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President Hakainde Hichilema is not hypocritical-UPND Youths


The youth wing of the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) says President Hakainde Hichilema is not hypocritical.

Former President Edgar Lungu has sparked debate after speaking against hypocrisy in an interview with ZNBC Television during the burial of Fourth Republican President Rupiah Bwezani Banda in Lusaka on Friday.

Mr. Lungu bemoaned what he termed as the hypocrisy that is being seen where people say good things and then do what he described as bad things.

“Dialogue, genuine dialogue between all of us. Those who were in government before, and those who are in now. But what we are seeing is hypocrisy. Where people say good things and then do bad things. And if we can expunge the hypocrisy from our lives and just say it as it is, between now and embarking into the future, it’s a lesson we are learning from Rupiah Banda’s legacy. People have said a lot of good things. May those good things become part of us,” Mr. Lungu remarked.

Some people suggest that Mr. Lungu was referring to President Hichilema and his New Dawn Government when bemoaning hypocrisy.

But UPND Deputy National Youth – Information and Publicity Secretary David Chikwanda branded President Hichilema as a mature and diplomatic leader.

“HH had an option to talk about how he was treated during Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s funeral or how bad he was treated by the previous regime. He had an option to stop Edgar Lungu from attending the funeral of Rupiah Banda. He had an option to talk about the hypocrisy of those who had a day of prayer and reconciliation but behind the scenes were killing people in cold blood. HH chose a path of peace and chose to respect the funeral of the late statesman. HH brought his enemies closer in the spirit of love because the whole world was watching what was happening in Zambia,” he said.

“Yes we have a lot of issues affecting our nation which includes the looting of public resources by the previous regime but the funeral was not a platform for such. This is the point and wisdom Edgar missed. All he could have said was “We thank the state for according the late President a befitting send off in a peaceful and respectful environment” chapwa,” Mr. Chikwanda stated.

“In the recent past a number of people including the clergy have expressed their displeasure in the perceived manner that HH has treated people who allegedly stole public resources. A number of people feel HH has treated the criminals with kid’s gloves. I also agree. But despite this feeling, we were all happy in the manner President Hichilema treated president Lungu in respect to the funeral of RB. The whole nation thought this was a turning point and the beginning of the new era in Zambian politics. But we were wrong,” he said.

Mr. Chikwanda, the former Copperbelt University Students Union President, said Mr. Lungu’s comment was ill timed.

“No matter how much we might defend the statement by President Lungu, the fact still remains that the statement lacked wisdom and was ill timed. Edgar should have behaved like a statesman that people expect him to be. Yes we have known President Lungu to be careless with words but we didn’t expect it at this occasion. HH was not being hypocritical but exhibited diplomacy, maturity and respect required or expected of any human being at a funeral,” he said.

“We applaud HH for according president Banda a befitting send off but we wish to remind him (HH) that the ‘funeral is over’ let us treat criminals as criminals, murderers as murderers. At the same time this is an eye opener for HH not to be careless with enemies otherwise he will lose his life in return. Criminals are ruthless,” Mr. Chikwanda said.


  1. Chikwanda, why would you be upset if you are doing the right things.

    Edgar spoke the truth. That invitation was cosmetic. Infact it was not a genuine invitation.

    He will not even apologise for saying the truth. You have arrested his body guard, barber and now his lawyer what does this mean. If he has cases, arrest him.

  2. Lungu ni chi color. That woman from The Commonwealth came and persuaded him to have dialogue and he refused. He’s very ungrateful he’s supposed to be in jail and you’re talking about hypocrisy? Chi color uyu alibe nzelu

  3. Both these criminals are hypocrites.
    The other one robed us when we needed his knowledge of economics most. Intead he saw his chance to become rich, and so he became.
    The other cared less of what he was doing, he simply took it as an opportunity comes once in life time after years of been jobless, and so he gathered millions and gave the rest to whoever licked his boots well.
    This is why we are where we are. Maybe we became to blind to notice these two men are criminals.
    Even after been so rich through crooked and merciless ways. They are both claiming salaries payed by the same us whom they stole from.
    But kwena Zambia ni Kuchalo Zooona.

  4. There is no need to for all this debate ,what we should now is to sit back and watch if President Hichilema will walk the talk because so far from the inauguration speech he has changed so many goal posts.some people have called him Liar.The nation is divided.The onus is on him now as head of state to reach out to everyone to heal the nation

  5. The truth is not whether Lungu has stolen from the state or not. The truth is that Mr Hakainde will try by all means to make Lungu pay for what he did to him while in opposition. If no theft case is found against Lungu, Mr Hakainde will still find something to stick like Chiluba found against Dr Kaunda a case of misprision. This will definitely happen.

  6. BMW was just playing to the gallery, like he has done with several of his pronouncements since he came into power. How many times has he done the opposite of what he said? Smell the coffee imwe.

  7. Dialogue sitikana. Koma dialoguing to negotiate ukawalala iyayi. This man has been put in place to right the wrongs of the past and hopefully set a new standard of leadership in our country. Musiyeni alungise vintu. I notice wanagula ma mattress for jails. Hopefully by the time wenangu are being jailed conditions will be a bit better-ko.

  8. The truth is that Mr Hakainde will look for something to pin on Lungu if the state theft cases fail to stick. Lungu has to pay for what what he did to me when I was opposition leader. Chiluba created some case against Dr Kaunda and managed to send him to prison.

  9. Lungu is the stinking hypocrite, that thieving lawyer SoB nearly emptied the coffers of state and just wait, tiza mulonga mu Chimbokaila zesmanje manje mambala wamuntu uja!

  10. Time out! Can the journalist who prodded ECL for comment plaese follow it up with the former president and get a cleansing of the comment from him who made it! Dialogue and peace is attained only when the ‘warring’ sides each remove logs from their eyes and blockage of wax from ears then apologetic for wrongs on their people then through emissaries map out a grand roundtable bare it all confession family mending meetibg and producing a joint statement of reconciliation! However in the same vein wrongs of both parties above personal misjudgment to be addressed by the appropriate forum.

  11. Hypocrite Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster › dictionary › hypoc…
    : a person who acts in a way that goes against what he or she claims to believe or feel She’s a hypocrite who complains about litter and then litters herself.

    Hypocrite Definition & Meaning | › browse › hypocrite
    Hypocrite definition, a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, …

  12. Fact- ECL mismanaged the goverheating
    Fact- HH tried to save face and show that he’s goog to ECL using the funeral. When thats not the case.
    Fact- ECL also used the opportunity to hit back
    FAct – These 2 people are politicians, so what do you expect.
    Fact – The nation is divided.

    Wayforward. HH should unite the nation using non confrontational ways. This will disarm Lungu and PF. Work on the promises he made. Strengthen the institutions so that another Lungu does not arise. Hh should start with his government and ministers and make them accountable. Limit the power of the president. The biggest problem we have is the lack of strong institutions.

  13. The current cabinet full of muzungu wannabees looks like blind Muppets waiting for the puppet master to pull their strings. They don’t seem to have initiative. Just blindly turning up for work to await instructions. The president is also waiting for instructions. From business partners in Europe

  14. @Mooya I agree. Except for Sylvia Masebo who seems to be busy addressing her ministry’s various ills, the rest are sleepy muzungu wanabees as you put it

  15. @Bisklay Lasklu my foot! Masebo has placed patients in Public health facilities on highway to eternity. She’s on daily planning on how patients should be exterminated. Bally is in charge and waiting for praise singers at IMF to rubberstamp his seemingly good governance. The late Mozambican President Samora Marchel said and I quote “the moment you hear the West saying nice things about me, just know I’ve betrayed my people.”Bally unfortunately does not subscribe to that. Edgar said the plain truth because HH has never been genuine from day one he ascended to the throne.

    • Thank you for your correction Mutulangoma and sorry. From where Iam I thought she was working because I haven’t seen her involved in tribal, hypocritical, and vengeance issues since she was appointed. She just issues statements about her ministry.

  16. The truth is that even when UPND was in opposition, and after forming Govt in August 2021, UPND members and cadres are not permitted to THINK or allowed to SPECULATE on the dynamics of Zambian political landscape. Hence “kubwabwata fye”. RB’s funeral revealed a strange scenario as noted by African leaders in SADC region. Funerals of Mwanawasa, Sata and KK was attended by several Heads of Govt. But RB’s funeral was attended by two incumbent Presidents (Nambian & Zimbabwean) and representatives of Govts to mourn with RB’s family –not with Govt. African leaders know that “talk of good things do not match with arrest of ECL Body Guard, Chilekwa and Mumbi Phiri etc. These human dynamics must prompt people to THINK and SPECULATE on true current state of affairs in Zambia.

  17. He is.I have also noticed that.he wants to portray that.There was no need to announce that i have invited Lungu.Former president should be there period

  18. This all issue of hypocrisy is now become boring.
    ECL did not say that President HH is a hypocrite and we all can see through the hypocrisy of all those saying that ECL called the President a hypocrite.
    LT please don’t entertain some of these job seekers.

  19. We are culturally hypocrites. Examples 1) You are married but your sisters don’t like your wife, and your sisters are married and the sisters to their husbands don’t like them.
    2) Your uncle dies and you grab everything from the orphans and widow and yet you too will die some day and your nephews will do the same thing to your family.

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