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UNZA Professional Staff Union demands Government settles their gratuities to avoid industrial unrest

Headlines UNZA Professional Staff Union demands Government settles their gratuities to avoid industrial...

The University of Zambia Professional Staff Union (UNZAPROSU) has demanded that government settles gratuities for its members before the commencement of the 2022 academic year to avoid industrial unrest.

UNZAPROSU president Michael Kaluba has bemoaned the delay by the new dawn government to release the K50 million towards the payment of gratuities owed to workers at the university.

Speaking at a media briefing, Mr. Kaluba said that despite the government, through the ministry of education, assuring the union that the money will be released following the protest staged by workers on 5th November 2022.

He has noted with dismay that the country is developing and embracing the culture of exploiting workers with no remorse forgetting that the same workers are the core to the attainment of development.

Mr. Kaluba has observed that the merging of the ministries of general education and higher education has overshadowed the higher education sector.

Mr. Kaluba said that primary and secondary schools are receiving more attention from the ministry of education at the expense of Universities.


  1. why are threatening government with ‘industrial unrest’….Why not preset your grievances with high levels of sobriety..?
    And correct this article because the date 5th November 2022 is yet to come.

  2. @ Kaizar Zulu

    Accept elections defeat and move forward.
    Bally still cleaning mess left by previous gvt
    By 3-4 yrs Bally leadership can be judged
    Let’s support him as he rebuilds mother Zambia.

  3. That bill board for UNZA is outdated and it does not look professional. Surely with all excellent staff and students can not come up with something admirably superb image.

  4. @Alex Chileshe. That is UNZA for you. In fact mentioning UNZA and professional in the same sentence should be a crime!!!

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