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Foreign Affairs has Hidden the Real Reason President Hichilema is Travelling to South Africa-Fred M’membe


The President of the Opposition Socialist Party Fred M’membe has revealed that the main reason republican President Hakainde Hichilema is travelling to South Africa today is to launch a book written by a private person who happens to be his friend named Greg Mills, the CEO of the Brenthurst Foundation, a Johannesburg-based organisation established by the Oppenheimer family, the founders of Anglo American Plc, in 2004. This Foundation is widely believed to have bankrolled the UPND campaigns in the last few elections.

In a posting on his Facebook Page, Dr M’membe wondered if President Hichilema is repaying a favour on this trip because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the President’s visit is a two-day working visit and that the President will pay a courtesy call on South African President President Cyril Ramaphosa, explaining that a courtesy call is a, by the way, a call or visit made out of politeness.

Dr M’membe asked what exactly is the purpose of President Hichilema’s trip to South Africa if the meeting with President Ramaphosa is only a by the way and questioned if the meeting with President Ramaphosa a mere cover-up for his private pursuits, especially that SADC leaders only recently met in Malawi to discuss the security situation in the region.

“Is this the best way to use public resources and time: galavanting all over South Africa to promote the commercial interests of the President’s non-Zambian associates?

“Is it justified to travel to another country using taxpayers’ resources (office, money, time, etc) to physically promote the commercial interests of private entities even if they may have helped fund one’s election campaigns.

“Doesn’t this make it plain who the power brokers in the new government are?

“Is this the beginning of State Capture,” Dr Membe asked


  1. Let the envy that many harbor of one they swore would never ascend to the presidency swallow them! Certain privileges accrue once one is in state house and these are bestowed by the citizenry through the ballot! Whether the president is on a visit at the invitation of his friend to a foreign country because of his office such a visit can only be possible with the involvement of the head of state of the destination country and Mmembe must not mislead the Zambian people by belittling HH’s visit with the RSA president as a by the way courtesy call! Just consider what is involved when a head of state travels to another state on either private business (i.e. medical check-up) or official duty. The opposition will always want to twist officially released information with casting doubts on its…

  2. Hey Fred, nobody cares about your ridiculous comments! You seem to forget that you only got 0.000001% of the votes in the August 12 elections and ZERO seats in parliament, so why oh why are we having to listen to your garbage?

  3. Using tax payers money on launching a book kkkkkkk nipano tuli tata tata .WHAT you sow is what you shall reap period.

  4. M’membe when the president travels he has key national affairs and can have some non-affairs. Can you prove that these guys bankrolled UPND. Provide the evidence. Can you also provide evidence of funding? As well as that of your friends in PF

  5. UKWIMI REFUGEE CAMP is a historical reminder of terrorism perpetrated by racist-sponsored RENAMO of Mozambique. Many Mozambicans, Malawians and Zambians were killed and maimed by RENAMO insurgents. Yet the Brunthurst Foundation, owned by the Anglo-American’s Oppenheimer family, secretly funded unprincipled opposition political parties to promote disturbance in SADC states – including Kenya. Nigeria’s Obasanjo role under the Brunthurst Foundation suggests an inclusion of a military factor. Yet Obasanjo is a trained soldier who was expected to quell terrorist activities of BOKO HARAM in West Africa and failed but opted to be a mercenary in Southern Africa. What is the genetic make-up of political leaders associated with the Brunthurst Foundation? Security situation in SADC States is…

  6. The Security situation in SADC States, as regards to current Islamic insurgents operating in northern Mozambique, is precarious. Why are some political leaders so insensitive to the plight of the suffering peoples in Africa? The African Union must take keen interest now rather than wait until the damage has been inflicted. We may as well request the AU to sponsor a PhD student to research on why a West African Obasanjo finds pleasure to work for the subversive Brunthurst Foundation in South Africa.

  7. Membe is indeed deeply in the envy and jealousy camp…………

    Membe , you can send journalists to SA to follow the president ………..

    Book promotions are an open even , not a secreate even, Mr membe………

    let’s see if we will see the president at such un event or promote a book at any time…….

    Even with your claim to education , you reasoning is very suspect membe………..

    How can the president promote a book in secerate ? Promoting a book is done to reach the widest audience,, it is done at open events, badala………

  8. I think Zambian politics is way behind some curve. Somewhere in the digital stone age where they admire computers sitting on desks but cannot use them. Two small things, politicians: One – you cannot hide anything anymore. Even the so-called classified once on digital space is available. Two – If you shut your entrance we will retrieve it from the exit and trust me what comes out is more detailed than what goes in. Nadiye basi…

  9. This visit is centered on avoiding the flood of refugees and war into neighbouring countries, particularly zambia by stopping the war in moza………….

    We can not afford to house hundreds of thousands of refugees and arms ………….

    And all membe can pick on is a book promotion ???

  10. Fred Mmembe is such a foolish historian. Anglo American founded in 2004??? Even your fellow fools commenting to a fallacy.

  11. GRZ, What’s going on? This is some of the reason why we were against IMF to lend help because just like previous
    administration PF, thinks they are GRZ.

    Why do some political parties view GRZ in name only? and to use GRZ to Inflict agony.

    Please do not tell me GRZ doesn’t allow the press corps to Fly with the president.

    GRZ, UPND Trip to Dubai was a disaster and miss representing you.

  12. It is clear that this country is in trouble. There is need for this president to reflect on his conduct regarding his foreign travels. If his traveling to SA has anything to do with a book launch as revealed by Socialist Party president Dr M’meembe then we, as a nation, are in for it for electing him.
    That is why the Zambia Police must investigate the source of funding for all political parties that participated in the August 12 elections including the UPND following Dr M’meembe’s revelations regarding the book launch in SA by the this president. You even lift the entire challenger aircraft! God help us, and I hope it is not true
    We may be sitting on a potential state capture here.

  13. Since when did we ever have a Zambian president NOT having a working.
    When they go to Eswatini for the reeds ceremony; when they are commissioning a toilet in Kanyama; and launching a book for a dude in RSA. All these are working visits for our over worked leaders.

  14. Dont take lightly certain observations. Our president needs a bird eye view otherwise we will live to regret our decisions. The man is always on the move. It reminds me of RB. “Ndeke ni Ndeke.”

  15. Some people think like children………

    Are some of you adults ???

    How can a book promotion be a secreate event ????

    If you belive the president is in SA for a book promotion, we will see the pictures , there are journalists all over. …………

    The mistake you make is you seriously underestimate the integrity of HH………..

    Do you honestly think HH would put himself in the firing line by attending a book promotion event ?????

    Zambia has a very very low level of educated people who can’t seem to put logic together…………

  16. If President HH is going to South Africa to launch a book written by his associates then what is the problem? No man is an island and its time HH met his associates. If he is going to cut deals to wow investment into the country then that is most welcome. The trip has not been done in night or in secret but very open. Lets concentrate on other things which can help build the nation not gossip.

  17. #12 Janet Mkandawire… So now you people support the closure of Mmembe’s Post? People blamed the closing of the newspaper on Lungu’s dictatorship…. but now it’s because Mmembe didn’t pay taxes. Next will be Prime TV once they attack the Upnd, the closure of Prime TV by Lungu will be supported posthumously.

  18. My problem is that the government statement doesn’t mention any other program for the president while in SA besides meeting the SA President. It would have sufficed to have said something like , for example: Upon meeting the SA President, The President of Zambian will follow up with a private dinner….etc”
    I think that would have quashed off all these discussions, but as it is, yes they opened a window for criticism and rightly so. Although it is a petty thing, I believe Mnembe has the right and REASON to question this trip. Why HIDE this?

  19. So being president is like any other job. Why would my employer wonder how I use my lunch time? I see no issue here.

  20. Membe is not a clever politician……..

    He is a chancer………..

    So now he has put out his stall and predicted HH is attending a book promoting event………..

    These events are open occasions, so we shall see prove the integrity and reasoning capacity of membe if we see HH at that book promoting event or if we see HH promoting such a book………….

    And if membe was any threat to HH, such an accusation would be taken seriously and avoid any sightings near that book……..

    But membe is as insignificant as HK , and people will not see the president anywhere near a book event in anycase …….

    Membe has cornerd himself on this one……..

  21. So what is wrong if you go and visit a friend in a foreign country, or if you go and witness his or book launch, even if you are a President of another country.

  22. @Spaka,
    HH has acknowledged, he has been the book reviewer and has since encouraged students to read it. So, though NOT DIRECTLY, the President has confirmed the book launch.
    Nothing wrong with that , but Mnembe is taking advantage on the gap in Communication from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and because the book is sponsored by Brenthurst Foundation. So the MUSIC IS ON.

  23. Membe and his Post News paper bankrolled PF regime and used to call late president Michael Chilufya Sata “this is Michael” mocking Zambians as he evaded ZRA tax dues pompously since MMD was no longer in power. Membe adored PF and Mr Sata that he was untouchable, elevated himself beyond his stature and was worshiped as a god at the Post Newspaper. Remember his businesses were growing and expanding as he had the monopoly of geting any business bids through state house. However, little did Membe realise the mamaid he was feeding would some day devour him and today remains Member full of envie and bitterness in a quest to be come a president of Zambia that will remain a pipedream never to be fulfilled at 60+ years.

  24. @ Spaka
    are you the only educated Zambian who has failed to read the flyer above advertising HH’s attendance as Guest Speaker at the Book Launch ?

  25. Tax payers’ money is being used for government officials and the president to launch a friend’s book and some people think it is okay. Courtesy on the president of SA cannot be the many business.

  26. @17 Mr. True

    Anglo America (ACC) was founded in 1917.
    Dr. Mmembe is NOT referring to the Corporation, but to Brenthurst Foundation which was established in 2004. What probably confused you is the way he writes. Nevertheless, his punctuation makes it easy to get the sense.
    Oppenheimer are owners of both AAC and Brenthurst.

  27. Go and sow your royal oats

    Dear Vasco Dagama,
    I hope your next 5 trips are already programmed.
    I have noted with special interest that you have not sold the jet yet. Kindly use commercial or what has happened to the using commercial economy slogan?
    Anyways, that’s your baby to nurse with your 2.8 nodders. I hope the budget Musokotwane presented did include the money to pay back your funders. Are you already paying back your funders using tax payers money?
    Lastly just say the truth, see the lies you made are still looking ugly fresh in your ugly face. To continue lying just confirms your nature. Your misbehavior
    now has started manifesting in your subordinates. So go well my son, go and sow your royal oats.

  28. HH sweated and suffered for that Presidency. Let him enjoy himself. He knows his obligations to this Country


  30. Yes ………I got wrong information.

    Among other engagements, the president is supporting the launch of that book which he supports.

  31. Stop lying about Anglo-American. Nick Oppenheimer divested from AAC in the 1990s/2000s. AAC is not owned by any one person. It is a London listed company. Before exiting AAC, the Oppenheimers carried out the most far reaching Black empowerment programme. Patrick Motsepe became a billionaire when he acquired mining assets for nothing from AAC. The Oppenheimers also transferred all their Platinum assets in the Bafokeng Chiefdom to the Bafokeng nation through the Bafokeng Royal Platinum. Other Black owned mining companies that were born out of the Oppenheimer generous gifting are Exxaro, Mvelamphanda, Siyanda and Seriti Resources. In 2011 the Oppenheimmers also sold their entire 40% shareholding in Debeers for $5.1 billion to AAC. The Botswana government were the first to be offered the…

  32. ….chance to buy the shares i.e. they had first refusal and turned the offer down and said they were satisfied with their 50% holding in Debswana.

  33. @Mulongoti Machayi, please update your data. The Oppenheimers don’t own AAC. They sold all their shares in mining companies by 2011. You can google the main shareholders of Anglo American Corporation. It is a London PUBLIC listed company and all information is in the public domain. Why do people like you allow yourselves to be misled?

  34. When people are beset with calamities like flooding worldwide, we see their leaders go visit flood victims and give words of comfort to them and make them feel they are not alone in their difficulties. I am reminded of Joe Biden visiting areas in the US that have been affected by adverse weather conditions. In Zambia, we have seen the flooding in Choma , Namwala and now in Kalomo. People’s lives have been devastated. But the country’s President cannot even spare a thought and time to visit flood victims and give words of comfort and make them feel they are not alone in their difficulties. All he has become good at is travel abroad. Yes, material help through the DMMU is important but the presence of the Head of State among flood victims goes a low way in assuring them that they are not…

  35. …by themselves but that the leader can also make time, be among them and put himself in their shoes. It says a lot about how important it is for a leader in charge of the supreme direction of the state to show humanity towards those he leads.

  36. This is what we mean when we say we have a conman as head of state . He has even refused to move to state house. When sata delayed moving to state house by two months Hichilema’s hyenas were on rampage making all sorts of noises but today their small god has not moved to state house since August last year but these small hyenas are dead quiet. Ati his excellence is on a two day working holiday in South Africa?, we are in trouble. By the time we wake up from slumber the conman will have dried the Govt coffers. How many useless trips has he made since taking office?

  37. HH’s globe trotting reminds me of president RB. RB traveled too much also and the country saw no foreign investment come to Zambia as we were made to believe that his travels were meant to benefit the country investment-wise ultimately. Even now that is the narrative HH is using to justify his many travels. I urge him to secretly ask RB what happened to him (RB) in 2011.
    One term president !!!

  38. The late President Magufuli seldom travelled outside his country. And yet he accomplished far much more than many African presidents put together. Sometimes, instead of traveling, you can just make an ordinary phone call, or video call if you want to see each other. It prevents unnecessary spending and saves a country money that can used for something more pressing. I support President HH, but I think he needs to emulate the late President of Tanzania, the great Magufuli. Travel less, spend more time, and work more, within the country.

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