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Mumbi Phiri formally arrested and charged with murder


Former Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Secretary-General Mumbi Phiri has been formally arrested and charged with murder of Lawrence Banda.

Mrs Phiri has been jointly charged with former President Edgar Lungu’s barber Shebby Chilekwa for the murder of Lawrence Banda, a UPND member.

And Mrs. PHIRI has appeared before Kaoma Magistrate Court.

Mrs. PHIRI arrived at the Kaoma Magistrates Court at 10:00 hours.

The two accused appeared before Kaoma Magistrate Besting Hamaseke for explanation of the charge.
Allegations before the court are that on October 6, 2019 Mrs PHIRI 52 of Waterfalls area in Chongwe and Shebby Chilekwa 34, a businessman of Chilanga whilst acting together murdered Lawrence Banda in Kaoma District.

Magistrate Hamaseke told the accused persons that they had been charged according to section 200 of the Penal code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Both Mrs. Phiri and Chilekwa did agree before Magistrate Hamaseke that they understood the charge read before them.

Magistrate Hamaseke explained that the two could not say anything because they were merely before his court for explanations of the charge as the court awaits instructions from Director of Public Prosecutions(DPP).

The two will appear in court on March 10, 2022 for mention whilst they remain in custody.
Mrs. Phiri becomes the second accused person to be charged with murder of Mr Banda, the first being Shebby Chilekwa.

The late Lawrence Banda, was Shot dead in Kaoma in 2019 during the run up to Council Chairperson By-election.


    • Dear He goat coward Henry , please note that Insults wont take you anywhere. Pretend to recover from the August 12 bashing, just pretend, it might help

  1. Sad sad sad to the victim, the accused and all families. Everyone loses. And for what? Politics!!!. My foot! Let there be civility in the way we conduct our politics. UNIP or MMD never gave guns to there notorious vigilantes/cadres. Guns were for the police and military. Why did PF take the country on such a destructive path.

  2. I hope Mumbi and Chilekwa will also be awarded K500,000 or (K500,000,000 MMD money) plus K400,000 in legal fees like those Mukuni wife wrongly arrested by Kampyongo.

  3. Meanwhile hh is sending acc to harrass innocent old people like my father chikwanda who suffered stroke. Should he die his blood is on hh. Remember he is royalty and if you kill royalty you will die like a chicken

    Using dead cadres to fight political battles is evil and in bad taste. Mama Phiri stay strong. We will support you all the way. I will vist you once I return from ncwaala

  4. For the Police to charge her, there must be something here, so I don’t want to hear this fake record saying there is a witch hunt of former leaders. Can Police just wake up and charge somebody from nowhere

  5. You might do something and think you will be under cover for life, but God does not work that way. If she is innocent she will be acquitted

  6. I see now why about two weeks ago she suddenly changed stance and started castigating her own party. This was all to show the powers that be that she has changed sides but all in vain.

  7. Yes, a murder took place in broad daylight and she witnessed it. But is she the one who pulled the trigger? About that I have my doubt. If she didn’t pull the trigger she certainly knows who pulled it.

  8. Madam Mumbi the video circulating is telling
    Us that you know the killers of the late.So
    This is what has put you in this position.

  9. Kaizer, stop oedfling lies. Chikwanda’s daughter had clarified that what you PF are claiming us not true. ACC visited ger father BEFORE he had a stroke to ask about information NIT involving him. She gad told all if you not ‘ukutwala icibeleshi ‘ in her fathers name, she’s basically telling you ba PF to shut up.

  10. @17 Gms
    This is pure allegations but as you already know…African Politics is dirty….Politicians control the Judiciary and all Law enforcement agencies….I seriously don’t think Mumbi Phiri was involved or even the other guy Chilekwa…..but any we need proper evidence beyond any reasonable doubt…

  11. Get a life rogue KZ, dehumanising Zambians, false imprisonment, battery and attempted of murder and harassment of Zambians will demand accountability from you, Police and court cases await your appearing to go to jail. You cant hide for ever – ask Mumbi Phiri and Alexander Chikwanda who have to account for their actions even on your death bed justice and accountability will be demanded – Never mind about Russia, its you who hurt, killed Zambians in hospitals without medicines

  12. Straightforward! When one witnesses a crime being committed and does not report it, that person is liable to prosecution as an accomplice! Ms. Phidias from her unsolicited utterances seems to have much more detailed information on the murder that the investigators are missing and if she actually did witness a murder but held it under wraps protecting whoever pulled the trigger, she’s equally culpable! A soul is crying for justice!

  13. Ms Phiri and not Phidias pardon the typo error. Some may call it persecution I say it’s the law catching up to bring to closure a murder! Can’t help having pity for Ms Phiri and ECL’s barber as they may have got too over excited and drunk with power that they became law in themselves and did the unthinkable! Where are the ones they carried the deed for?

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