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Akafumba, Levy Ngoma Audio has HH’s Blessing, says NDC Charles Kabwita

Feature Politics Akafumba, Levy Ngoma Audio has HH’s Blessing, says NDC Charles Kabwita

National Democratic Congress secretary-general Charles Kabwita has charged that President Hakainde Hichilema is using his appointed government officials to deregister opposition political parties so that the country reverts to a one-party state.

Commenting on the audio conversation between home affairs and internal security permanent secretary Josephs Akafumba and special advisor to President Hichilema, Levy Ngoma, in which the duo is allegedly planning to collude with the Registrar office of Societies, Kabwita charged that the UPND government and President Hichilema want to “kill democracy so that the UPND remains the only political party in the Zambian political sphere.”

Kabwita stated that the plan to deregister opposition political parties and the Harry Kalaba led Democratic Party, in particular; are have the blessings from President Hichilema.

He said that the UPND leadership did not expect that it will form the government, further stating that the UPND Hichilema led administration was “scared of opposition political parties that are posing a threat to the UPND government, and that is why they desperately want to deregister viable opposition political parties in the country.”

“That audio conversation between Mr Josephs Akafumba and special advisor to the President Levy Ngoma has the blessings from President Hakainde Hichilema. And I now strongly suspect that President Hichilema strategically appointed Mr. Josephs Akafumba to the position of permanent secretary in the ministry of home affairs because of he has some experience of colluding with staff at the office of the Registrar of Societies when the said Mr Akafumba worked closely with Mr Mwenya Musenge in order to deregister the National Democratic Congress,” charged Kabwita, in an interview.” “This is a clear indication that the UPND is scared of opposition political parties that are viable and posing a threat to the UPND government. Suffice to say, this is a ploy by the UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema to silence opposition political parties.”

Kabwita also stated that Akafumba and Ngoma should resign from their public service positions because they are still engaging in active politics, which he said is against the code of conduct for civil servants.


  1. The extinction of opposition parties is both by the ruling party and members of the opposition. Just look at the Rashida defection…. people want to associate with the ruling party not to serve the country but to benefit for themselves…. some run illegal businesses which they the ruling party to protect for them. You can only develop a country if you allow divergent views not where the word of the party in power is the only one that counts.

  2. Not even sure why these opposition guys are asking for Akafumba and Levy to be fired, is that the only punishment in the book, they can only be given a final warning. After all the party in question just exists on paper

  3. DP as a party does not even exist, not sure why we have this halla ba loo, After all that audio might not even be a phone conversation but some chaps just acting up, so lets wait for the official investigation

  4. The way the new dawn opposition parties like involving HH in things that HH is not even involved in, HH is busy trying to sort out the mess PF left for us, please leave him alone. Stop fabricating, you are not metal welders please opposition, Sean and PF

  5. Discussing DP which does not even have a single councilor anywhere in the country is a waste of time, the leader of the DP who performed very badly was surprisingly bragging that he came out number four in the last elections, even when he was even defeated by rejected ballots. Un belivable. in developed countries, a candidate performs like that, he resigns on his own, and especially that this one was just invited by the party in question

  6. I have listened to lawyers analyse this phone chat and they are saying that there is nothing incriminating in this phone recording, the only problem is how the UPND PR machine has made a right mess of things with their useless Govt spokewoman,,,at the same time phone tapping is illegal Kalaba better explain himself as well.

  7. I think I am addicted to this song, you wanna bamba you wanna chill with the big boys. I have not stopped dancing

  8. #3 Jemujo bDP as a party does not even exist, not sure why we have this halla ba loo,
    MMD is worse than DP but right now Nevers Mumba is holding a joint brief with the Upnd. What is so special about MMD except that Mumba is trying to BE APPOINTED.

  9. so kalaba and his DP got 1.2+% votes in the 2021 elections and there is need to destabilize them AND NOT pf which got 36+% votes? And that makes sense. So imagine dp was extinguished, what would be the benefit to the UPND? How would this lead to a one party state? Or does kalaba forget that with the 36+% of the pf UPND cannot unilaterally pass any law through parliament? or kalaba is figthing hard to remain in the lime light even when he loses in his own village?

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