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Socialist Party withdraws from Mongu mayoral by-elections


The Socialist Party (SP) has withdrawn from fielding in a candidate in the Mongu District Mayoral By-election seat slated for April 14,2022.

Socialist Party Advisor to the President Political Preston Chinyama has disclosed that SP has taken a decision not to contest the by-election following an instruction that has been received from headquarters in Lusaka.

And Party for National Unity and Progress (PNUP), the Patriotic Front (PF) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) have all successfully filled in their nominations for the Mongu Mayoral by-election seat,

PNUP was scheduled to file in nominations after the PF who were first but were rescheduled to file in last following delays to withdraw money for the nominations from nearby mobile money transaction booths that were reported to have less funds.

The PNUP has fielded in Kamuti Kamwengo while Francis Mundia is contesting on the PF ticket and the UPND is being represented by Nyambe Muyumbana.

Meanwhile all the three candidates have expressed confidence of emerging victorious in the by-election and have promised to foster development in Mongu District once voted for on the mayoral position.

PNUP candidate Kamuti Kamwengo and PF Francis Mundia have promised to transform Mongu into a city where Mundia says he will be engaging the media and electorates in his endeavours

Kamuti Kamwengo adds that his other two competitors are too young to manage the mayoral position that needs a seasoned and experienced person like himself.

And UPND’s Nyambe Muyumbana who was thankful for adopting him said people of Mongu were confident with the UPND and would cooperate with them adding that he was not having competitors per say in the by-election.

The Mongu District Mayoral seat fell vacant following the death of Matakala Nyambe who died in a road traffic accident in Mkushi on 24th February, 2022.


  1. Thanks SP for withdrawing. I want to encourage PF and other parties to withdraw.

    It’s a worst of time and money to contest in Mongu. Tribalism is at its highest peak in this region.

  2. SP have done well to withdraw. Believe it or not if the Upnd feel threatened they will resort to violence and again lives may be lost.

  3. The PF candidate is at least promising development in the area. Transforming Mongu into a city might come with added advantages.

  4. Can Henry clarify his tribalism remarks? Doesn’t he know that Fred Mmembe’s mother is from Mongu and all the contestants there are from that region?
    Let us not imagine thins which do not exist?!!

  5. @Henry
    Dont know if you PF sympathizers have any brains.
    What tribalism are you talking about?
    All the candidates are Lozi by tribe.

  6. They should withdraw from everything. These fake Socialists. I thought the only hypocrite was HH. Here is another gathering of them hypos

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