Friday, March 1, 2024

Government has Obligations to Create Jobs, with or without Social Contract-Hikaumba


Movement for democratic change MDC vice president in charge of politics Leonard Hikaumba has charged that with or without the social contract with the youths, the government has the obligation to create decent jobs for citizens as the population and demand for jobs grows.

Speaking at a press briefing Mr. Hikaumba said that the new dawn government has been emphatic on the issue of job creation and the jobs where social dialogue will be promoted.

Mr. Kaumba said that the country should be looking at the sectors that have already been identified and can respond quickly and effectively to the issue of job creation such as the mining sector.

The alliance partner has urged the new dawn government to also secure and regulate the newly discovered areas that have rich minerals of high value such as gold, saying these are vehicles of job creation.

Mr. Hikaumba has also suggested that chances of self-employment be made available through what he termed as demand-type of job creation.


  1. They have failed. This is what happens when you entrust leadership in the hands of a useless man who failed to even build a running water toilet for his poor in laws in southern province

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