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Nkana Handed Fan Ban


The FAZ Disciplinary Committee has banned Nkana Football Club from allowing fans for their home matches for the remainder of the current season.

According to FAZ Media, the Disciplinary Committee ruled that violent incidences during the Week 20 Super Division match between Red Arrows and Nkana played on January 24, 2022, were instigated by Kalampa fans.

Nkana were found to be in breach of article 92 and additionally fined K150, 000.

Red Arrows were advised to provide quotations for the damage to property that will be paid for by Nkana.

“The committee having reviewed the aforementioned documents and evidence in accordance with article 31 of the code of the committee has come to the conclusion that the respondent is guilty as charged,” states the judgement.

“Regrettably the respondent has on numerous occasions been involved in numerous cases of violence of this nature and has not shown contrition despite sanctions having been imposed on them in the past.”

Meanwhile, FAZ has handed Green Buffaloes Football Club a K20, 000 fine for violent incidences at Nkana Stadium on November 7, 2021, during a Week 10 fixture.

According to a ruling the Disciplinary Committee chaired by Joseph Jalasi, Green Buffaloes was in breach of Article 92 (1) of the Disciplinary Code which prohibits violence or instigation of violence at stadia.

“Article 92 (1) provides that: violence at stadia by players, officials, or spectators must be eradicated from Zambian football and, to this end, the judicial bodies shall apply the maximum penalties to guilty parties. In addition to the stipulated fines at appendix C, the judicial bodies may impose sanctions under (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (2),” reads the article cited.

The committee found that Green Buffaloes instigated violence by deploying soldiers to provide unsolicited for security at the stadium.

“In view of the above, our conclusion is that the Respondent (GBFC) caused violence at the stadia in terms of Article 92 (1) (2) of the code,” reads the verdict.

“In the circumstances, the committee imposes a fine of K20, 000 on the respondent to be paid within seven days.”

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