Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Seek psychotherapy and not suicide – NGOCC


The Non-Governmental Gender Organization Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has implored people with mental health problems to seek psychotherapy instead of committing suicide.

NGOCC National Board member, Judith Mwanza expressed sadness with the spike in the number of suicide cases that the country has recorded.

“In Zambia we are facing a problem of suicide, a number of people have taken their own lives,” Ms. Mwanza said.

She added that people are bound to encounter problems but that taking one’s life was not a solution.

Ms Mwanza disclosed that there are a number of facilities in the country where one can access psychotherapy services.

“At the police station there are counselors you can go there they will not arrest you and you can go to the clinic and get help there,” She added.

Ms Mwanza encouraged people who have encountered mental health problems to share their problems instead of keeping to themselves.

“If you are hiding your problems no one is going to know what you are going through and they will not be able to help you,” She added.

Ms Mwanza further discouraged people from stigmatizing those with underlying health conditions as this might lead them to taking their lives.


  1. It is poverty under upnd killing people. Until that is sorted nothing will change. Wake up to the reality tubwa mwebo

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