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Not Voting for UNPD Candidate in Kabwata will be unfair, UPND has brought Peace in Zambia

Headlines Not Voting for UNPD Candidate in Kabwata will be unfair, UPND has...

United Party for National Development (UPND) Lusaka Province youth chairperson Mr. Anderson Banda has said that it will be unfair for the people of Kabwata Constituency to vote for any candidate apart from Mr. Andrew Tayengwa because UPND Government has brought peace in the country which is a great foundation for development.

Speaking when he conducted a door to door campaign in Markets and drinking places, Mr. Banda, who was accompanied by some UPND National Youth officials led by UPND National chairperson in charge of security Mr. Steven Liutwe and some UPND Lusaka province youth, urged the Kabwata residents to rally behind Mr.Tayengwa.

Mr. Banda said there can be no development if the country is not at peace and UPND believes in peace that’s why they don’t entertain cadrism.

Mr. Tayengwa said that he grew up in Kabwata Constituency in the Kamwala ward did his education from within the Constituency and understands the many challenges the people have been facing.

Mr. Tayengwa assured the people of Mulundu in the Chilenje area that when in power he will work on sanitation and support vulnerable youths who may not be able to get to the college or university because it is his passion to work with the community.

Hon Munkonge who is the campaign manager to Mr. Andrew Tayengwa urged the people of Kabwata Constituency to rally behind Mr. Andrew Tayengwa who is the flag carrier for president Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND.

Earlier, UPND Kabwata Constituency candidate Mr. Andrew Tayengwa campaigned in the Mulundu area reminding the residents of Mulundu to remember that voting for Andrew Tayengwa is voting for development because he is the eyes of the president in the Constituency.


  1. Which peace when people are being brutally beaten in their offices broad daylight.

    The prices of commodities have gone past PF prices. Robbery on the rise. Executives being killed in their houses.

  2. But ba Nyudoni mulasekesha, which peace when you have your cadres loose beating up people and getting money from marketers and bus drivers. Imwe fyonse ni opposite to what you proclaim. BMW and his minions have exhibited deception beyond imagination. We are watching you.

  3. ZAMBIA has always been at peace thanks to Dr Kaunda and his party. If you talk of cadre fracas, it’s getting worse unless someone wants to bury their heads in the sand. Beating up an innocent civil servant worst still a woman is not a sign of peace.

  4. Kabwata by elections will be a test of whether people miss thuggery from PF or they are happy with the current arrests of those who stole from Zambians.

  5. What happened to civics in Zambian schools?. Why do people address every politician as Honorable?. The title is reserved for serving MPs, Ministers and of course the VP. People should be addressed by the names with Mr/Ms when we want to be formal.

  6. The cost of living has risen more than what people expected and its now promises after promises.lets be strong to endure the desert conditions for five solid years.

  7. Godfrey we warned you people that you had voted in failures with no experience. The people who voted upnd are the 0nes who will suffer more because for me I will take care of and only employ pf supporters in my companies

  8. Zambia’s peace is did not come about in 2021 because of the UPND. It is another of the UPND big lies to take credit for Zambia’s peace and political stability. We all know that Zambia’s peace and stability has a long pedigree. Zambia’s independence was not achieved through armed conflict between nationalists and colonialists. It was peacefully negotiated for between the two camps. In addition, the peaceful transfer of power from the ruling party to the opposition in 1991, 2011 and 2021, thanks to the magnanimity of the party in power has contributed greatly to the peace and stability Zambian enjoys today. UPND cannot take credit for all this. UPND was no there at independence. So was it not there in 1991. It was also not such a major political factor in 2011.


  10. Godfrey – Of the course of living is going to rise after 10 years of reckless spending on inflated projects and rampant corruption …a failure is someone who borrows heavily and doesnt think of tommorow, he wants his children to pay off his debts.

  11. nyudoni – when we warned you about borrowing for consumption 7 years ago you called us lunatics now fast forwrd to today you are crying about high cost of living. Where is the violence? During PF era elections in urban areas were marked with brutuality and deaths

  12. When these politicians go on their knees to beg for votes can’t you all see how desperate they are for the Parliamentary allowance?

  13. mwewajoseph – Really laughable you were ecpecting the cost of commodities to drop…no wonder extremely lazy Politicans like Edgar Lungu lie to you!

  14. They can only vote for upnd it they like the poverty this government has brought to the people of Zambia the un wise leadership we have seen , this government is full of dull guys who cannot reason with their brains, they have taken a nation to the monster IMF and now all the way suffering of Zambians.
    This is a satanic government which enjoys seeing people suffering , and scavenging for food they no heart for the Zambians they specialize in lies lies lies.
    Zambians should show them their anger

  15. Upnd never ceases to amaze.
    You are beating up a hapless female civil servant in kasama and you say that you have brought peace?
    Liswaniso is threatening citizens with beatings and that’s peace?
    Fuel prices up, sugar, cooking oil, etc.
    Who says voting against upnd would be unfair?
    We don’t owe you anything as citizens. You actually owe citizens what you promised them.
    Since you have become arrogant like PF, we voters will force you to be humble.

  16. Don’t vote for Upnd
    The are doing the opposite of what they promised the people of Zambia.
    Mealie meal is now K 180.00
    Fuel will be increased again
    Zesco will be increased
    Upnd understand why people voted for you it’s because of the promises you made to the people of Zambia.
    You promised to reduce the cost of fuel, mealie meal,kwacha to appreciate against the dollar, fertilizer K250 .. Zambians let’s send a clear message to upnd that we don’t entertain lies..

  17. Liars will carry the day. Zambians like liars more than truth sayers. BMW is even free to face Zambians he lied to. He has no sense of shame. It is a shame that citizens can be lied to with impunity. Docility is the enemy of progress. People are even clapping for him and singing stupid praises.

  18. Cluelesss party.What peace have u brought apart from beating people and insultingthose who don’t agree with you

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