Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Mic Buner and Towela Kaira unveil visuals for Lo Debar (The comeback Kid)


Mic Burner and Towela Kaira release the official music video for Lo Debar (The Comeback Kid) Video produced by Roar and Soar in collaboration with Restoration Global Outreach (RGO).

The video is based on real life events and predicated in the scripture 2 Samuel 9 1-13. Visuals performed by Wangu Mwansa Mulenga, Azaria Amor Mulenga and Isaac Chela Produced for Roar & Soar by Magician.

Lo Debar , biblically, is a desolate, barren place filled with doom and gloom. Everyone who lived in Lo Debar was at the end of their rope, they had nothing left to their name, they were jobless and cast aside by society and waiting to die. Today Lo Debar represents brokenness/divorce / bankruptcy/ grief / darkness/loss/ etc. There is a comeback kid in each one of us.

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