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Minister of Education Commends Swiss Foundation for Constructing 4 Classroom Blocks


Government has commended Solon Foundation of Switzerland for constructing 16 one by four classroom blocks at selected schools in Northern Province.

Minister of Education Douglas Sykalima says the development will go a long way in providing access to classroom space for learners in the province.

Mr. Syakalima said this when he officiated at the handover of a 1 by 4 classroom block at Lukashya Trades Secondary School in Kasama.

The Minister explained that this is as a result of the new dawn administration’s introduction of free education policy resulting in increased classroom space.

“The fact that schools are now full with pupils just shows to you that the free education policy which government introduced is working, it means that all those pupils who were staying home have now gone back to school and this has created demand for classroom spaces” he said.

Mr Siyakalima also made a symbolic handover of the other 15, one by four classroom blocks for selected schools in Northern Province which were all built by Solon Foundation of Switzerland.

The Foundation has been supporting the training of teachers in the Teaching of Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills (THRASS) methodology.

“As a Ministry, we are grateful to the Solon Foundation for this kind of timely and unwavering support being rendered in Northern Province,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Syakalima disclosed that government has started the process of developing the 8th National development plan ( 8NDP) for improved education and skills development.

Stressing that one of the strategies to achieve this is to enhance access to quality, equitable and inclusive education for all, the minister added that the UPND government remains committed to addressing barriers to accessing education among them being the introduction of free education.

Meanwhile, Solon Foundation Executive Director Douglas Funk revealed that the organization has been supporting the Zambian government to build classroom blocks for over 20 years.

Mr. Funk said the foundation has further supported the education system with a teaching methodology called Teaching of Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills (THRASS).

He appealed to teachers and parents to properly manage and utilize the infrastructure that has been built.

And Northern Province Permanent Secretary Bernard Mpundu commended the Solon Foundation for supporting government to improve school infrastructure in the province.

Mr. Mpundu has since appealed to Solon foundation and other stakeholders to continue supporting the improvement of school infrastructure in the province.

Earlier ,the Minister started by paying a courtesy call on Northern Province Minister Bernard Mpundu before proceeding to Laura girls where he witnessed THRASS demonstration by grade three pupils of Mubanga Chipoya School.


  1. LT is so corrupt…………

    The words

    ” scholarship to Russia ”

    Are blocked at any news that is trending about lubinda………

  2. The “hypocritical” Edgar Lungu had a good program for building schools….. You disrupted his rule through lies.
    You cannot even build on toilet at a school …..not even just one class room. Teachers , you cannot recruit the 30,000 you lied about.
    Muli ba bufi imwe bufi bwenu!!

  3. Siakalima even has the nerve to blatantly lie that: “The Minister explained that this is as a result of the new dawn administration’s introduction of free education policy resulting in increased classroom space.” Who are you trying to f00l? As @ Lower Zambezi has said, you can not even build a toilet at a school!!!

  4. All these work is being subotaged by fvcking ACC.
    Please delete ACC from Zambia, I hear idyots went to harass GBM?
    GBM has given too much to Zambia, leave him alone idyots!!

  5. So, where is the educational infrastructure built boasted by PF’bayashi’, Zambians can only see stolen assets now being recovered, ECL and his pf are embarrassingly looking foolish.

  6. When will this kind stupid journalism upgrade? The subject central to the article are the 16 blocks of 4 classrooms each and the best the reporter does is to give the Zambian people the minister’s pose wherever the picture was taken instead of one depicting the classroom block that was being handed over! @ Wan it’s not ignorance but a valid query that would not have arisen had a picture of the “1 x 4 classroom” been preferred than Syakalima’s face! I too wish to know what a “1 by 4 classroom block” really denotes? A 4 classroom block I can understand but then the 1?

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