Thursday, July 18, 2024

HH Campaign Promise on Mining Licenses




  1. Criminals must be arrested. The Indian was given Mining License. Did the this youth apply for the Mining licence? Leadership failure is what made PF the way out. Let us learn to do the legal things. On this one am supporting the President. HH keep it up.

  2. Another lie coming true…..
    The youth in Cheembe must be scratching their heads and wondering what has changed. Nipano tuli.

  3. Yes i think our minerals are benefiting the foreigners more than us the Zambians. Something must be done here. Small scale miners , the locals must also benefit. Big mines its the foreigners benefiting and even small mines, awe, aikona man. Something must be done or someone somewhere must do something to correct this anomally.

  4. Its his dream..
    His aspiration that ..
    in the next 5 years.
    Not 5 months.
    Still giving him a benefit of the doubt, to proove himself.

  5. Kikikikiki this man awe mwandi …..lies have short legs now he’s brutalizing the youth and giving licenses to foreigners…..and even Lower Zambezi HH wants to turn it into a mine in favor of foreigners and corruption

  6. Bamambala imwe, you said there will be no free education in Zambia – you doomsayers. You expect handouts as it was in PF regime and most of these PF thieves are being arrested. Cry on with stress and hate while Zambia is now peaceful and Zambians are happy with HH.

  7. HH is just a conman.

    Very disappointing.

    The only country that will benefit from HH being president is Panama.

    Very Very sad.

  8. The English man says “a great talkative is a great liar”….who said these words and what was the occasion…..10 marks

  9. ” The English man says a great talkative is a great liar”……who said these words and what was the occasion….10 marks

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