Monday, March 4, 2024

Leaking Government Documents on Social Media is Criminal-Home Affairs


The Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security has said that the recent leakage of confidential investigation documents is receiving serious attention to ensure the personnel responsible are dealt with according to the law.

Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security Public Relations Officer Nephas Chifuta says the leaked document was issued by one of the Security Wings to the Zambia Institute of Estate Agents.

Mr. Chifuta has described the leakage of the document as regrettable.

He has warned that unauthorized access to confidential or classified information and publishing the same constitutes a serious criminal offense punishable by law.

Mr. Chifuta says personnel suspected to have leaked the document on social media have violated Section 49 Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act Number two of 2021 and that the penalty attracts imprisonment of not less than five years upon conviction.


  1. It has always been unlawful and will always be unlawful. Unfortunately when we are in opposition we encourage such unlawful acts. Let’s all condemn leakage of government documents regardless of our political affiliations. It’s harmful to the nation. It’s not something to be proud of…I AM ALWAYS BRIEFED ON WHAT’S GOING ON IN CABINET OR STATE HOUSE. You don’t peep in your parents bedroom.

  2. #2 No Corruption….if you don’t have something sensible to say it’s better to keep quiet. Do I work in government for me to leak anything. I always thought you had brains, it’s a pity that you are pea brained.

  3. When an American President takes Office you see him (so far no “her”) immediately moving to repeal those things that they put up as flagship repeal promises in their campaign speeches. After all, that is what attracts the voters. After that, you have the momentum to slow down on some things. You promised to repeal the Cybersecurity law as a matter of urgency, as well as to attend to the PoA and amend or repeal it. What is this now? Come on guys. Come oooon!!!!

  4. I’m against the leakages of confidential documents regardless of who’s in govt. However UPND in opposition encouraged the vice and called perpetrators as heroes and heroines. ‘Do unto others what you would want them do unto you.’ That’s the universal law of fairness.

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