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UPND Government should be supported to do good and correct things, Former PF MP


Former Patriotic Front (PF) Kwacha Member of Parliament Boniface Mutale says the UPND Government should be supported to do good and correct things as it governs the nation.

Mr. Mutale, who served as Kwacha MP in Kitwe from 2011 to 2016, said the new Government has so far done well.

He said it was too early for people to antagonize the New Dawn Government.

“We will support those who are ruling now. We will support the Government of the day that they do good things because we cannot start fighting them now. We have not seen how far they have gone so it’s better to give them the support they deserve because you will learn from mistakes,” Mr. Mutale said.

“So everybody must accept defeat, they must accept change and let others who are there work. We have got nothing to offer at the moment. I can’t go and work against the current Government. For what reasons, they are in office and let’s support them and see how they will work. People will judge the UPND by their performance,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mutale said some people rushing to join the UPND were not genuine.

“As a Zambian citizen I am here as Bonny Mutale and watching what is happening and I will decide where to go because I can’t just say ok let me do this. This is what happened to PF, some people jumping from other parties and they brought confusion. Today they are jumping back to UPND in order to create confusion. Why didn’t they go there when UPND didn’t have power? Nobody wanted to join UPND now that they have power everybody wants to rush there. These are ba muselela kwakaba. You see if I have to move I have to move genuinely wholeheartedly not because I have seen that honey dripping there. I have to move because I have seen that they have principles, they have good ideologies and they mean well. I should move because I want to benefit bukandile. That’s what a lot of people are doing. So it’s very easy to make a decision to say I support them and I am supporting them because what they are doing is ok. Some of the things they are doing are ok,” Mr. Mutale said.

He also lamented how the PF allegedly sidelined him after the death of party founding President Michael Sata in preference to former MMD leaders.

Mr. Mutale said the PF stopped listening to the people prior to being defeated in the August elections.

“Some of us who were active in politics some time back we didn’t go in politics for gain but we went there to serve. Probably that’s what made us unpopular, not unpopular amongst the people but unpopular among some fellow leaders because when you speak the truth and you want to speak for the people we were sidelined. Personally I feel that the PF didn’t listen to the people. PF didn’t listen to the people in the sense that when people wanted to say something to them they changed their numbers or switched off their phones. They were unreachable until there were elections. Political life should not be like that,” he said.

“People should not take for granted that we will go back; they will vote for us. People can only vote you back in office if you deliver. You can deliver things like good roads, good water and sanitation but there are personal issues that should be paid attention to like job creation. The youths were looming in the streets. They were promised that they will give them employment. If the youths don’t see employment they will revolt through the ballot because they are in numbers and they are in numbers they will vote the way they want to vote and that’s what happened. At the end of the day I am just looking and watching because I don’t know what is going to happen,” Mr. Mutale said.

He further questioned the reported rebranding of the PF.

“I hope the PF members and former Ministers can see where they went wrong. They are calling it rebranding but I don’t know what they are rebranding because rebranding comes with a lot of changes. Since I am not involved in what they are doing, nobody speaks to us, some of us are just watching from the fence and we wish them the best because I can’t say much. I don’t know what they are doing. I have never been engaged nor have I engaged them.”

“We just say hello to each other, nobody speaks to us. Some of us are just watching from the fence and we wish them the best. Even before PF came out of office the majority of leaders had sidelined us. They were not talking to me and some people who came and joined PF from MMD will not even greet us like we are sworn enemies for reasons I don’t know. Some people lost elections to me and I became an enemy to them. Up to today nobody greets me for that reason. So I am just watching. I don’t know what they are doing and where they are going,” Mr. Mutale said


  1. You are talking like a man who was ditched by a woman and then trying to prove relevant.This is the time for you to contribute to your party and make it popular again since you claim to be a staunch supporter.There are no jobs that UPND will offer you for this article.We need a credible opposition otherwise Bally will continue doing what he started doing.

  2. When PF was still in power bringing the economy down and promoting lawlessness he was very quiet, suddenly he has a voice, anyway it is his democratic right to say what he wants. When PF was a clear disaster in government, forcing the Zambian people to make a resounding decision on August 12, the man did not utter a word

  3. I wish the Upnd had supported the previous governments ie MMD and PF. Upnd did everything to frustrate the ruling parties in Southern Province. A case that comes to mind is the expulsion of the Chilanga District Council chairman for welcoming Edgar Lungu to the district. Last time I saw Boniface at Absa Kitwe, he was excited about receiving Edgar at South Downs, he didn’t look like the old Bonnie.

  4. #1 Angoni…True we need an opposition that will ensure Government doesn’t use numbers in parliament to temper with our rights. Remember MMD used their numbers to change the Constitution in order to bar Dr Kaunda from contesting the presidency. That citizenship clause excluded people like Guy Scott, and I am sure another one in PF right now.

  5. Bonnie, you had a five year mandate as Kwacha Mp what did you do for the constituency? Nothing, Nothing Nothing. We never even heard your voice in parliament . Not once. It was the reason you were not adopted for another term. Your time is up ….please rest now.

  6. You had Sata as your back bone. You did not have enough muscle to stand on your own as a politician. That is why when Sata died , politically you died with him.

  7. “He said it was too early for people to antagonize the New Dawn Government.”

    Iwe Boniface, your frustrations show through and through. Why should we wait to antagonize them when they promised to deliver overnight. What has happened to fuel prices, nepotism, caderism, tribal cleansing of the civil service? Need I go on? You have eyes but you can’t see, you have ears you can’t hear. Ikala fye.

  8. The Hon. Mutale is speaking wisdom. I hear you mudala, hope everyone listens and understands. Nakacinda is known for wrecking parties, taking them to court and all sorts. How can he be the face of PF? But after Nevers Mumba resent drama, I wish the court had given the MMD party to Nakacinda. We can only image how MMD would be like today. Probably the same….hahaha

  9. He is one of the few honest people who worked in PF … the rest were just a bunch of criminals & jackals, thieves.


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