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Lusambo’s appears in Court, case fails to take off as ACC is not ready, amends charges


The corruption case involving Former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo this morning failed to take off as Prosecutors from the Anti Corruption Commission were not ready to proceed.

And the ACC today presented an amended indictment with charges, different from those earlier announced by the Commission when Mr. Lusambo was arrested.

When Mr. Lusambo appeared in the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court today, five counts of corrupt acquisition of public property and possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime were read to him.

Mr Lusambo, who is Kabushi Member of Parliament could not take a plea before Lusaka Magistrate Fydes Hamaundu because the Director of Public Prosecutions is yet to issue consent to prosecute the matter.

The case has since been adjourned to March 9th, 2022 for mention and possible plea.

Below are details of the new indictment

Count 1

Statement of Offence: Corrupt acquisition of public property contrary to Section 34 as read with Section 41 of the ACC Act No. 3 of 2012.

On dates but between May 1st 205 and 31st December 2021 at Ndola, Bowman Lusambo, aged 45, did unlawfully acquire property number L/39876/M in the name of frontier Management Services Ltd which property was later transferred to Jignesh Prafulchandra Soni at a consideration of K880,000 in his own benefit.

Court 2

-Between 1st January 2017 and 31st December 2018 at Masaiti, Lusambo did unlawfully acquire certificate of title in respect of stand number MASAI/LN_1003028/218 in your name thereby obtaining an exemption from paying the sum of K250,000 plot/premium land which property was later conveyed to Mbachi Nkwazi at a consideration of K150,000 an act prejudicial to the rights and interests of Masaiti Council.

Count 3 & 4

-Possession of property suspected to be proceed of crime contrary to Section 71 of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act No. 19 of 2019. On dates but between 1st September 2021 and 31st October 2021 at Chongwe, Lusambo jointly and whilst acting together with another person did conceal property number HN 248 situated at Silverest Gardens valued at $60,000, property No. HN 282 valued at $128,000, the names of Nancy Natasha Manase property reasonably suspected from be proceeds of crime.

Count 5

Possession of property

-On dates but between 1st September 2021 and 31st October 2021 at Chongwe, Lusambo jointly and whilst acting together with another person did conceal property number Property No. NH 149 valued at $60,000 in the names of Nancy Natasha Manase


  1. Press lusambo hard enough and……….

    He will sell off PF…………..

    When lusambo sees that there is no way out……….he will sing.

  2. The only thing is lusambo is too dull to know about the intricate PF stealing and looting………

    Lusambo was on the fringes stealing left overs…………..he is too dull to be in lungus inner circle.

  3. Fyantha the chap, he suddenly looks bonzoli and yet he looked very lazalo like in the past in those don’t kutina overalls

  4. Political persecutions, an acc which has become HHs personal vehicle to avenge opponents. Let hh be a man and stop fighting losing battles. He thinks he is the only Zambian capable of becoming wealthy. After all, his riches are from stripping and selling our resources for peanuts. Come for me hh. Why are you scared of me? Don’t worry your secrets are safe with me

  5. Crafty chaps these PF characters , there is a lot more we wont even discover, stolen but with well covered tracks,

  6. Prosecutor ali blank. Signs that they were busy asking for evidence from the accused. Who damn does that?
    baal’s acc can’t even ask for evidence from the instructor. Trumped up charges in those counts aimed at exciting Spaka, can’t be equal to evidence beyond any reasonable doubt.

    Outcome 1? Nolle prosequi.
    Outcome 2? Waste of tax payers money.
    Outcome 3? Underperforming baal, herein instructor.
    Outcome 4? Erosion of public confidence.
    Outcome 5? Results from 2026 polls.

  7. What is that? Fine tuning and skewing charges and evidence just to win a case? They will never be ready as they were only asked herein instructed, to arrest and make him sleep in jail without charges until they struggled to fabricate makeshift charges to which changes are being forced now.
    When a prosecutor comes to the party this late, just know that there is a filthy hand in the shadows as arguments for a proper charge takes toll.
    What a pity!

  8. Bur i read something like he owned 48 properties. arrest someone for just these properties? No case here i just see persecutions.

  9. Please, ba PF, do not mistake “incompetency of an organization” with “persecution of the thieves”. Yes, we all are expecting more from ACC, especially for mambalas like this one !!. He should be lucky, that only 5 cases are being brought against him, in reality, I want to see at least half of those 48, if not all those cases. So I am angry with ACC, not because they are persecuting BUT because this is too little !! But I also understand under ECL, ACC was disfunctional, they started investigatingin last 2 months, and these are complicated cases, which need time.My issue is that if acquitted on these smaller cases, legally, it might be difficult to prosecute this man in the future on similar charges, basically we could be missing an opportunity here.

  10. @ 1 & 2 – are you sure?..I wouldn’t bet on it! Even if he had been in the inner circle, chances are that he would never dob in his superiors. Didn’t you see how he sobbed when his boss lost the elections? He was distraught. This guy is a staunch follower!

    #plant a tree please!

  11. Lusambo paid bribes to UPND and donated campaign funds to UPND during Kabwata by election campaigns. UPND.s integrity must pass this test

  12. The inconsistent behavior by the ACC may cost government billions instead of recovering anything from the suspects.

  13. This ACC is a bogus organisation spending tax payers money recklessly.They have failed terribly to have any prosecutable cases. Hence they have started chickening out like dogs with tails between their legs. They are a laughing stock. They are good at summoning innocent people and playing to the gallery. Bowman, despite his flaws, will be acquitted.

  14. What amateurish work from the ACC, incredible. This way we’ll NEVER get to Edgar China Lungu and stup!d KZ!

  15. Why would anyone want to go after KZ
    so whats so brave about saying that ? you own very little apart from the fact
    you bear no relevance to any zambian advancement

  16. Let me try to understand this, I thought the normal procedure would be for the ACC to gather all evidence, present the evidence to the Director of Public Prosecutions for consent. Once consent has been issued, arrest some one and present him/her before court within 48 hours. In Lusambo’s case what will happen if the DPP declines to issue consent. The ACC should also tell the people what the amendments to the charges are. I hope its not a repeat of the Amos Chanda saga.

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