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I don’t need police to protect me if they cannot protect citizens-HH

Feature Politics I don't need police to protect me if they cannot protect...

President Hakainde Hichilema has instructed Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu to ensure that Police protect all citizens.

And President Hichilema said that he is following with interest the unfortunate incident in Kasama were group of youths assaulted the District Administrative Officer.

President Hichilema said that government does not want cadres that will beat up people and take away their money.

Speaking after touring Lusaka‘s Luburma and Katungu markets yesterday, President Hichilema said that he does not need police to protect him if they can not protect citizens. The President said that his preoccupation is to protect all citizens of Zambia.

And President Hichilema said that he has also instructed that all trading places must in the next two years have adequate sanitation and water reticulation system. The President said the UPND Administration is determined to improve the welfare of traders and that some of the challenges such as water reticulation and empowerment will be dealt with using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

President Hichilema said the schools have also been instructed not to compel parents to buy uniforms at the schools so that those making uniforms in markets can also make money. The President said the CDF needs to be used as a revolving fund to support improve their businesses.

As the President toured he was accompanied by UPND Candidate in the Kabwata Parliamentary by-election Andrew Tayengwa, Cabinet Ministers who included Information and Media Minister Chushi Kasanda, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu nd Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe. Others that accompanied the President are UPND Senior officials.


  1. The police cannot be everywhere all the time. No one ever thought or anticipated the Kasama DAO would be attacked in that manner. The perpetrators have to be dealt with mercilessly, very mercilessly.

  2. How many times has the President issued instructions to Jack and the IG? But nothing seem to be happening.
    Cadres are still in the Markets and Bus stops?
    Liswaniso is still threatening Violence
    Police are still conducting illigal Road blocks.

    How effective is the Minister and Home affairs?

  3. Sure Mr. President. Hundreds of Police officers, OP officers, Traffic Police Officers, the army and Airfoce all follow you and abandon their duties of protecting citizens in the name protecting you Sir. Please send them away for the safety of the Zambians.

  4. Bally stop lying you don’t have capacity in Zambia to provide what you are talking about.The police have no resources to do that.Fix the economy than talking politics you now in government and you have five years mandate to do that

  5. “…President Hichilema said the schools have also been instructed not to compel parents to buy uniforms at the schools so that those making uniforms in markets can also make money..”

    Mr president…….

    In order to spur on the textile industry , GRZ needs to ensure quality controls of local tailors………

    Otherwise kids will be wearing shirts with 3 collars………..

    Establish a tailoring standards agency Let market tailors apply to be members according to their work…..

  6. I like this statement
    ”President Hichilema said the schools have also been instructed not to compel parents to buy uniforms at the schools so that those making uniforms in markets can also make money. The President said the CDF needs to be used as a revolving fund to support improve their businesses”. Spaka the tailors must be given standard designs t avoid variations in the uniforms. Your concern is valid.

  7. It is not even about instructing police. It is about instilling the sense of respect in the population. The PF perfected the art of allowing cadres to misbehave and get away with it. Remember impunity fears non death because chances of that is diminished with an enabling authority. So what we need is shellacking action by the police so that they get back on the horse they fell down from.

  8. I have seen the video which depicts the snapshot shown above. From security perspective………Ths was CRAZY !!! I don’t think I have EVER seen anything like this, from any president. This must be a nightmare for those responsible for the President`s security. Mr. President, all security protocals were broken yesterday, although, you are much LOVED, I don’t think we can underestimate your security to such an extent, like what I saw yesterday.
    I know it was mearnt to demonstrate your words that you don’t need security if the citizens are not protected, which sends a strong message, but this security blander should NEVER EVER repeat itself.

  9. Is anybody listening? I hope so, but going by the behavior of a certain part of the party membership I doubt. Out of ignorance many people think that by belonging to the ruling party you have the license to misbehave…..Boma ni Boma is the new cry by unruly Upnd members.

  10. It’s the usual yap yap yap yap yap but results zero. Watch this space, it will die down quietly. BMW at work!

  11. I saw the video where the DAO was being assaulted by allegedly UPND cadres in Kasama. Well, PF cadres were ruthless but I NEVER saw this level of madness during their time. I saw one incident where the PF cadres followed a civil servant in her office who they accused of being UPND, they only chased her from her office – NEVER DID THEY HARM OR TOUCH HER. These UPND cadres in Kasama whipped these unfortunate DAO like they were whipping heir own child and she was crying like a little baby. These guys (UPND) are just 5 months in office and they behave like this, how will they behave when they are 2 years in office?
    God save this country.

  12. KABWATA – The president didnt issue any instructions to the IG he issued instructs to his minister …there is a big difference he is not as careless as Lazy Lungu to public direct IG.

  13. HH7 if you want less Police Protection you should also dress appropriately..you can not just put an shirt and go out on a walk about..you need to wear a bulletproof vest and a bomber jacket..you are no longer in opposition. Its not up to you to decide whether you need less secruity or not its up to OP if something were to happen its them who get blamed.

  14. To me this sounds like propaganda. Allow the beat up, arrest the guys, stage political rhetoric with emphasis on cadres and gain public sympathy.

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