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The Electoral commission of Zambia rebrands


The Electoral Commission of Zambia has unveiled a new brand identity.

The new brand identity has seen the electoral management body change its logo and tagline.

The Commission unveiled its new brand identity at a function helped at Raddison Blu in Lusaka on Friday morning.

ECZ Chairperson Justice Esau Chulu in a speech read on his behalf by Commissioner Emily Sikazwe said the Commission is ushering itself into a new era to rebrand and reposition itself strategically into the future.

Justice Chulu said the Commission’s new brand will open a new chapter in its continued journey of transformation.

“You may wish to know that the last time the Commission undertook the process of rebranding was in 2007. The logo and brand promise at that time were reviewed from ‘Free and Fair’ to ‘Endorsing Your Choice’. Today we are proud to announce the launch of the new Electoral Commission of Zambia logo and brand promise, as part of the ongoing evolution of our work,” he said.

He added, “Election management has grown and evolved over the years, and we feel it is time for a review. We have refreshed our logo and colours to reflect our strategic direction for the coming years.”

Justice Chulu said after careful consideration, the Commission chose a logo that reflects a modern and futuristic approach, that captures its mandate to deliver credible elections.

“Additionally, the current strategic plan, which has been in effect for the past five years expires this year, This distinguished guests presents the Commission with an opportunity to develop a new strategic plan that fits into the new brand direction.”

He said after the 12th August 2021 General Elections, the Commission conducted a thorough review of the previous electoral cycle adding that the review covered activities such as Delimitation, Registration of Voters, Nominations and the Polls.

He said some of recommendations from stakeholders will form part of the Commissions next strategic direction adding that the Commission is committed to reviewing all its processes and activities in order to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the electoral process.


  1. So, what of this new partner in a three piece suit with Mr Nshindano, part of rebranding of ECZ.
    ECZ can not tell Zambians of rebranding itself externally without salvaging itself from its past dark shameful actions in the last 20 years. This Judge Chulu who is still ECZ chairperson has presided over ECZ institution with a horrible legacy of

  2. What is it that is so important that Justice Chulu can not attend to this ceremony…how busy can he be? How do you post pictures without captions? Is that the British High Commisioner…did the UK fund this project?

  3. It means they are officially under the control of that liar HH. No one has confidence in you ecz, especially after the kabwata issue. Continue bending over for hh ka small m.b.0.l.0

    Meanwhile I just want to say thanks to my well wishers and supporters who send me messages and letters everyday. You make me feel positive and humbled to know that you have my back. Below are some messages I received recently;
    1)Kz you are missed and we pray you bounce back
    2) kaizer we regret voting in that disappointment bally. I will vote pf next time
    3) I am not after your money sir just wantd to say kabwata is going to pf. We always vote pf
    5) boss you are millions time better than that snakl boy Anthony bwalywa

  4. I think the commission is trying to take a professional approach after a lot of interference from the Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala regime

  5. With UPND we are going places, very focused President, no more orchestra mangelepa dances, Bodies like ECZ are following suit

  6. Umwaiche Patrick Nshindano can make a good president mwee. I like this guy. Hope the British will not offer him a job in UK.

  7. “ECZ Chairperson Justice Esau Chulu in a speech read on his behalf by Commissioner Emily Sikazwe said the Commission is ushering itself into a new era to rebrand and reposition itself strategically into the future.” Just make sure that the conman does not continue to pull the strings as we have seen in the previous leaked audio recording in which Vasco da Gama’s political aid talks to the political permanent secretary.

  8. The ECZ delivered a very fair,credible and free elections that brought our Messiah HH to Plot One.Thanks for the good job.

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