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Socialist candidate Uncle T Challenges UPND to let their Candidate in Kabwata Speak to the Media


SOCIALIST Party Candidate in the 3rd February, 2022 Kabwata By-Election, has challenged the UPND to let their candidate, Andrew Tayengwa, to speak to the people so that they can judge the content of his mind and appreciate the plans, if any, that he has for them.

Featuring on Hot FM, Uncle T, also known by his government name Tripher Ng’andu, wondered what the UPND were hiding by not allowing their candidate to speak to the media and the electorate as only President Hakainde Hichilema, his Vice W.K Nalumango and other UPND officials were talking.

Ng’andu who was flanked by his party’s Secretary General Dr. Musumali, added that Kabwata will not be administered from the National Assembly by the Head of State but an MP and it was bizarre that the UPND was ashamed to allow their candidate speak due to his questionable academic credentials coupled with an accent from Harare.

And on his plans for Kabwata, Ng’andu said that the Socialist Party had the best empowerment and poverty alleviation plans which would end alcoholism and prostitution in Kabwata and also improve drainage.

Uncle T also bemoaned the rampant disregard of the ECZ campaign timetable by the Head of State who strayed in zones earmarked for Socialist Party campaigns thereby leading to his cadres assaulting SP foot soldiers.

Apart from SP and UPND, the Kabwata By-Election is being contested by, among others, Social media activist Chilufya Tayali, Clement Tembo of the PF, and a host of other small party candidates too numerous to mention.


  1. How can he speak when he’s not Zambian? What language is he going to use. What about his grade 12 certificate? Did the Examination body manufature one for him or is he using an equivalent. How did Upnd settle for him when they have numerous members to choose from.

    • Using the same propaganda that made you cry after August 12 of character assassination, no lessons learnt despite the number of barrels of tears you shed. UPND is on firm ground and Zambians are still solidly behind them, avoid your ostrich approach

  2. Has this socialist guy just dropped off the bus, Tayengwa has been on many media platforms. It appears he does not even know what is going on. UPND will work for us the people of Kabwata, Isnt this the same socialist party that flashed a lot of money in campaign materials before August 12 but failed to produce even a single MP

  3. Membe and his team are the same people who promised us that UPND engineered the postponement of elections to change their candidate………..

    They promised us that UPND would change their candidate………..

    Now they are demanding to smell his breath ????

    Just continue selling your ideas ba SP………..

  4. 1.1 Shamboko. I didn’t lose any elections in August. Please remind me because I don’t remember ever standing in any elections.

  5. In this day and age, who actually wants to convert their country into Cuba? You come and preach Socialism sure when Mmembe is a CAPITALIST.

  6. Xenophobia, tribalism and racism are all one and the same prejudice that should not be tolerated by any civilized society. Any person wanting to go to parliament should be above such.

  7. It is not a debating contest. Speak to the press if you want to, it is your right. Next time you will accuse the press of ‘cancel culture’. Use this opportunity before you are cancelled !

  8. hahahaha! ati “.. a host of other small party candidates too numerous to mention…” and yet the writer had no qualms mentioning Chilufya Tayali’s oneself party which could be the smallest of them all! Anyways, just love the drama @Zed.

  9. Deja Vu you lost….lol. You don’t mince your words when you say UPND is a failure. So you failed to either keep PF in power or bring ba shosho list Party. The party in power is not at your preferred standards. You sound like a PF contractor waiting to get paid for doing Nada!!! Good luck with trying to get a ngwee off HH.

  10. I am not a socialist. However, I am afraid your comment exposes your lack of understanding of world politics. I therefore humbly suggest that you do a bit more research to understand the existing power and geo politics. Then hopefully you will understand what is really going on vis a vis Cuba!! Then make informed comments. I rest my case.

  11. My home clan are happy with UPND government and cant wait to cast their votes for the FORWRD MOVENT. Doont mind the scoffers , let ’em scoff whilst you stand your ground n improve peoples lives.

  12. Instead of bickering and accusing each other, the onus is for the UPND to debunk this Socialist party candidate’s accusations by letting their candidate Tayengwa produce high grade twelve results, where he was born and possibly tell the people of Zambia more about his parentage. There’s is nothing wrong if one of his parents is from Zimbabwe. The question only arises if both parents are not Zambians and he was not born in Zambia. It’s just that simple instead of always going at each other’s throats like we are all not Zambians. Politics should not make us enemies of each other and please, not everyone here belongs to a political party. Some of us are beyond partisan politics that blind cadres to see only the good in their political parties.

  13. Deja Vu – you should be ashamed to be posting such drivel on this platforn that is Xenophobia you have just posted…tell us why he is not Zambian and how ECZ approved his candidature? No wonder someone is labelling you a PF cadre…
    Shameless little man you are…

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