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Zambia Risks Denting its Name by Unwarranted Summoning of Perceived Government’s Opponents


A Historian at the University of Zambia has warned that the continued summoning of perceived opponents of the new dawn government has the potential to dent the name of the President and government in the sight of members of the public and the international community.

Dr. Eustone Chiputa has told Phoenix News that although most politicians being summoned may have cases to answer, unwarranted summoning on flimsy grounds becomes questionable.

He says police must always ensure that they do due diligence before summoning or detaining anyone as doing so without proper investigations may infringe on citizens’ rights.

Dr. Chiputa explains that if not addressed, most Zambians will feel the arresting of politicians is mere victimization by government.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Activist Brebner Changala has accused the Zambia Police of abusing archaic laws such as Defamation of the President and the Public Order Act to suppress the views of citizens.

Mr. Changala is of the view that government is struggling with the Public Order Act and the application of the law by police which is not in tandem with pronouncements made so far aimed at upholding human rights and quashing the intimidation and harassment experienced under the former regime.

He tells Phoenix News that the police remains affected by the way the previous regime operated hence the summoning of opposition leaders on flimsy charges and detention of some without charge.

Police have in the past two weeks summoned a number of opposition political figures with Patriotic Front Information and Publicity Chairperson Raphael Nakacinda charged with defamation of the president.


  1. Zambia will risk denting its name if it does not summon the law breakers, we don’t want to go back to the PF days of lawlessness, the reason why we changed government. The suggestion that Police should just watch lawlessness of both the past and present can not be termed logical on any given day

  2. Let the Police do their work please, the Police know which offences to summon and which ones not to, you can not study history and the same time want to sound more knowledge of Police work.

  3. Look Mr Historian, There was a lot of lawlessness under PF, therefore probes of both serious and non serious offences should be welcomed. You saw how the seven opposition political parties(mourners) assembled last week against the current law and they were not arrested. Hamududu who did reasonably well and produced an MP was not at that gathering as he is busy organizing his party, but the seven mourners were busy meeting illgally to console themselves

  4. Infact the concerted fight against corruption and plunder is what will earn the UPND government a good name. To the new dawn government: Do not be discouraged by what the fallen PF regime is saying. Go after them if they are suspected of having stolen public resources. The courts will vindicate them if they are innocent. Criminals must pay for their crimes

  5. Stop complicating simple matters. Who create and repeal laws? Lobby your parliamentarians to move! So you are waiting for a Constitutional Review Commission to be set up? I despair.

  6. Dr may appear to be interfering with the police, but detaining someone so that they can reveal the source of their elections funding is illegal. It’s not in our laws.

  7. You’re right.PF government was held in low esteem by their silent approval of corruption and Zambia sank to the lowest corruption index ever.How can an educated academic honestly allow that a fire tender can be said to be bought at $1m and we just forget? At $42m fire tenders from China costing $80,O00 could have given all councils in Zambia a fire tender.How many properties could have been saved?
    So we stop pursuing thieves with 1$million apartments in Dubai from stolen money?

  8. The criminal organisation called PF did a lot of damage to the Zambian econony,they should be followed and prosecuted to recover monies stolen from the Zambian people,we should never allow that criminal organisation to ever bounce back to power,infact i urge the registrar of societies to deregistar that criminal organisation to avoid the risk of it bouncing back to power after 100 years when we are gone because our grand children will suffer

  9. There is no risk or denting whatsoever now, it was dented enough during PF rule already. Today the Gvnmnt can do anything they want to do to the PF, arrest them, block them or even Beat them in broad day light-nobody really cares abt PF. Infact the world ll celebrate whenever a PF cadre is beaten. Cos remember American still has a grudge against them for their deported ambassador, Rwanda for sponsoring terrorist, UK/Norway/Germany stoped funding Zambia during that time. So they all know these morons and they ll also be happy.

  10. Dr Historian – you are living in the past indeed. The international community especially developed ones are very happy with the corruption drive. They are aware how much your friends and relatives stole from the Zambian people.

  11. #8 UK/Norway/Germany stoped funding Zambia during that time. So they all know these morons and they ll also be happy.

  12. Dr Chiputa, where were you when HH was virtually under house arrest in Zambia. President Hakainde Hichilema would not be allowed to move out of Lusaka with risking of being arrested. He in fact been arrested more than 15 times, a record of arrests accrued to an individual in the Zambian history. HH was not allowed to campaign in the country side while the incumbent ECL Lungu and his cadres were dehumanising Zambians without any police protection. Ati Chiputa bati, where were you when HH human rights were being rediculed? Zambia’s image was destroyed in the region and internationally. HH is restoring the credibility of Zambia both at regional and international level for us to be relevant on the world stage.

  13. Police have the time and the resources toinvestigate someone without harassing him. Why are they in a hurry to bully suspects? Its just shows their lack of expertise. They know only one tactic: harangue the suspect. In the process taint the name of the government.. If I were HH I would sit the IG down and tell him arrest when you are sure of a conviction- not the way you arrested me whenever Lungu asked your office to do so.

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