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My ultimate goal in politics is to become Republic President-Christopher Kang’ombe


Kitwe’s Kamfinsa Member of Parliament Christopher Kang’ombe has denied accusations from his critics suggesting that he is over-ambitious.

Mr. Kang’ombe, the former Kitwe Mayor and Riverside Ward Councilor, was recently appointed Patriotic Front National Youth Chairperson by the Central Committee.

Some people say Mr. Kang’ombe sometimes overrates himself but the lawmaker said he manages his ambition well.

The Kamfinsa Member of Parliament repeated that his ultimate goal in politics is to become Republic President.

“There is nothing like being over-ambitious.Takwaba ukuba over ambitious icabapofye pa calo tukafwa so kuti ulelolela ati ukasele mu butungulushi elyo imyaka shakufwa shafika tawatala bapo ici tawatala bapo ici so I think that when I look back from where I coming from I have been progressing slowly. I don’t think I am over ambitious. I think I am ambitious. Actually it is good to be ambitious because then you work hard to convince your peers and your colleagues that you need the next responsibility so to my critics I think they just feel challenged. They feel that I am one person who is assertive; I always explain what I am thinking. Most of the time I don’t hide my thoughts. When I was a councilor I targeted to be a Member of Parliament,” Mr. Kang’ombe said.

“I wanted to be an MP at that time, pali bu mayor. I was actually delayed but you know what happened palya pali bu mayor. I learnt a lot about how each Government department works. So what may appear to be a delay is actually a learning process. So to those that are saying he is over-ambitious, I want to be party president in PF, I want to be President of Zambia. Actually that is the ultimate goal. Bushe nga uli politician tautontonkanyapo ukuba President nomba ninshi cifulo nshi ulefwaya. Kuya ulesela eventually napalya penefye pa mulu and that is the plan but that plan has to be well managed and I think that this route I am going through, I am learning a lot. I know the party chairman for Luapula Province, our district youth chairman for Mansa. I know him now. I was receiving phone calls from Isoka, the party officials calling me to say the party has done well to appoint you National Youth Chairman,” Mr. Kang’ombe said.

He also thanked the PF Central Committee for appointing him National Youth Chairperson.

Mr. Kang’ombe, however, admitted that being National Youth Chairman when the PF is in opposition won’t be easy.

“This is an opportunity for me to grow in leadership and for me I am grateful that I have been given this assignment. I know there are people saying you shouldn’t have accepted this position. I want to thank the Central Committee of the Patriotic Front for giving me the opportunity to work as National Youth Chairman. Someone was telling me they were supposed to give you this position when PF was in Government. My answer to this will bring me to my vision for the youth wing. We should not always go for the easy route because the easy route is to work when everything is conducive. To work as a National Youth Chairman when you have so much good will, where you have well-wishers, where you have everything literally provided for, it makes your work easy and that is the ideal situation but I think for me I have been called upon to help reorganise the youth because this is a very daunting task,” he said.

Mr. Kang’ombe said he has a task of instilling hope in the youth wing of the PF after the 2021 election loss.

“It’s not a very small task, if we were in Government I can say anyone can do this job but I think the opportunity had to come when we are in the opposition because it would be a challenge. The challenge of logistics, the challenge of how to move from one district to another and to talk to the young people. I will be speaking to party members who belong to a party that lost elections so bambi umwela nauya morale bambi tabakwete so I have a huge task, first of all to give people a new message. What are we trying to achieve with the youth wing? What are the expectations from the people because the youth wing comprises people with positions in the party,” Mr. Kang’ombe said.


  1. This is the young man who should have been made PF President. There is nothing wrong with being over ambitious.

  2. I like his ambitions, he will President one day. The positions he has taken up will one day lead to him been president. I think the post of NYC could have come when the party was in power but we wait to see how turns things around. It wont be easy but he can do it.
    Go hard Christopher Kang’ombe the sky is not the limit.

  3. We believe and support the youth in pf, unlike in upnd where no one can dare go for the presidency lest he be kicked out of the tribal party

  4. Go for it my boy. You have what it takes. This is the time for you young men and women to take the mantle. We have been lied to so many times by these dinosaurs.

  5. You might have a chance if only you were not in PF. That party is tainted and anyone who stands on PF ticket will never be president.

  6. Hahahahahahahaha, shows how arrogant these baboons are: You have one party and every other Jim & Jack in the party wants to be president, for the same party. Chishimba kambwili, Given Lubinda, Lungu, Mundubile, Bowman, Miles Sampa, GBM, Nkandu Luo, Christopher & list is endless. Shows u pure chipantepante.

  7. And am not swearing to u but let me tell u from the intelligence point of view: Non of all of you PF cadres in the party now, will ever lead Zambia again, non! Zambians have now have had enough of disorganized Bembas who only fight for their bellies & their cronies(try & error leadership). After HH completes his first 5 year , the shoes will become too big to fit cos he wud ve prefesionalised almost everything. And that time Zambians wud ve raised their quality of politicians too. They won’t tolerate people who carry binoculars arnd their neck or people sitting on their laptops writing critic articles in newspapers

  8. PF is just a party, it’s people running it who made mistakes. If John is a thief it doesn’t mean that anyone called John is a thief. A car involved in an accident can be made good again.

  9. Which party is Kang’ombe going to be president, Sean Tembo wants to be president Chishimba Kambwili too wants to be president including Za Yellow Lubinda. Those who want to be republican president of Zambia should state which party will sponsor them. This will also give opportunity to the current holders of those party position to react accordingly.

  10. First PF must first get rid of all the tainted old foggies……….

    Well before 2031 people like this young man will be fighting to join UPND………..

  11. I have always been saying, for PF to survive, it has to do away with Lubinda, Lusambo, CK, Mwamba and Mundubile. PF need to usher in young guys like Christopher Kang’ombe. To you Christopher Kang’ombe, take note that those who are saying you are over-ambitious, would just want to deter and slow you down, so that those chaps I have named above can continue with their umwankole behaviour.
    You are one of the few who has understood that PF need to show remorse and apologize to the Zambian people before PF can start talking about rebrading or whetever they call it. I`d urge Kang’ombe to stand in forthcoming PF convetion, dont let these inept PF leaders get in your way.

  12. I strongly agree with his dismissal of the Zambian words ati “over ambitious”. There is no such thing. It’s only in Zambia, by Zedians who are not ambitious. And when a Chinese stood up and said Zambians r not ambitious, Zed protested. When they ve words ati “over ambitious”. Dare to dream Zambians. Just ensure u learn, read, & broaden yo minds & experiences, then u can be ery ambitious & attain yo ambitions

  13. With role models like Edgar Lungu, your ultimate goal in politics is to become a millionaire. A goal to become president is egotistic, your goal should clearly state that it is to improve the lives of Zambians. Politics is like Russian Roulette in Zambia. Your own party sees you as a youth chairman for the next 5 years?


  15. Go go Kang’ombe, am UPND but i have followed you for some time now and i can’t lie
    i like you. Its only that i can’t see PF bouncing back, it won’t even be number two in 2026

  16. Nothing wrong with being ambitious. In life a person should have a vision and set life goals. Don’t be discouraged by negative people.

  17. Yeah, ambition is good; definitely to be encouraged. And to pessimists, like the hater @9 above – I would say, calm down before you stress yourself into an unnecessary stroke, over your perceived qualities of a man whose future actions you cannot possibly know! Projecting HH’s tenure as “benchmark” for all others to follow – before the man has proven himself, is to be extremely naively smug! And calling people baboons etcetera, for being ambitious, is unnecessarily aggressive; it’s difficult to understand.

    #plant a tree please.

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