Thursday, May 30, 2024

Chipolopolo Heading To Turkey


Zambia have an adjustment their FIFA March friendly itinerary and will now play Congo-Brazzaville instead of Angola.

Chipolopolo were tentatively scheduled to open their two-match friendly tour of Europe in Portugal against Angola on March 25.

But the friendly game has been cancelled due to administrative reasons.

Chipolopolo will now face Congo-Brazzaville on March 24 in Turkey.

Thereafter, Aljosa Asanovic and his team will, as planned, head to France to face Guinea in Paris on March 29.

Asanovic has just completed his first international match with his home-based players on Friday in Baghdad where they lost 3-1 to Iraq.


  1. Um looks like the football team or faz now have some coins to spare ey- flight after flight just to go and lose. This is encouraging for the boys, morale booster and huge exposure. Under the administration of another former soccer player & another GRZ the boys wudnt be so travelled & exposed.

  2. The breath of new freedoms is starting to show up even in soccer. And I can guarantee under this administration, faz will get all its monetary sponsorship from GRZ in full and so prepare for more holidays and fun boys!!!!!!!

  3. Adimistrative adjustments or it is the usual incompetence? Instead of South Africa we get Iraq? Instead of Angola, we get Congo. FAZ must wake up

  4. Exposed my foot. Why travel to Europe to play your neighbor? Why not just meet them in Brazzaville?

  5. Exposure, yes exposure and moral booster. I suppose Congo Brazzaville, like many other African countries, would be in Europe at that time of the FIFA international friendlies window and therefore it’s only logical to sieze the opportunity and play them there.

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