Thursday, February 29, 2024

FAZ Clubs Salute UEFA Workshop


FAZ Super Division clubs have hailed the recently held five-day UEFA Assist League Development Programme for capacity-building workshop staged in Lusaka.

UEFA experts instructed the representatives from the 18 Super League clubs into the details of league independence from FAZ.

Zanaco Football Club acting general manager Roy Mutombo is inspired by the UEFA workshop.

“What we have learnt so far will help our game especially in the area of governance operations and general club business,” he told the FAZ Media Team.

“Some clubs are already implementing some of the governance structures that UEFA used as underpinning for club business, so we are just going to add on and improve our business approach,” Mutombo said.

Indeni Football Club president Stephen Lilongwe says after the training Zambian clubs are now fully equipped with ways of generating income for the benefit of football development at club and national level.

“Fan communication, strategic formulation, technical development, financial management, all these are among the many things covered, it’s in-depth knowledge that we have gained,” Mutombo said.

Indeni football club president Stephen Lilongwe also shared his experience saying his takeaway message was revenue generation.

“Some of these concepts clubs use them informally, what we appreciate the most is that this workshop brought them to light in a well structured fashion so that we can use them objectively and get results,” Lilongwe said.

Nkana FC chief executive officer Kelvin Mutafu said the workshop provided an opportunity for clubs to add to their knowledge base.

“Knowledge was not limited, we are very happy with the FA and the Zambia Premier League for organizing an all-inclusive workshop, participants have surely left the workshop with a lot of knowledge,” Mutafu told the FAZ Media Team.

This training was part of the process toward league independence and is providing members with information in realizing full independence.


  1. I hope Mufulira Wanderers had representatives at this workshop because they need this kind of knowledge to help them to run the club well their officials seems to have no clue on club management.

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