Saturday, July 13, 2024

Teacher recruitment to go ahead-Thabo


Ministry of Information and Media Director and spokesperson Thabo Kawana has maintained that the teacher recruitment exercise will be done by April this year.

Mr. Kawana says the exercise is not tied to the completion of the 1-hundred and 16 schools countrywide that were under construction in the previous PF government.

He says it is wrong to suggest that the recruitment is tied to the completion of the schools because that will take some time.

Mr. Kawana was speaking in Kitwe when he called on the District Education Board Secretary Christopher Nyungila.

He said the government is determined to finish all the 116 schools and other infrastructure by the end of this year.

And Mr. Kawana encouraged Mr. Nyungila to ensure school managers do not force parents to buy uniforms in schools as doing so does not support free education.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nyungila said among the grants that schools have received is money for orphans and Vulnerable children.

He said school committees will buy uniforms and other school requirements for the vulnerable children using the same funds.


  1. This is another turnaround by the New Dark Regime. Kawana is cleaning up the dirt spilled by the MOE PS. I’m happy with the change because the fire which started raging after the goal post shift was unquenchable. The power of social is able to influence policy deviation.

  2. Why even go make this silly statement from kitwe when he can make noise from lusaka? The man looks like he has more insultssin his mouth than progressive words

  3. Why is it involved in Schools, if I may ask? Just to please Mutati? Fckyou!!
    And that picture he looks like an idyot if nobody told you…

  4. I saw this confusion in PF. It looks like we are yet to see more disorderly statements from these guys, just when we thought the new dawn will give us a new way of doing things.. Alas, they are just another sucker! Hard luck.
    Meanwhile, teacher graduates are waiting.

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