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We are not selling Kabwata’s Mapoloto area-HH


Euphoria and a sense of satisfaction is what characterised President Hakainde Hichilema’s tour of Chilenje’s Mapoloto area of Kabwata Constituency Monday afternoon.

And President Hichilema says the era of violence came to an end when the past regime was voted out of public office last August.

He was in the area to drum up support for the ruling UPND candidate, Andrew Tayengwa ahead of the highly anticipated February 3rd parliamentary polls.

Recently, PF’s Raphael Nakacinda and Bowman Lusambo madeclaims that the New Dawn Administration had secretly earmarked Mapoloto area for demolition to pave way for a shopping mall.

Whilst there, President Hichilema reassuringly told Chilenje residents residents who had gathered at Maopoloto grounds that insinuations by Mr Nakacinda that Mapoloto had been sold were unfounded and baseless.

And at Chilenje Market, traders whistled and ulated and chanted UPND slogans while both children and the old alike went into a frenzy shouting ‘Bally! Bally!’ much to the delight of the residents of Chilenje who had come out of their homes to witness the ordeal.

And commenting on the state of the road network in Chilenje, Mr Hichilema stressed that the UPND-led Government would ensure that the poor drainage system in Kabwata was a thing of the past.

He has since challenged Mr Tayengwa to ensure that he addresses the plight of the electorate, whom he said where the bosses as they chose who represented them in decision making.


  1. If I recall, Muzo means thief. What can a thief think about apart from short sightedness? He has forgotten the pangas from the caders, the stealing through shoddy contracts, millions of cash in wardrobes, semi-illiterates and illiterates for ministers and party officials…AMNESIA!! Doctor, bring some schistophrenia medicine!!!

  2. People have come to realise that PF and its supporters are well known for vulgar and insulting language – that is why they will keep on losing elections. As barometer reads for now they have lost this bye election and back to the dust bin.

  3. Has anyone noticed that the Upnd Kabwata has not uttered a single word? Only HE, VP and other officials have been talking on his behalf.

  4. Hugging and touching citizens and spreading covid is what hh thinks will feed this nation. He is trying so hard to be seen as a people person and yet you and I both know that it’s all an act. He is an elitist who will do anything to stay in power to continue to sell our country to his imperialist handlers

  5. Some Zambians will continue to sulk with bitterness and die, while HH will continue with optimistic message to Zambians – 5 years ‘Paatali’

  6. Just like the lower Zambezi saga, these guys will turn around with funny stories like the PF had already signed the sale agreement our hands are tied…. you are going to see.

  7. #6 So they have advised him to shut his mouth. Mufulira Blackpool had a Congolese player who was instructed not to say a word or even if he was injured. One he couldn’t hold the paid and cried out muli chikasai.

    • Kikikikikiki but Deja Vu uli wabufi. Pababufi six mucalo niwebo namba 4 after Donald Trump, Frederick Chiluba na HH. I have tried to deja vu your incident and even asked a friend of mine from Section R and they cant remember John Lengwe or Kaodi Kaushi failing to speak Bemba or Ushi. Deja Vu you can qualify for President.

  8. Hey whois HH’s advisor for health? he must be charged. The President cant be walking around in uhygienic areas like that as if he is just another Mmembe.. No matter what he was before elections he is now State property. The State inputs a lot of resources for his physical and mental health. If he falls ill and dies because of an infection from those sewers he is walking in we have to start organising new elections and that is too costly! State House Chief of Staff be serious with your job.

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