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It’s difficult to accept the claim that Zambia’s law enforcement agencies are fair and act independently-M’membe

Feature Politics It's difficult to accept the claim that Zambia's law enforcement agencies...

Socialist Party President Fred M’membe has said that it is very difficult to accept the claim that Zambia’s law enforcement agencies, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), and Zambia Police, have been acting independently and fairly.

In a post on his Facebook page, Dr. M’membe said that from their own pronouncements and actions and those of the key political leadership of this country (past and present), it is very clear that in many important cases, the law enforcement agencies only swung into action when the key political authorities wanted them to do so.

Dr. M’membe said that if the law enforcement agencies were truly capable of taking independent decisions and actions most of the cases they are pursuing today would have been dealt with when those involved were in power.

Dr. M’membe said that there are many corruption cases they were aware of during the reign of the previous regimes but could not pursue until there was regime change.

Dr. M’membe further said that there are corruption cases even under the current regime which the law enforcement agencies are aware of but cannot pursue.

“For example, they are aware of the corruption case involving Maurice Jangulo’s company being single-sourced to supply 37,000 tonnes of fertilizers to the government at $1,407 per tonne when the going market price is $1,000 per tonne.

“He didn’t even have enough stocks of his own and had to source at least nine different varieties of fertilizers from his competitors at about $700 per tonne. And some of it has been found to be of low quality. But nothing can be done about this clear case of corruption because it was approved at a very high political leadership level,” Dr. M’membe said

Dr. M’membe said that until Zambia’s law enforcement agencies are truly independent, the dream of a resolute, fair and just fight against corruption will from regime to regime remain a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained.


  1. It’s sad, we are a kangaroo country. BMW just yaps, he is very good at that but what happens in terms of action is annoyingly mind-boggling.

  2. Well articulated bro. Membe. The arrests that we have seen so far can tell these institutions are given instructions to arrest certain individuals.

    Have we seen any convictions? If the arrests were genuine and based on evidence, we could have seen convictions. The new dark government is hiding in the name of peace and rule of law whilst victimising Zambians.

  3. As long as the police chiefs are appointed by the president, they will always check with him before acting. We need to find a system where commanding Officers are elected by the people and answerable to the people.

  4. Don’t be silly mmembe, of course they are not, as they are controlled by that angry child HH. He is using them to avenge his personal fight with pf members

  5. M’membe don’t bit about the bush just say the police cannot act because the decisions are made by your brother in-law, and that is corruption. The state has public Procurement department but Vasco chose to be the director of procurement. Very very sad.

  6. It’s also difficult to accept the claim that Fred Mmembe is a socialist …its laughable he is hoodwinking people with his claptrap, just look at how he ran the Post and his Haulage company.

  7. DEja Vu nope no no.That’s a bad idea bcoz we’ve got lots of ill educated ,ill informed and unprofessional voters deciding a sensitive commanding officers post.Lets do like Kenya who have an Independent Police oversight Committee which hires their IGP ,vets officers and publicly interogates commanding officers with suspect wealth and other performance issues.

  8. The problem with M’membe is inconsistencies and political opportunism.Why didn’t he say the same during MC Sata’s time when we had the same problem?Truth never changes,but people do.

  9. In a strange way I have to agree with this chap
    Some officers are not fair as Pf loyalist are still embedded in the civil sercice postions and some wont change their mind set

  10. Just like it is hard to believe that you invade tax all these years with your successful illegal post news paper – you thief. Infact they should ve jailed u aswell as you are a convicted criminal. Tax invasion is a jailable criminal offense.

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