his hard earned money in property and he is letting to a LAZY bum who stayed in State House for 7 years rent free, food was provided, clothing and hair dye was free but he couldn’t even build a house for himself. What an utter disgrace you are LAZY!!!

  15. Promises will be fulfilled. UPND still has 4 years and 8 months. MMD left a decent economy and PF destroyed it, so we can only blame PF, why are you running away from blame after the mess you left us with

  16. @17Better Must Come: Such is the majority of PF thugs who are in denial, delusional and bitter for loss of power in elections of August 2021.
    However, we can not forget the thuggery of PF that dehumanised Zambians, stole from Zambians and abused their positions for personal gain.
    Zambia is where we are in terms of huge national debt and internationally because of thefts committed by PF regime. Poor infrastructure and absent of medicines in hospitals and clinics is all due to poor national management of PF regime that included Steve Chungu (any relationship with fugitive rogue Serviour Chungu). So, how can we forget for us to manage national affairs prudently and effectively to benefit all Zambians.

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