Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Pilato releases “Ku Kopala”


Zambian rapper and renowned activist PilAto has returned on the music scene with visuals for titled “Ku Kopala” produced by produced Kiss B. Ku Kopala is a single from the LIFELESS project under the BERTHA CHALLENGE FELLOWSHIP.

Ku Kopala- Translated as “On the Copperbelt” is a song that shares some unpopular realities faced by families on the Copperbelt. The protection of groundwater resources is of great importance in many semi-arid and sub-tropical environments. The Copperbelt of Zambia is one such environment and due to the high proportion of tailings impoundments, residue heaps, high-density informal settlements and extensive sulfidic ore deposits in the region, its groundwater resources are under threat of anthropogenic or geogenic pollution. Air and water pollution are among the most significant environmental problems facing the communities living in and around the copper mining areas in Zambia. It is a complex issue, which cuts across the environmental, social, economic, and political dimensions. Despite recent investments and technological improvements to capture sulphur dioxide emissions and minimize the discharge of mine effluents into natural streams, there are still numerous reports that cite air and water pollution problems.


  1. Is this upnd cadre still Alive ? Why has he gone quiet on his comments on the state of the country. Is he happy with how things are

  2. “Former President of Mozambique, Joaquim Chissano, has praised Zambians for demonstrating solidarity during the funeral and burial of late fourth President Rupiah Banda at Embassy Park yesterday.

    Mr. Chissano said the great multitudes of Zambians that attended the funeral church service yesterday was symbolising a spirit of solidarity and unity among themselves.“-LT

  3. Only in Zambia …this company is discharging waste directly in the river if this was US that company would be asked to produce a blank cheque BP has not recovered fully fromm that oil spillage in the US decades ago.
    This is an embrassement on UPND govt that such issues are happening now on their watch …we need professionals at ZEMA.

  4. KCM was confiscated by GRZ.

    Mopani was sold to GRZ.

    Bwana Mkubwa has left for Kansanshi and Kalumbila.

    Who is to blame presently for the uncontrolled tailngs, contaminated water and pungent, choking fumes as a result if mining residues on the Copperbelt? GRZ.
    Are we still looking for investors in mining or it’s time to manage on our own the minerals in the soil? Kaya.

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