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State House defends President Hichilema’s International Trips


Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya has said that President Hakainde Hichilema’s international trips are aimed at promoting and enhancing trade and investment.

Mr. Bwalya said that the UPND administration is determined to rebuild the economy and expand social and economic dividends which will be done through accelerated trade and investment activities between Zambia and other countries.

Mr. Bwalya said that through building bilateral relations with other countries, President Hichilema is keen on ensuring that relations are enhanced.

Mr. Bwalya said that the process of appointing diplomats is underway so that the country can incur benefits and enhance development and investments.

Mr. Bwalya, however, said that since the President assumed office, the expenditure on international trips has reduced and led to Government saving monies which are channeled to needy areas.

Mr. Bwalya said this during a press briefing held at the statehouse today.

He also announced that President Hichilema will today meet Cabinet ministers to check on progress made on the guidelines for the implementation of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Mr. Bwalya has noted that once the process is done, the Government will carry out countrywide sensitization in the communities so that they understand how the CDF will be used.

And, Mr. Bwalya said the move by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to hold monthly fuel pricing reviews will enable the consumers to pay a cost-reflective pump price.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bwalya said the Government is cognizant of the role that the civil society organizations play in enhancing democracy and will ensure they continue to have their space to voice out on issues of national importance.


  1. HaBwalya what did iChilema go to do in SA, book signing or investors or meeting SA president. Simple answers here. 9 trips in 5 months and this boy thinks they have reduced on travel expenditure. Did iChilema walk to SA?

  2. I invite you to Search the Internet and see how Sir Roy Welensky represented Northern Rhodesian at press club in New York,… no politics but real issues.

    Who is advising the president?

    “Mr. Bwalya has noted that once the process is done, the Government will carry out countrywide sensitization in the communities so that they understand how the CDF will be used.”

    On what model? This is a correlation in politics. Above article is heartbreaking.
    It’s amazing how people want to come and invest because the political party says that, no one looks at GRZ stability. We need to make GRZ strong no matter who is in power, GRZ must Not change and discriminate but reward hard-work

  3. Global Inflation is likely to be elevated because of food and energy supplies and disruptions Global inflation is likely to reduce as covid and interest rate hikes stem the pressures FAO projects global food prices as a result to reduce The key drivers of total inflation includes food energy inflation and others The projections is for down trend into 2022 on these but this may not. Be so with individual measurable composition and countries with food and energy consumption of larger measures like Zambia might need to focus properly and manage the CORE inflation because that is what should be long-term solutions to addressing total inflation as it we can achieve it but may not last or evenout They call it transitory or these days it’s part of modern Life okay


  5. Atwende vasco da gama, the whlte man worshipper who is fascinated with flying. Buy him a jumping castle and a trampoline so that he can be jumping all day at new kasama and doing back flips.

  6. vasco da gama, the whlte man worshlpper who is fasclnated with flying. Buy him a jumping castle and a tramp0line so that he can be jumping all day at new kasama and doing back flips.

  7. The president needs to aquanite himself with trade dynamics of surrounding countries and meet other world leaders……

    Beats lungu taking a plane load of PF caders to go and watch the pope during lungus World tours……….

    During the same world tour lungu and his gang stopped over in France to look at a TV set top box………..


  8. What can Bwalya say mwebantu? The President is wasting taxpayers’ money travelling every week? Then he will be fired.

  9. Akakunkubiti ka Hanthony. Globe trotting vasco dagama.
    Just shut it.
    Teka utumatako panshi.

  10. The best forecast is 12% in the short to medium term but but the inflation outlook or mwembeshi is pointing to upside achieving a target of 6% to 8% requires serious economic think to achieve productivity and grow the revenues You may also avoid to run out of money like Ghana by spending and managing outflows to productivity areas not spending CDF in consumptions and areas of wastage like we have observed to stem it positively for long-term Current the Personal consumptions index accross a wide commodities shows an increase of inflationary Managing the economy and Trade will help without it it will be a disappointment

  11. Was he responding to questions from the press or was this a monologue? Asking for my scared journo cousin who thinks he will be arrested for asking.

  12. This would have been an ideal time for the President to host a Press briefing like he did when he returned from Washington not send his Press Assistant.

  13. @16 This is a very difficult job. You have to lie for someone all the time….if you are an engineer you can’t lie because it will show… doctor you can’t lie etc. But spokespersons have to find a way out for their boss all the time.

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