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UNZA Law School in disarray as Dean and Assistant Dean quit over results scandal


The University of Zambia Law School has been throw into disarray after the School leadership resigned and refused to work with the Vice Chancellor Luka Mumba.

The Acting UNZA School of Law Dean, Dr. Lungowe Matakala and Assistant Dean for undergraduate, Mr. James Kayula resigned with immediate effect on 9th March 2022 in protest against Mr. Mumba’s alleged mismanagement of the University and his attempt to doctor the School’s results.

Following the resignations, the processing of results for Law School has been paralyzed as there is no one to process the results.

Without results being published, students cannot register and cannot start classes.

The substantive Dean Prof Chuma Himonga is on leave.

Some Lecturers who spoke on condition of anonymity said law students should not expect their results anytime soon.

The Lecturers also stated that staff morale is very low because of the manner in which Mr. Mumba is mismanaging the School.

“If the students want the School to return to sanity, let them petition the Minister of Education and President Hichilema to urgently remove the VC,” they said.

Dr. Lungowe Matakala’s resignation email
Dr. Lungowe Matakala’s resignation email
Mr. James Kayula


  1. Hawilliam habanda, nice try on using a name from the east you chi southerner. You are still dreaming about pf and yet these scandals are happening under your watch. It has been nearly a year and you still pointing at pf. Not to worry cause 2026 you will be booted out. A govt thar is always blaming other= total failure

  2. #1 The VC has been there before the PF. At the rate you are going you might end up firing all civil servants.

  3. By the way, thus Mumba is Nkandu Lunyokolile Zinjanthropus Luo’s relative out to retard development in Zambia, just fire the damn Tanganyikan Mnwacusa, ala!

  4. Its a shame Zambia has been taken aback by the so called legal professionals in Zambia. Much of the thefts in the nation are protected by the lawyers in Zambia in the name of legal representation and their legal fees are without limit. Unza school of law has trained lawyers who apparently only know to defend thieves and enrich themselves including stealing from clients. Recently, cases of converting huge legal fees into property grabbing is the way these lawyers have resorted to, with their client victims. So, the shame of Unza law school goes on including questionable results with ZIALE.

  5. Inciting students to rise against the leader simply sets a bad precedence- that is for carders in political parties. I am sure there are formal ways of removing the VC. Wrangles should also be within the institutions internal politics (as happens everywhere) and not in the press- it is an injury to all those who have UNZA on their CVS.

  6. Asking students to pulled down a VC is a dangerous precedent. Is this different from what cardres do in political parties? I’m sure UNZA has laid down procedure of replacing a VC. ….and doesn’t all this washing of dirty linen in public affect UNZA rankings? I’m sure all this could have been done in the boardroom and not in the press

  7. There is more to this problem than meets the eye. UNZA has senate regulations that govern examinations, among other academic issues. One would have thought our law lecturers would have tried to interpret these regulations instead of abdicating responsibility and throwing in the towel. There is no way UNZA law school can say a student failing one first year course should be sent to part-time when senate regulations do not say so. UNZA law school has been used to teaching few students and cannot now imagine teaching bigger classes with the new direct entry admission of students at first year as well as doing private practice.

  8. This UPND university is a sham!!! Such things never used to happen under Lungu.
    Which ministry does this university fall under? At we have streamlined the Education Ministries. Kikikikiki

  9. Just investigate if indeed he wanted to doctor the results. Then depending on the outcome either leave him alone to do his job or fire him. There is another one in Kabwe at mulungushi University acting vice chancellor Nyirenda who is also a problem there. He was just brought there from CBU as a favor from PF cohorts who wanted him to take over as VC at mulungushi.

  10. This school of law only trains thieves in suits and black gowns. These are the thieves who still wear british wigs which have no meaning. The same british who brought about the colonial wigs have discarded them but our thieves still wear them.


  12. Do UNZA dons know wht Zambian society expects from them? We expect them to be role models. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t differ but we expect them to differ with civility, as whn they express a contrary viewpoint at an academic conference.

  13. @Kalaba why an African wants to imitate whites is something I will never understand. You get an education but still want to wear a white man’s hair! Are you really educated??

  14. It’s so easy to sometimes misunderstand or even fail to appreciate the contribution of law to modern society. Can u imagine modern society functioning without a body of laws and their enforcement mechanism?

  15. We all know this tribe issue.UNZA tribal politics.I wonder why our friends want to punish other tribes jst bcoz HH is president it doesn’t mean u need also to head the institution.Mumba is a very strong leader.Stop the nonsense ba UPND.Just resign period

  16. Former Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Kaingu, made a serious blunder. During the process of appointing the Unza Vice Chancellor, the Search Committee submitted a list of better candidates to the Minister. However, just because both Luke Mumba and the former President ECL (Nsengas) originated from Petauke, the Hon. Minister Kaingu used his ministerial privilege to cast aside far much better and mature candidates and opted to appoint Mumba just to gain Presidential favours from State House then. But, ECL was honest to an extent that he once directed Mumba to explain as to which account non-students paid money for living in students’ hostels. The School of Law saga confirms Mumba’s character.

  17. Furthermore, due to his inherent greed for money, Luke Mumba supported an American Professor who was detailed by American maize producers to promote the importation of GMOs-maize from the USA. However, the late President Mwanawasa stopped the importation of GMOs-maize after consulting the Director of NISIR who provided authentic data on negative impact of GMOs. Thereafter, President Mwanawasa galvanised Zambians to grow rain-fed and irrigated maize crops to offset dependence on “toxic” imported food grains. This also prompted President Mwanawasa Govt to install the GMO-testing equipment at Mount Makulu. Zambia has become a net exporter of maize since then.

  18. Only three months remaining to end the semister,April,May, and half June month of exams.
    Please dialogue, Law students are troubled.

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