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Speaker of the National Assembly hails her visit to the United Kingdom


Speaker of the National Assembly, Nelly Mutti has described her benchmarking orientation visit to the United Kingdom House of Commons as gratifying.

Ms Muti said this at the Zambia High Commission in London, and was accompanied by the Deputy Clerk (Administration) Roy Ngulube and other officials from the National Assembly of Zambia.

She said her visit to the House of Commons had achieved its main goal in connecting senior parliamentary officeholders from the UK Parliament with their counterparts in Zambia and strengthening links between both Legislatures.

She stated that the delegation was awarded an opportunity to compare and contrast different approaches to parliamentary procedure and administration and share experiences with UK counterparts.

Ms Muti explained that the programme included introductory meetings with the Speakers of the House of Commons and House of Lords, Members of Parliament, clerks, and Commonwealth Parliament Association (CPA) UK officials.

She said as a former British colony, her invitation by the Commonwealth Parliament Association UK had revealed that Zambia had many similarities in parliamentary deliberations with its colonial power though there were a few differences in some parliamentary processes.

“Though the Zambian parliamentary proceedings are modelled along that of the

United Kingdom, there was need for the former to learn some practices and procedures regarding parliamentary conduct,” she said.

Ms Mutti added that her reception from the host country was very good and Britain expressed interest in learning more about the Zambian parliamentary procedure.

She further added that Zambia needed to take a leaf from the British parliament which deliberately reserves some positions for womenfolk in order to empower them in policy making positions.

She also revealed that she had another engagement with the Zambia/Angolan trade envoy to discuss issues in the agriculture, manufacturing, energy and mining sector that could benefit the two African countries.

The Speaker later signed the book of condolences at the Mission, describing the

Late Fourth President Rupiah Banda as a great statesman.

This is according to a statement made available to the media by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Public Relations Officer, Chansa Kabwela.


  1. We need our own system of governance not this colonial oriented system which we have failed to master let alone understand.

    • Why go so far away to Britain? Why not go to Ghana? or Mauritius? Why not go to Malawi?

  2. Firstly, Nelly Mutti needs to stop bleaching her skin, its a terrible example to young women.
    Secondly, I am embarrassed at her pride of being a former colony of Britain, she is legitimately praising the fact that we were once ruled by the UK (indirectly being proud that we were a slave resource).
    Granted, we learned something and copied something, but this isn’t something that should be praised and referring to past history, there is nothing praiseworthy there.

  3. The problem is that our history glorifies the colonial era as if it was a good thing. Some Zambians who have never traveled to the UK think that when they mention colonies when in the UK the British would automatically favour them, far from it. These people look for originality. They respected Nelson Mandela because he mocked them when they turned up in numbers to see him. He told them that they showed up to see what a pensioner in the colonies looked like. We need to determine our own destiny so please stop reminicing over the past.

  4. The current sessions of debates in parliament of Zambia are the most boring ever. Matibini made as speaker was live and made debates very interesting. Ba Nelly should be a bit more involved . Most of the time you listen to her you will think she is not interested in what is going on and about to fall asleep. Wake up madame speaker…. make the parliament live.

  5. I hope she learnt something from the British parliament of letting a free flow debate in the house. I look forward to see what she learnt and be applied. Talking of Zambia been a colony to Britain, it happened and nothing can change lets move on.

  6. Deja Vu – You say you need your own system of government but fail to give an example of an alternative system. What you need as Africans is first do away with Religion then you will start to think right.

  7. Can the new High Commissioner to the UK be announced soon the Commonwealth will be electing a Secretary General in June/July I wonder how zed will fair…

  8. F00Iish waste of money. Travelling all the way to your former colonial master to learn about their constitution when they are to blame for the useless constitution we have in zambia. Inferiority complex. You are better using that money to support illegal immigrants like spaka and tarino to legalise their stay and come back to zambia

  9. @Deja Vu and Chirwa you put the finger right on the problem: This new bunch of copycat Europeans called UPND has flopped in inspiring youngsters into African pride. Just look at their dressing. They imitate Queen Elizabeth every second because they have a massive inferiority complex. Did you see them at opening of parliament? We usually see African colour at the event but they were all in jackets and neckties ready to be hanged by neo-colonialism. Using Ambi has become a trend because they hate their skin pigment. For these puppet politicians Going to Britain is an achievement. Now we are One Zambia One brainwashed Nation.

  10. Britain expressed interest in learning about our parliament!!! Kikikikikikikikiki!
    Really??? And Nelly believed this??? We are jokes of life

  11. Proud to be an ex British colony citizen
    ? Ba Speaker imwe which school did you go to? Are you really from UNZA? UNZA the great liberator from mental slavery?
    She said as a former British colony, her invitation by the Commonwealth Parliament Association UK had revealed that Zambia had many similarities in parliamentary deliberations with its colonial power though there were a few differences in some parliamentary processes.

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