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Government will start evacuating Zambians, residents in Ukraine


The government will start evacuating Zambians, residents in Ukraine, in the advent of the war, which has broken out in that country.

President Hakainde Hichilema has said that the country has already started preparations for the safe removal of the 141 known Zambians in Ukraine.

The President has said this through Foreign Affairs Minister, Stenley Kakubo.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Kakubo has assured that the Zambians, most of who are students, will return home safely.

Mr Kakubo has also said Zambia will maintain its position on the matter, through its support to the diplomatic peace efforts, being undertaken by the international community.

Below is the full statement


I would like to inform the nation that in view of the unfortunate turn of events in the Republic of Ukraine, in the last 24 hours, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, President of the Republic of Zambia has made a decision to evacuate our citizens from that country.

The Government had earlier indicated that it would continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine closely and that the Zambian Embassy in Moscow has been in constant touch with our nationals regarding the unfolding events.

The public may wish to note that there are 141 known Zambians pursuing their studies in various cities across Ukraine and following the regrettable latest developments in that country, the Government has decided to take this course of action in order to ensure the safety of Zambians.

The exercise is being coordinated by the relevant Government machinery and we would like to assure the public, especially the students and their respective parents and guardians that every effort is being made to ensure the safe return of the students.
We would, therefore, like to call upon all members of the Zambian public, particularly the students and their parents and guardians, to remain calm as the Government implements the evacuation exercise.

Like every peace loving member of the international community, Zambia has been hopeful of a peaceful and diplomatic resolution of the situation in Ukraine.

The Government, therefore, maintains its strong commitment to ensuring that it safeguards the security of all its citizens, both at home and abroad.

I thank you.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
24th february, 2022


  1. Its too late because the airspace in that country has been taken over by the the invading Russian forces. The govt should have one a bit earlier. As things stand now the current govt will just crumble and Russia will install a puppet govt.

  2. F00lish slow upnd govt

    Meanwhile hh is sending acc to harrass innocent old people like my father chikwanda who suffered stroke. Should he die his blood is on hh. Remember he is royalty and if you kill royalty you will die like a chicken

  3. Kikiiki how?Where were you imwe ba fixers.This will be worst govt in Zambia’s history.It, has no plan of how to develop a country.All it wants is to divide Zambia instead of uniting the people but trying so hard to employ people from three regions.I have never seeen such craziness.Let the man think about Zambia n not tribes.He is so occupied about his tribe instead of uniting the people.No wonder he can’t even evacuate despite warning from USA.he is too slow to act and thinking.He is luck to be a president just bcoz of division he caused among Zambian people.And for the sake of peace God allowed him otherwise tribe war would have broken buy these guys.

  4. When is ACC going to visit KZ, please? Or have him account for his gun wielding days? He is making too much noise. I would shut up if I were him…..the 2.8 million know what PF put them through.

  5. ABC should explain even if near death why and how Zambia is incurred these huge debts we are grappling with. Our children and children of their children will not be able to pay off. How can the entire generations of Zambia be enslaved to these monstrous debts?. Those responsible must explain before they die. Late president Chiluba was made to pay to Zambians half of stolen money before his death. Others have to follow suit.

  6. @ Kaiser Zulu, just surrender yourself to police for false imprisonment and kidnapping charges. We warned you that dehumanising Zambians and assault and battery will lead you into jail. Numerous heinous records exist to which an account will have to be made from KZ. Ask Mumbi Phiri
    There is an adage that says, “Umulandu Tabubola” This is the beginning mate, more charges to follow

  7. You and the police including your f00Iish president know where I reside in Lusaka. If you are man enough what are you waiting for? If you had any shred of evidence you would have locked me up. Continue trying to cook up evidence. You will die before I step foot into any prison. I have cursed you all.

  8. But these comedians are funny…you where mute when people where crying out for you to evacuate your people before the escalation and now you want to risk going in, how? Anyway, let’s have faith in this young man. Show madala how it’s done mwaiche.

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