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Ministry of Justice wants Self-Regulation Bill to include the regulation of visiting international journalists


The Ministry of Justice has written to the Media Liaison Committee guiding it on the Zambia Media Council (ZAMEC) draft bill which is aimed at actualizing self-regulation of journalists in the country.

In an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka, Media Liaison Committee Chairperson Enoch Ngoma said the Ministry of Justice wants the ZAMEC bill to include the regulation of visiting international journalists.

Mr. Ngoma said the government wants the regulation of the media to also include regulating individual journalists, photographers, camera persons and online media.

He added that his committee will soon make fresh submissions concerning the issues raised by the government.

Mr. Ngoma said the Media Liaison Committee is eager to move quickly so that the draft bill can stand a chance of being tabled in the current sitting of parliament.

“Going forward, we are looking at how soon this process can be concluded. We know that this legislative sitting of parliament might come to an end before the bill sees the light of the day. We are engaging with the Ministry of Justice and Parliament on whether it shall be feasible if our bill can be taken to parliament,” he said.

The Media Liaison Committee has been spearheading the process of self-regulation of the media.

In November last year, the committee handed over the ZAMEC draft bill to the Ministry of Information and Media.

Since the mid-1990s, various attempts have been made for self-regulation of the Zambian media but the efforts have never materialised.


  1. The nature of Laws is that they operate within their jurisdiction. Those that come to visit must obey the local Laws. So there’s no need to specifically mention conditions for visiting journalists. Those that break the Law whilst here will be charged accordingly

  2. The story is so empty. Lots of questions need to be answered in a story like this one. What is regulation? Why does anyone want the media to be regulated? How have these journalists operated this far without regulation? How is regulation going to help anyone or to advance freedom of speech? Why does self regulation have to be legislated? Does government want to control media? Do your homework before publishing such a story.

  3. We want upnd mps and ministers to declare their assets since August last year. Some are even looking fat within months. Corrupt a.z.zholes

    Unless restricted by a valid prior restraint (which is rare), the news media are free to publish any information or opinion they desire. This freedom, however, does not immunize them from liability for what they publish. A newspaper that publishes false information about a person, for example, can be sued for libel. A television station similarly can be sued if it broadcasts a story that unlawfully invades a person’s privacy. Because such liability can be staggering, most journalists strive to exercise their freedom to publish in a responsible and ethical manner.”

  5. Sometimes IMF loan money without any conditions, freedom of expression should be one of the requirements IMF should demand from GRZ and make sure that when the president is announcing the budget mentions funders requirement.

  6. It needs to be understood why freedom of the media is so treasured in America. The politics of the US are entrenchedin freedom of expression so no government can touch the media. The media have therefore become a part of US culture even when they abuse the freedom. Is that the democracy we are targeting?

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