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LCC Chief Accountant and five others Suspended for alleged theft of public resources


Lusaka City Council (LCC) has with immediate effect suspended Chief accountant Cravious Haan’gombe and five others for alleged theft of public resources.

LCC Town Clerk Alex Mwansa said Samuel Chima, Thabitha Zulu, Chanda Machilika, Bandane Jere and Aaron Machaliwa have all been suspended after an internal audit report revealed that while working independently on dates known, they had been misappropriating money from the Local Authority by manipulating the system.

In one scenario the cashier receipted K48,000 which was not backed by a deposit slip.

Following a spot check, findings by the Internal Auditors to determine if amounts posted on the system at LCC were supported by deposit slips and bank statements, it was established that the revenue collector obtained cash from a client at civic center customer care and printed a receipt for her amounting to K48, 716.40.

According to the statement released to the media by LCC Public Relations Manager Mwaka Nakweti, this was further confirmed through an audit trail in the Finance Management and Billing System which revealed the login ID and name of the cashier who issued the receipt.

In another scenario, following an audit of the Revenue Management System, it was discovered that an unauthorized journal entry was passed in the system reducing a client’s balance on their property rates account from K21, 552 to K0.30.

The Town Clerks office has revealed that the officers were caught napping as they were not aware that the LCC Finance Management and Billing System has an audit trail that shows everyone who conducts transactions and any exceptional activities.

Following the implementation of the system over two years ago, LCC abolished cash handling in the revenue hall and customers were requested to pay through LCC affiliated banks and by digital means.


  1. #1 This is very common in councils. They may just end up being transferred to other towns. Visiting any Civic Center one will not find space to park because all space has been taken by vehicles owned by employees… you wonder how they can afford to buy these vehicles on their meagre salaries which comes late.

  2. Look these ugly faced pf cadres above, you *****s,were u not the ones two days ago
    Complaining that HH is not fighting corruption in which I argued with u to say “Non president in Zambia(except KK) wud ve fought corruption as HH. Even KK himself never had the financial crimes court, and he would jst fire you without prosecution, but HH ll fire you and then recover resources. This is why I say after his five years, he would been the best ever, and at that time- he wud ve been the best in Africa and dotting on the World top 30 best list. Watch jst watch

  3. And iwe ka NoCorruptionZambia: you want them arrested, convicted , jailed? Sorry to say but u sound to be speaking from Chibolya, cos in Chibolya, it’s possible to do all those three things in one hour. And Ofcourse illegally. We are a sober GRZ mwana “Innocent until proven guilty, & by the courts of law”. Not just proven guilty by a ka “Lusaka times commentators or Chibolya getto boy”.

  4. Life under upnd. Death, theft and sinning is order of day. People are suffering. If things were as good as hh makes out then why would people steal?

  5. “,,,it was discovered that an unauthorized journal entry was passed in the system reducing a client’s balance on their property rates account from K21, 552 to K0.30.”

    I am sure this the first time a serious proper independent internal audit has been conducted after a long time as not one can carelessly be fiddling numbers like this on a system without care for the consequences. Can you imagine how many properties they have been reducing on the system over the years? The system itself is not good enough to allow such changes without raising red flags.

  6. No Corruption Zambia – You can not fire an employee just like that before s/he is sentenced or found guilty by the courts as an employee can sue you for wrongful dismissal.

  7. Look at the toothless UK based impostor barking …during the Lazy Lungu years we didnt even hear about any audits its was a free for all buffet.

  8. #3 Ulishilu? Who’s talking about HH here? Are you so worried about HHs popularity that you can’t discuss anything without mentioning him.

  9. Deja Vu – Not all council staff salaries are delayed those who work at Civic centres are paid from internal revenue its the labourers and drivers who feel the pinch.

  10. What about those who were stealing money from bus drivers at Intercity bus terminus? When are they going to answer for it?

  11. Too little too late i think.. It will only make sense if you audit their accounts as well. They may have more than what faith had

  12. shooterz – What is needed is a lifestyle audit? I remember when Tayali was standing as Mayor first time round where he was interviewing people in some residential area who told him most of the plots belong to LCC top Directors and they use LCC trucks to ferry cement.

  13. Suspension must be followed by further investigation. Once strong evidence of theft has been established, the culprit should be charged, arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and then caged for not less than a 150 years. Get serious ba UPND.

  14. Suspended….. We won’t hear about these cases anymore. And they will bribe themselves out of it. Come back in a month and you can bet your bottom dollar those guys have been restored in their positions. That’s what justice in Zambia looks like. Weak weaker weakest.

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