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Body Guard of Former President Edgar Lungu Arrested and Charged


Zambia Police in Lusaka has formally charged and arrested a Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr Chisanga Chanda aged 53 of House Number 8004 Brentwood Woodlands in Lusaka Province for the alleged offense of being an accessory after the fact to a felony Contrary to Sections 397 (1) and 398 of the Penal Code Act Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

In a statement released to the media by Zambia Police Spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga, it is alleged that Mr. Chanda on an unknown date, but between the 1st October 2019 and 4th February 2022 in Lusaka Province of the Republic of Zambia, did receive or assist a wanted suspect.

According to other reports have rounded up Penjani Chirambo, a former Intercity Bus Terminus Manager, and his deputy, Darryl Mbiliti. The two were picked up on Thursday last week. Police sources claim that the arrests are connected to the death of Lawrence Banda in Kaoma in 2019.

Banda who was popularly known as “Gaddafi” was allegedly shot in the head and later died in hospital in the political violence that preceded the by-election in Kaoma.

Earlier, reports had alleged that Police on Friday abducted former Republican Edgar Lungu’s bodyguard Mr. Chanda Chisanga, his wife, and President Lungu’s barber man and took them to an unknown location.

Information was that Mr. Chanda’s house was raided on Friday by officers from the Joint Investigations Team and took Mr. Chanda and the wife to an unknown destination.

This afternoon, PF officials led by Raphael Nakachinda, Antonio Mwanza, and Mutotwe Kafwaya were going around police stations with the hope of locating Mr. Chanda, his wife, and the Barber man and were last seen at Woodlands Police Station in Lusaka.

And Mr Fube has charged that the UPND administration will turn out to be the most autocratic regime in the history of Zambia.
He said President Hakainde Hichilema has been claiming that he has restored the rule of law but that the contrary is what is obtaining.

“Now we have abductions from people’s homes taking place. The last time we had a government that abducted its people is at the last stages of UNIP and now UPND wants to take us back to those dark ages. As Zambians, especially the Church, please speak up and denounce this,” Mr Fube said.

The abduction of Mr. Chanda means Mr. Lungu is now without a personal bodyguard.

A former president by law is entitled to an official bodyguard paid for by the government, among other benefits.

Lawyer Makebi Zulu
Lawyer Makebi Zulu

Lawyer Makebi Zulu has disclosed that the interrogation and arrest of Deputy Police Commissioner, Chisanga Chanda involved a known UPND cadre.

He said Mr. Chanda was interrogated by police officers and a UPND cadre at a private house in Kalundu.

Mr. Zulu also disclosed that Mr. Chanda’s wife and her friend were also detained when they went to check on Mr. Chanda.

The Patriotic Front has condemned the gross lawlessness that has characterized the investigation and arrest of Mr. Chanda and his family.


  1. Hakainde is a shame to this country. Hakainde is provoking Edgar. The s@t@n1st wants Edgar to speak and misquote him.

  2. Dreaming is free and often has no consequences. Hallucinating, on the other hand, is a different story.

    To claim that pursuing alleged criminals is being done for nothing other than cause Lungu to say something and misquote him is laughable

  3. This whole story sounds like BULSH!P as usual!
    How would you in the first paragraph quote, that Police have ARRESTED and CHARGED, and then later on quote that the same people have been abducted ?
    Its the same PF propaganda machinery at work !! In two days this story will be completely different.
    Let the police do their job and STOP playing victim and STOP Lying. This article doesnt make sense at all, alot of conflicting information.

  4. Those are criminals……….

    Davis mwila talked about this when he said most of PF will be going to jail……….

    Most people around lungu participated in criminal activities with lungu……….

    If you are not guilty , you will be found not guilty………..

    But investigations have to go on…………

  5. Really laughable….who okayed this article to print, its like watching that Zambian classic comedy Playcircle with Maximo. These are members of OP!!

  6. Where are their lawyers in all this and how do these PF officials involve themselves in all this…here is another reason why PF need to rebrand by getting new faces who are clean!!

  7. They are going for the weak ones. The upnd hate me with a passion.ask yourself why they haven’t come after me? They know I have a lot of dirt on them and hh. Remember I worked at OP. That is Why they call me CIA.

    My humble appeal to hh is to stop this asap before I start revealing his dirty secrets

  8. Leave the man alone.It seems these arrests are tribal.We told you that this man HH is not good for country.he promised to follow the law but he is doing apposite things by arresting everyone close to the former president.He should learn how to forgive.No investigations at all.

  9. #11  Moscow(op) 
    February 7, 2022 At 10:56 pm

    “Leave the man alone.It seems these arrests are tribal.We told you that this man HH is not good for country.he promised to follow the law but he is doing apposite things by arresting everyone close to the former president.He should learn how to forgive.No investigations at all…”

    Forgive what ??

    Then we might as well release all convicts from prisons and disband all law enforcement if we are forgiving criminals………..

  10. Meaning the offense was committed while Lungu was in office with a criminal bodyguard behind him at all times.Truly the dirty PF were a criminal organization.

  11. Next criminal to be arrested and imprisoned at Mukobeko is chi troll Kaizar Zero.His hateful violent comments are against LT rules and Zambia’s Human Rights Commission should have him charged with incitement.

  12. Mlevi Kachasu – Just ignore the UK based troll…what is flabbergasting about this shambolic reporting is that he was arrested last week and they are reporting today plus he is OP and not Lungu’s personal guard to do his dirty work.. he is a Police Officer why dont even identify his rank? There is more chance of picking up the real KZ (not this LT troll in the UK) than this guy as what he can disclose would be a danger to national secruity especially his wherabouts. I feel the authorities are trying to get info about Lazy Lungu and his connections…

  13. Hh stop that is it your Dawn of your power telling you that but Zambia is a Cristian Nation and us youths u promised us more jobs and did you promise us to arrest pf members

  14. We are not the ones who asked you to go and loot state coffers so please spare us all this noise. Malendele tuni nemu kozi nyangela, mipweletete yamina.

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