Thursday, February 22, 2024

The process of recruiting of 11,200 health workers-Ministry of Health


The Ministry of Health has commenced the recruitment of 11,200 health workers.

And the ministry of health permanent secretary in charge of technical services Professor Lackson Kasonka has described as misplaced and disappointing plans by some unemployed Doctors to protest over the delay in the recruitment exercise.

Professor Kasonka said that the recruitment exercise is being done in a methodical and systematic manner in order to avert any possible corruption or nepotism in the process, stating that no particular grouping of health personnel is entitled to protest as the recruitment exercise covers various health workers from drivers, nurses, doctors among others.

Professor Kasonka has since urged health personnel to be patient as the process unfolds.

Meanwhile, National Union of Public and Private Educators of Zambia Executive President Victor Muyumba has advised the government to be consistent in the issuance of statements with regards to the recruitment of the 30, 000 teachers.

Mr. Muyumba said in an interview that been inconsistent will make stakeholders and those that are expecting to be deployed think that they are playing with their minds.

He is worried that government can start talking about finishing the 115 schools without attaching the time frame to the completion of these schools.

Mr. Muyumba said that the recruitment will help address the teacher-pupil ratio the country has been grappling with.


  1. Ebu chipantepante ubu
    How do you prioritise recruitment of drivers as being the same as recruitment of doctors?
    Something is amiss. It’s either our govt is clueless about handling national affairs or there is no money to recruit qualified and skilled personal such as doctors.
    They just want to make up the numbers by employing low salaried workers such as drivers, cleaners, etc.

  2. More hot air lies. Just hot mabisi farts from this useless govt

    Something about a woman in a nurse uniform. When my Regina wears one for me I even sing niiiiiight nurse!!

  3. Continue hiding in the UK, one day you will come home and you will be dealt with accordingly. ”No matter how high a monkey goes climbing a tree, it will one day come down because it has to drink some water which is not up there” African Proverb.

  4. So drivers can be prioritised in the same bracket as doctors?
    It takes 7 plus years to produce a doctor and one month training to produce a driver.
    That’s why doctors are protesting.
    Seems like chipantepante to me.

  5. Chikonko who are you talking to? Talking to yourself is a sign of madness. You are a mad f00I. Go seek help you dog.i am in lusaka. If you are man enough let us meet and see who is strong. I will finish you.

  6. Kaizer Zulu your days are numbered you made Mwalitata and others spend years in jail coz you were rigging. Coe and explain how you stole money

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