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I’m personally ready to take up the task of presidency in PF-Kambwili

Feature PoliticsI'm personally ready to take up the task of presidency in PF-Kambwili

Former National Democratic Congress Leader, now opposition Patriotic Front (PF) member Chishimba Kambwili has disclosed his intention to contest the PF presidency at the forthcoming party convention.

And Kambwili says the loss of the PF in the 2021 general election was a great political revolution by the country against the PF and Edgar Lungu.

Kambwili said he was personally ready to take up the task of presidency, saying he has been a member of the opposition PF and had labored to build his name politically.

“Personally, I am more than ready to take up the role of presidency of the PF but I want to say I will not go outside of the realms of PF to discuss the coming convention of PF because I feel this is an internal matter, I am only a senior member of the PF, I am not a policy maker and not a member of the Central Committee,” he said

Mr. Kambwili said he contributed to the PF votes during the past general elections, dismissing as baseless allegations by some party members that he had contributed to the downfall of the opposition party.

“If the PF won the election, today could there be such allegations, check the results of the areas where I campaigned and see the results of the areas that I did not campaign in and also were the areas where I went physically held rallies physically and those places I did not visit and that will give you the answer, I have contributed to the numbers of the PF both during the 2016 and 2021 general election,” he said.

He alleged that some shallow minded people whom he termed as new entrants and likened to visitors in the PF, wanted to discredit him using deceit.

“Where there is competition some people who are shallow minded want to discredit others using deceit when they know for sure that my campaign during the 2016 election was a booster to the PF victory, so someone who wants to stand as the PF today, who hasn’t even worked for the PF who joined yesterday would come and bring boys to make those allegations, I feel very sorry for them,” he stated.

ZANIS reports that Mr Kambwili attributed the loss of the PF during the 2021 general elections to a great political revolution of the country against the PF.

“What happened in the last election was purely a political revolution, and when there is a political revolution in the country, you can even get a stone and make it stand against a very popular person and the stone will still win the election because the people are against the political party just like it happened in 1964 and it also happened when president Michael Sata won and also to the PF in the recent election,” he indicated.

Mr. Kambwili said despite his campaign, people were set on the revolution and that his contribution to the PF would be best judged from his contribution in the 2016 PF victory in which his campaign was a booster.

He said this when he answered questions from journalists during a press briefing held at his residence in Luanshya today.


  1. Ba PF, encourage young members like Kangombe to stand at the convetion and let them be elected, that is the only way PF will survive.
    Don’t let these fossils in the name of Kambwili, Nakachinda, Lubinda, Mwamba, Lusambo, Mundubile manipulate you. They will NEVER change since they have NOT learned from the mistakes of the last government.
    Why does KAMBWILI want to be judged from his contribution in the 2016? Why NOT in 2021? he doesn’t want to emphasize his contribution to 2021 elections, because he knows very well, how he contributed to the divisions among the Zambian people, and ultimately downfall of the PF. Now he is trying to blame it on Lungu?

  2. Sadly the grassroots like Kambwili, its just that the leadership and the MPs do not want him and to lead you need the backing of the leadership

  3. While it’s your democratic right to have such ambitions, you’re not suitable at the moment to be the PF President, the Party you helped destroy. You don’t have self introspection because if you had you’d not harbour that ambitions. Anyway it’s up to the PF members to decide who’ll lead them

  4. No wonder UPND will be in power for 5 terms. These opposition leaders at the moment non of them stand a chance with HH by matter of principle. Another one being one of the few female opposition leaders, is now hallucinating of sleeping with ghosts, live on tv. Surely, is this the type of opposition leaders that ll unseat HH?

  5. I really really really hope that CK will be elected to lead the PF. That then will be an absolute GUARANTEE that the party will get ZERO seats in parliament and basically immediately ceases to exist – the Zambian voters have learned their lessons; they are NOT going to vote for another thieving and lawless lying leader like Edgar China Lungu. Kambwilli is worse than ECL, what makes him think he makes even a remote chance? Silly man!

  6. Non of all of you is an opposition party, the genuine opposition party & opposition president was HH and the UPND. And HH went along with that title to state house. Leaving behind a huge vacuum that may not be filled for the next 30years.

  7. You will one day rule this country. They laughed at my father sata but he ended up ruling. I will make you president too one day


  9. The minute BUFFOON CK becomes President of PF will be the final nail in their coffin…this clown has no backbone and has too much garbage look how he sold NDC to save his fatty hide, do not even think of Miles Sampa or Emmanuel Mwamba its the same WhatsApp Grouping of treacherous rats!

    • Look at a joker supporting another joker. How can Kambwili with absolute no leadership quality of any measure be a President of any political party, and I am not politicking because I am not a politician

  10. Zambians let me tell you. Lungu is better than Kambwili. Now just imagine someone being worse than Lungu! And that someone living in State House! Owe mwebantu! mutùle!

  11. PF is done. CK is like ECL there are political amateurs, Sata was violent but was political genius. Sata believed in numbers of the party which all these political amateurs don’t. Sata brought all those who fought him in his party to increase the number. But ECL won the election in 2016 he chased all those who opposed him meaning half of PF membership left. In 2021 fell short. CK is like ECL. Anyway PF will completely disintegrate after convention.

  12. And this same Kambwili was issuing statements today that Mumbi Phiri must be released by the Police, in his wisdom Police can just wake up and say let us charge Mumbi Phiri with such a serious offence like murder

  13. As PF grass roots, we have said it loud and clear and several times, that Kambwili, Lubinda, Kampyongo, Nakachinda and Mwambe should not be any where near the PF Presidency because we have not seen any leadership in these chaps

  14. Keep moderating my comments LT, but I will still continue posting that Kambwili can not be a PF leader because I like many other Zambians I have not seen any leadership in the man, and my comments are in line with many comments above, so I fail to understand your reasoning of moderating my earlier postings and yet there are no insults at all. Anyway, it is your platform, you can do as you please

  15. If this Chimbwili thinks he is that good, why didn’t he stand as president of NDC to win the general elections? We need to identify these political ‘maule’ jumping from one party to the other for personal gain. This one, the sell by date expired long time ago.

  16. Pls just sit down Kambwili… the majority Zambians now know what a tribal cancer you are… we no longer need your type.

    And yes, you led to Lungu’s downfall in the 2021 elections. But Lungu was too stupid to trust people like you as tribal attack dogs . Your whole pf lot bet on you… in hindsight l thank you for uniting the Zambians to vote against your tribal politics?

  17. Let CK be president of PF………..

    Good call…………

    All PF members should support CK in his bid for the presidency

  18. Pierre Chimbwili Bemba, fuseki! By the was, what is it about that chilufumo, is it a case of post malnutrition or kwashiorkor?

  19. As PF members we are so resolute, the likes of Kambwili and his colleagues who made us loose elections must not be anywhere near the PF Presidency or leadership

  20. If the current crop of PF Leaders insist on being our leaders, we are voting for UPND in the next election. Simple and straight forward

  21. We want sober minded leaders in PF now, we want people like Brian Mushimba, Sylvia Chalikosa, Antony Mumba and Lameck Mangani, that is the caliber we will be looking for. The rest should do themselves a favour by retiring themselves

  22. Others still in denial, HH is now president – fast forward in 2041 too late, new generation in power. Before PF thieves have to account for their thefts.

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